Top 20 Best MLM Companies 2024 Worldwide Ranking

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Hoping to invest in a top MLM company in 2024? Interested in making an unlimited income from the comfort and safety of your home, or from anywhere on the road? Sick of the 9-5 grind with no way of getting ahead? Not interested in heading back to the office or work site with the rest of the sheep? Are you curious about earning multiple revenue streams and passive income while you sleep or vacation? Ready to finally take the reins of your career and be your own boss? Want to get started with the top network marketing business to make your mark on the world? 

Join This New MLM Opportunity

If any of these important questions resonate with your entrepreneurial spirit or lean startup lifestyle, it may be time to join the world of network marketing and direct selling. MLM is an exciting business model that works well, despite its sometimes negative reputation. A lot of MLMs get a bad reputation because there are many distributors and reps that failed to make a profit, with some of them even losing money on their multi-level marketing investment. 

Winners in MLM never complain, but losers in network marketing sure do. Successful individuals can live the lean lean startup lifestyle and make major money with multi-level marketing no matter the obstacles in their way. They find a way or make a way in 2023 and they will in 2024! If opportunity doesn't knock, these MLM experts will build their own door and window!

Maximizing MLM Money Making

MLM (multi-level marketing) companies are great business outlets if you want a good lean startup platform for selling premium products. It is because MLM companies give you the means of earning through product sales and getting other people to do the same (building your downline). This diversified revenue stream including passive income is enviable for any business professional or entrepreneur. And MLM is also the ultimate lean startup because the costs are incredibly low, so you can easily bootstrap your first few months or years in business.

But if you have no experience in the multi-level marketing field, you won’t know the best MLM companies around. There are literally thousands of MLM businesses to choose from, and not all network marketing companies are created equal. Crucial criteria must be examined to understand the difference between a top MLM company and a pyramid scheme or Ponzi scam. Picking the right MLM business could mean the difference between losing money and becoming a millionaire after several years. Don't worry, no pressure!

Don’t feel hopeless yet with the often-times overwhelming selection of top MLM companies available around the world. With thousands of network marketing businesses out there, finding the top company to join can feel like searching for a needle in a haystack. That is why we created this top MLM companies guide around the world for aspiring network marketers. Do you have what it takes to launch a successful MLM business for epic earnings in 2024?

What Makes A Top MLM Company In 2024? 

Not all MLM companies are created equal. Here are some criteria for choosing the top MLM company to join, and not a sketchy organization that might go out of business any day now or get labeled as a pyramid scheme scam:

- Overall Business Earnings 
- Rep Earnings
- Company Stability 
- Unique Selling Proposition
- Length Of Time Established
- Number Of Countries It's Available In
- Distributor Training 
- Board Of Directors
- Product Selection 
- Legal Business Structure (not a pyramid scheme) 
- Success of MLM distributors 
- Past Or Pending Legal Actions Against Company 
- Stock Price History And Dividends (if a publicly held corporation) 

There are countless more areas of criteria to consider when choosing a network marketing company in 2024. While you should do your own due diligence, the twenty top MLM companies in the world we mentioned below are smart choices that have stood the test of time compared to many other businesses in the network marketing or direct selling industry.

MLM: This Is The Way To Go All The Way

With this guide, you will learn about the top MLM companies of 2023. That way, you won’t feel lost and have a definite idea of where to start when seeking the best network marketing company globally. While some aspiring network marketers want to join the newest MLM companies, others want to join the highest-earning and most successful MLMs in the industry on a global scale.

Read on and find out more about our best ranked top multi-level marketing businesses for 2023 and 2024: 

Top 20 Best MLM Companies Of 2023 And 2024 Worldwide

The MLM company LiveGood has just launched to take the industry by storm in 2024. LiveGood MLM sells products that help you live good, feel good, and earn money. They have a propriety line of wellness products such as shakes, coffees, teas, powders, and CBD oils. And while their offerings are premium quality, their prices don't break the bank. 

