The Importance Of Recycling For Your Business

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Our planet is being bombarded with trash on a daily basis. Without recycling it will end up taking over the planet. Over 250 million tons of public waste is discarded each year in the US alone. Only about a third of that is recycled. Plastic, paper, metal and glass are piling up in landfills. By taking personal responsibility and making sure our businesses do the same we can help to combat this powerful pollution. 

So why is recycling important for your company? Read on to learn more. 

Why is Recycling Important For Businesses? 

Recycling is a real responsibility for modern businesses that actually try to make a difference. Being accountable and reducing your carbon footprint is a smart business decision. 

Here are some ideas to increase recycling efforts:

- Place recycling bins at employee desks and central hubs
- Outline weekly recycling schedule 
- Educate employees about going green
- Purchase recyclable products
- Purchase recycled products 
- Reduce printing
- Install energy efficient lighting and heating systems

Here are the reasons why it is important to recycle at your company: 

1. Save The Planet 

The obvious reason is to protect our planet. Until Elon Musk or Richard Branson gets us to Mars it's the only planet we have! With dumping grounds filling up and climate change wreaking havoc across the globe, we don't know how much longer our planet has. Recycling is a simple and economical step to prevent these catastrophes that everyone can take at their company. 

2. Reduce Costs And Energy 

When you encourage Recycling also reduces energy used, which means even greater green benefits. The less energy used, the more money (and sometimes time) that you save. When you run a lean startup, it pays to minimize waste and squeeze every penny. 

3. Company Mission And Culture 

Implementing a pro-recycling culture at your business is important. It sets the tone for your company in accountability and responsibility. It reminds your employees that preservation of resources should be a high priority. It also encourages a culture of fixing things when they're broken and not throwing them away. 

4. Positive Public Relations 

While it shouldn't be the only reason your company is doing it, great public relations is a benefit of a company-wide recycling program. Having a connection with the local recycling companies helps to build a rapport with the community. It also just makes you look good to a wide variety of customers, agencies and media publications.

Remember Personal Recycling Practices 

Don't be the hypocrite that encourages recycling at work and throws away bottles at home. Be consistent with your beliefs. If you want to be able to sleep well at night, make sure you are recycling at work and at home. It's worth it and makes a big difference in the world

Step Up Sustainability 

So why is recycling important for your business? Why isn't it important is more like it! Learn more about renewable energy, waste management, and recycling on future blog posts here at Lean Startup Life.

I hope you enjoyed this article about the importance of recycling for your small business on a budget.

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