Total Body Toning Training Workout

You need to work hard to grow your startup and personal finances, but you also need to hustle for that muscle! Being in better shape physically will help save you money, perform better in the workplace, and improve your appearance as well. Make the investment in your physical fitness with this free gym total body workout program.

General Workout Guidelines: 

- Each workout takes about 45 minutes 
- Do 30-45 minutes of cardio either after the workout or on non-workout days 
- Each set should consist of 12-15 repetitions (with perfect form and posture!) to promote small lean muscle and endurance 
- Throw in 90 second high intensity cardio intervals in between every 3-5 sets such as boxing, jump rope, step, elliptical, etc.
- Rest between sets should be 30 seconds or less to keep heart rate and metabolism up 
- Workout should be done 3-4 times per week 
- Stretch for 5-10 minutes after your workout is complete 

Workout Performance Nutrition: 

-30-60 minutes before a workout have moderate serving of protein and a piece of fruit. A small or moderate amount of caffeine can be beneficial before a workout, especially before cardio. Minimize heavy foods with excessive amounts of fat or slow-digesting carbs at this time.
-Throughout workout stay hydrated with water or a diluted sports drink if your workout lasts over an hour or if you will be sweating profusely. Do not drink caffeine during a workout as it is dehydrating - Take protein and vitamin supps
- Within 30 minutes after your workout consume simple sugars (a piece of fruit or glass of fruit juice) and some whey protein to promote enhanced muscle recovery. 

x = 1 set of 12-15 repetitions with excellent form

1x Pushups Warmup
1x Plank Warmup
1x Light Squats + Lunges Warmup

3x Incline Dumbbell Chest Press
2x Incline Chest Flies 
3x Barbell Squats
3x Deadlifts
2x Pushups 
3x Lat Pulldowns or Pullups 
2x Push Presses 
3x T-Bar Rows
2x Hammer Curl + Hammer Press 
2x Quadripeds + Plank
2x Russian Twists Abs
2x Alternating Heel Taps Abs

Start this workout at a light-moderate intensity and gradually improve difficulty by reducing rest between sets, increasing weights, and improving reps to naturally increase testosterone and performance.

Make sure to pair up with healthy nutrition & supplements!

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I hope you enjoyed this blog post about lean startup living to pump up your sports performance.

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