This makes it easier to join this direct selling company, build your downline, sell more products, and avoid attrition. Their best products and memberships cost only a fraction of what their network marketing competitors charge. With long-term spillover, members can potentially earn extra money over time without having to personally recruit members.

Sign Up For LiveGood Today: Learn More Here 

Watch the 6 minute video to see what is unique and powerful about the new LiveGood opportunity. With LiveGood you can indeed live good by earning up to $2,047.50 per month without having to recruit new members! Join the fastest growing Best Business Builders Team today so you can live good with increased wealth and health.

2. Amway

That is correct, Amway is still a giant MLM organization. Amway is still one of the biggest MLM companies in the world, and it is also the oldest and most stable. After all, Amway is the largest direct-selling MLM company globally with over $6 billion in annual sales. They make and distribute products related to beauty, personal care, nutrition, and home goods. 

Over 100 countries sell this company’s products using their Amway Independent Business Owners (IBOs). They hold over 800 patents and spent $300 million on new R&D facilities across both Americas recently. That is hard for any new MLM company to beat. They also recently expanded by a million square feet in their California, Michigan, and Washington plants. 

Amway doesn't always make a lot of news since it has been around forever, but it is a safe bet for a successful MLM business model. Amway will be around in 2024 and thriving long after that, which you can't say about many upstart MLMs.

3. doTERRA 

The top MLM company doTERRA sells essential oil products, as well as supplements and personal care products. This MLM company gives you the tools to achieve your dream business, even on a lean budget. They have multi-level marketing experts that guide you using a comprehensive plan, giving you more freedom in the network marketing landscape. 

This is a top MLM company because you get a 25% discount off retail prices and commissions. This allows you to sell their products and earn more profits in 2024. 

4. NeoLife 

This MLM company makes whole food nutrition products while helping people to succeed with startups. Take note, this is an important feature as most businesses fail within the first 18 months. The best part is that the bar is low when you join the network since they give you the means to ensure your success. 

They give you consumable products and a remarkable compensation plan. This ensures that you need not invest thousands of dollars to start with this top MLM company. 

5. Norwex 

Norwex specializes in microfiber, household, personal care, and family products. It is a great company to join as a beginner because of its positive reputation as an MLM company. Furthermore, their products enjoy a high degree of quality, meaning they are easier to sell for MLM success. 

When you make personal retail purchases, you will get a maximum of a 35% discount. When you join the Norwex Program, know that the company funds it entirely after your first sale or recruit. This means you won’t pay anything to join this leading network marketing business in 2024. 

6. Young Living 

This top MLM company has one of the largest and most cutting-edge essential oil distilleries in North America. That is what enables them to make the best essential oils across the globe. They have an inclusive culture, extending to all their employees, customers, and business builders. YL is still one of the most popular MLM business opportunities for women. Females have been empowered by the Young Living business opportunity again and again.

You can either be a preferred customer or a business builder as part of the Young Living direct selling and affiliate marketing opportunity. The former enjoy member benefits without joining its business opportunities. The latter has a generous compensation plan if you enroll other people to join. 

7. Avon 

This leading network marketing company owned by parent company Natura is the best if you are looking for a business in the women’s beauty products niche. It is the best fit if you are a skincare expert aiming to work from home. This company has great incentive trips, backed by an incredible MLM community primarily of women. 

Avon is a household name in the MLM industry, making them very trustworthy in the network marketing space. You can sell their products either full-time or part-time. This flexibility of this leading network marketing company makes it a great source of income without interfering with your other responsibilities. 

Avon is a publicly traded company on the stock market in 2024 under its parent company Natura, which acquired Avon in 2020. It is so successful that they even pay a dividend on their stock, although it is an ADR so there could be an annual fee.

8. Forever Living 

This multi-billion-dollar MLM company makes and sells lots of beauty and wellness products worldwide. If you start a business with them, you will get a remarkable income stream. At the same time, you will gain more time and freedom to improve your life. 

