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Lean Startup Life is all about becoming healthy and wealthy regardless of your starting financial situation. Our partner website Frugal Fitness has been helping to crush fitness costs worldwide for years. Frugal Fitness prioritizes helping out others to improve their health, fitness, and bank accounts. It's important to reach the widest audience possible so they've worked with many media outlets, websites, influencers, authors, bloggers, vloggers, public speakers, and journalists to help get the message out! Here are just some of the articles and features including free Frugal Fitness advice to help you save even more money on your workouts and nutrition, with more posts being added soon. 

Shape Magazine Top 10 YouTube Fitness Channels 
Shape Magazine 15 Total Body Workouts In 15 Minutes
Shape Magazine 8 Stretches To Strengthen  
Shape Magazine: 8 No Sweat Workouts For Women
Shape Magazine: Top Trainer Weight Loss Tips 
Shape Magazine: Train Like An Olympian 
Shape Magazine: 8 Tricks To Improve Strength Training
Women's Radio: Achieve Frugal Fitness
Shareaholic Top Fitness Blogging Tips 
Lindsay's List: Tuesday Trainer Exercises
PB Fingers Top Men's Fitness Blogs
Money Crashers Top 10 YouTube Frugal Lifestyle Channels
AnyTime Fitness Blog: Survive On 35 
You Improved: Top YouTube Fitness Channels For Toning
Best Women's YouTube Fitness Channels 
Unique Weight Loss: Top 10 YouTube Fitness Workouts 
Find Health Tips: Top 10 Weight Loss YouTube Channels
Moving Forward: Top Fitness Resources For Guys
Shorty Awards Top 10 Fitness Blogs
Top 10 Home Workout Videos On YouTube 
The Very Best YouTube Home Workout Channels 
Make Use Of: 7 Best Home Workout YouTube Channels 
A Plus: YouTube Channels For Frugal Tips 
Credit Visionary: Top 10 Frugal Lifestyle YouTube Channels 
30 Days: 30 YouTube Videos 
The Top 15 Exercises You Can Do At Home 
- Scientific Reasons For Sticking With Your Workouts
The Best Home YouTube Fitness Channels 
Top Fitness Blogger GNC Supplement Tips 
AnyTime Fitness Tips To Buying Groceries On A Budget 
Dash Of Wellness Top YouTube Fitness Channels 
Tara Burner Top Bodyweight Workouts 
Frugivore Magazine Best Fitness Tips On A Budget 
Columbus Parent: Family, Finance, & Free Fitness : Cardio On A (Running) Shoestring Budget 
Moms Need To Know Recipes 
MetroWest Boston Patch Fitness Author Interview 
Top Winter Weather Workout Ways 
PFit Blog: 100 Calorie Snacks REAL Healthy People Eat 
- Pros & Cons Of Whey Protein Powder 
- How To Change Your Workouts As You Get Older
- Top 100 Frugal Blogs In The World

Frugal Fitness, and now Lean Startup Life, has also been featured on Reebok, Yahoo UK, Yahoo Answers, Quora, Stuff Magazine, FitFluential, Livestrong, and countless other website servers across the globe.

Thanks for the support and inclusion with such great company in the competitive global fitness and business industries.

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