Buy their products at a discount as an MLM rep and sell them as a retail store with marked up prices for profits. Also, if you can recruit or sponsor another person to sell or buy Forever products, you get compensated. Take note, you can’t earn from recruiting other people, but you get double income when the people you recruit buy Forever MLM products. 

9. Valentus 

Founded 8 years ago by Dave Jordan, a 25 year MLM veteran himself, Valentus offers cutting-edge weight management products, including SlimRoast Optimum Coffee with Dynamine. The top MLM company Valentus has a very similar if not identical email recruiting system as Skinny Body Care and Brain Abundance had. In fact, Dave knows Ben Glinsky (former owner of SBC & Brain Abundance) very well and has taken over some of the SBC MLM products.

This top MLM company is famous for its weight loss coffee called the SLIMRoast. Its MLM structure is standard with its slim roast coffee and weight loss products. You earn 25% commission for every network marketer that joins. As you move up the sales ranks, you gain more bonuses. 

The products Valentus sells are for people who want to become super-human. Aside from the coffee, they also have a keto creamer, immunity supplements, and energy vials. If you are a health junkie, you benefit the most by selling products made by this MLM company in 2024. 

10. New U Life 

This is a new MLM mastermind startup company offering anti-aging products. What sets it apart from others is its key ingredient: a homeopathic human growth hormone. If you are 35 years and older, know that you are the perfect candidate for a business in New U Life MLM. 

The reason this new MLM company is growing so fast is that they have SOMADERM gel. This product can bring your growth hormone level back to the one you had during your 20s. A non-prescription HGH booster is a game-changer for network marketers and would be a great product to sell to athletes or fitness enthusiasts. You can expect weekly payments for your MLM retail commission, with bonuses acting like milestones as you progress in this top network marketing company. 


This top MLM company is a great choice if you are looking to sell eco-friendly products for your home. Modere’s direct selling structure places heavy priorities on the bonuses. Regardless, you get commissions for both selling products and encouraging other people to join your MLM business. As you build your downline, you will get a commission from all of the products they sell as well. 

Modere has strong branding, with its network marketing products gaining serious traction online. This top MLM company is especially famous for its three-pillar weight loss plan, and weight loss is a trillion dollar a year industry worldwide. It was one of the top MLM companies of 2023 and will be throughout 2024 for sure. 

12. My Daily Choice (MDC) 

The top MLM company My Daily Choice was founded by Josh Zwagil 6 years ago and Josh knows about marketing. He has used the same MLM software as Skinny Body Care and Brain Abundance. This leading network marketing business helps build your downline with automated recruiting emails. The emails operate using a fear-of-loss dynamic and FOMO because they use a cut-off point where all the paid affiliates leapfrog the free tour takers. If you don’t lock in your spot and become a paid member then you could potentially miss out on potential network marketing commissions in the future from people you didn’t even recruit to your downline. You don't want to miss out on this MLM opportunity to sell premium CBD, vegan supplements, sprays, and other top-quality health products.

Their Hempworx MLM product line is potently powerful and everyone loves CBD Oil. You can't deny it is an ultra-stressful, painful, and inflammatory world so CBD can help to fight these fiendish forces naturally. Cannabidiol and MLM are a winning combination for making money and helping others get healthier. 

They have expanded their company into fuel injectors for improved car gas mileage performance as well as a variety of lifestyle products. And their brand new Akashx crypto platform is both unique and groundbreaking in the MLM industry. These two components alone seal the deal that My Daily Choice is certainly one of the best MLM companies in the world for 2024. 

13. Herbalife 

You can't have a top MLM companies list without including Herbalife Nutrition! In reality, Herbalife is one of the largest and most successful MLM companies worldwide. It also happens to be one of the only significant publicly held network marketing company with shares that can be bought, sold, or shorted on stock exchanges. That is very significant for both the company and the MLM industry overall since it must be compliant with the SEC and FTC among other regulatory agencies around the world.

Despite countless investigations, lawsuits, a damning documentary, and stock short strategies, Herbalife continued to survive and thrive in 2023 and 2024. This top MLM business continues to expand its product lines and enter into more growth markets with new countries accepting independent distributors and product sales for 2024. 

14. Entre Institute 

Entre Institute is a direct selling business with MLM characteristics. In simple terms, it offers educational platforms to help entrepreneurs to build businesses online, including network marketing downlines. This direct sales company teaches aspiring MLMers to recruit more reps, sell more product, and also profit from affiliate marketing in 2024.

15. Arieyl 

Arieyl is a new MLM company that launched a couple years ago but has already recruited tens of thousands of distributors. Their management team is also top-notch with MLM veterans running the company. They sell wellness products such as CBD oil and are primed to grow fast in 2024. 

16. Jeunesse Global 

Among many antiaging MLM companies out there today, Jeunesse Global finds itself as one of the more successful on the network marketing platform. Helping people reach their full potential is the goal of Jeunesse Global as they try to build a network of support, much like a family, among its clients. The company fully embraces longevity in the multi-level marketing space. With such a mantra, this top MLM company is set up for a lifetime of success and great things to come in 2024! 

17. Zrii 

Zrii has been aiming to transform lives with financial freedom, wellness, and personal development, Zrii sets out as a health and wellness company that has to set itself apart from many others in the network marketing world. With leading MLM products spanning both wellness and skincare areas, Zrii already has a diverse outlook that hopes to empower people to do better for themselves and live productive profitable lives. Add in the power of network marketing and Zrii is a top MLM company sure to continue to thrive and grow for years to come. 

18. Reico & Partner

As a pet care and nutrition business, Reico & Partner stands out in a crowd of competing similar MLM companies in the grand scheme of things. This unique network marketing company has seen a great amount of success that translated over to direct sales when the company took that approach two decades ago. Since then, there has been remarkable growth in the company and success in the business. Staying true to their standards of high quality and great flavors, Reico & Partner is sure to continue on the path of success for new and existing distributors. 

19. iBuumerang 

iBuumerang has made it possible to stand out among the crowd of network marketing companies, by letting you make money just by sending emails. The company is focused on travel incentives and savings, all you have to do is share the information and you get paid every time a trip is booked using the link you provided. The link you share is unique to your account, so only you can be credited for trips booked through that direct link. It is a great way of making a profit by doing very little work from absolutely anywhere you are! iBuumerang is changing the way you can build a business and rewarding you every step of the way. 

20. Monat 

Monat MLM is still offering a competitive compensation program, Monat has emerged as one of the leading personal care direct sales companies. As the first company to market hair care as a direct sales initiative, Monat is making their mark in the hair care industry, which is a multibillion dollar industry in itself. Marketing nontoxic and safe products, Monat offers a continuous product profit margin with the popularity growing for these types of products. 

More Top MLM Companies For 2024 

Here are even more of the best network marketing businesses to consider for distributors around the globe in 2024: 

- Mint Builder
- Tupperware 
- Live Pure
- Perfect 
- Infinitus 
- Market America 
- Vorwerk
- Quanjian
- Perfect
- Mary Kay 
- Juice Plus 
- Le-Vel 
- Primerica
- World Financial Group (WFG) 
- People Helping People (PHP) 
- Coway 
- LifeWave 
- Medifast 
- Optavia
- APL Go

Don't forget about new MLM companies like Elomir, Farmasi, OLSP, Matrix Empire, Pure, David Allen Capital, List Infinity, LivePure, and QuiAri with huge growth potential! There are other pre-launch network marketing companies in the works that could blow these ones away as well going into 2024.

Do not let this globally ranked network marketing list stop you, there are plenty of other new top MLM companies to consider joining as well! If another network marketing business product line or company culture suits you better, then by all means join that MLM organization! Just be ready to put in the work and treat network marketing like a real job for optimal results in 2023 and 2024. If you build it, they will come (and buy your products or join your downline!).

More Qualities To Look For In A Global Top MLM Company Going Into 2024

As we have established there are great global MLM companies out there and not so great. Some have a great product or service, but lack a solid compensation plan that really benefits the distributor; and likewise, there are companies that have a great comp plan but their product or service is below par. I have been in a couple network marketing companies and know what to look for. We have studied the MLM industry diligently and understand the perfect formula for a distributor’s success. We need to instill a core set of values the network marketing company needs before joining in 2024, including: 

a) Leadership And Compensation Plan – Does the MLM company you want to join have solid Leadership? How do you know? Look around on the Internet and YouTube. Do you see network marketing thought leaders talking about your desired MLM? What about critics of your chosen MLM business?

Compensation plan is also key for a successful MLM business. If the company has a complicated compensation plan, like the unilevel plan, which usually only pays 5 to 10% on each of their first levels, which usually isn’t enough payout to keep new MLM distributors going, or the breakaway plan that requires the distributor to get tons of distributors to make any money. Most new MLMers can't get tons of new downline members right off the bat, so this plan doesn’t pay most people. These plans are outdated and potentially indicative of a pyramid scheme, so watch out for any MLM company displaying these characteristics in 2023 or 2024. You want to find MLMs that offer binary and/or matrix comp plans and a variety of payment methods.

b) Premium Products – Network marketing products must be top-notch. They should be superior to many retail products on the market, because the best MLM companies spend a majority of their money on research and development. If comparable products can be purchased on Amazon or at Wal-Mart, then why would anyone pay premium prices from network marketing distributors? Amway is a great example of this. They have a facility and a team of top scientists working on breakthroughs every year. You want to choose a product that can benefit customers immediately. Put yourself in your customers' shoes. If you need to lose weight, you will buy a weight-loss product. If you want to sleep better and focus better, buy a brain supplement. The more effective and unique these products are, the more the MLM company will profit.

c) Massive Marketing – You want to join a top MLM business that has some of the marketing tools for you. In the old days, you were left alone and had to invoice, calculate the expenses, and run the order per customer. Today in the modern MLM era, everything should be done for you, especially now that you know about indirect vs direct marketing. The current MLM marketing system and CRM should have “Lead Capture Pages” for you to use in getting leads and prospects. They should have scripts you can use. They should even have an automated email system that emails your prospects for you. You should get your own personal website to promote as well if you are doing direct selling and have hopes to become a wealthy success story. 

d) Top Training Tactics – The company should have a quick-start guide that you can follow in the beginning to get your multi-level marketing business going on the right foot for 2024. The company should have weekly webinars where you can listen in on corporate updates. There should be third-party testimonials of other users of the product that you can draw from when prospecting. 

e) Financial Stability – A top MLM company should be debt-free and if they have had problems in the past with lawsuits or the FTC, investigate it further until you understand if the problems were resolved sufficiently for 2025. 

Increase MLM Business Brand Awareness With Promotional Products 

Businesses need to promote their products as a cost-effective way to reach more potential customers. It is a low-cost way to market an multi-level marketing company. In addition to increasing leads, sales, and more, promotional items such as a custom lanyard can help you build campaigns around them. The right products can make your brand stand out from the crowd in the competitive global MLM industry. Businesses can attract more customers by using customized promotional gifts, such as custom lanyards, to promote their products.

Join One Of The Best MLM Companies In The World Today!

These are some of the best MLM companies you can join this year and beyond around the world. Use this as a lean startup guide when you are thinking about improving your direct selling success or financial situation in 2024. 

Did this guide help you find a top MLM company globally to work with in 2024? If so, read our other multi-level marketing business posts and learn more valuable tips and tricks for direct sellers worldwide today. It is time to master MLM and build your business to go global in 2024 and 2025! 

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