Showing Your Leadership: 5 Tips On How To Manage Freelancers For Your Startup

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Being a leader is not an easy task. It involves integrity, passion, commitment and trust. Many call themselves a leader but are actually bosses. Leaders try their best to motivate, inspire and bring out the potential in their subordinates while bosses, well, rely on production rather than motivation. Their measurement of success relies only on what the worker can give, not what the worker can achieve, and this often leads to a low morale and less productive working environment. So if you are a young entrepreneur and dream of making your Startup a successful one, you should take care and manage your freelancers the right way. Be a leader, not a boss. 

Freelancers are actually beneficial to Startup businesses. They have much experience on almost anything, have a lot of ideas and can troubleshoot problems in certain areas and fields without you knowing about it. The problem is how do you develop and manage them into individuals that will bring success to your company? Well here are some surefire tips that will make your managing woes easier and more productive. 

1. Recruitment 

Everything starts at recruitment. It will be your secret for success. There are countless freelancers out there offering all sorts of services and skills that will they claim will help you in your business. When recruiting a freelancer, you have to consider the following: 


You can check skills by asking for a sample of their work or a recommendation from a previous employer or customer that they have worked for. Look for skills and experiences like coding, software, analytics, and management.


Checking for availability can reveal if they can work on time and finish deadlines on the dot. Some freelancers may have a time difference since they are from different countries. Always check if they are comfortable working with your given hours and deadlines. 


You can test someone’s attitude by asking how they feel about a certain situation or what choices seem to best for a problem or obstacle. This is very important because one may seem to be good at first but in the end show signs of distress and low productivity if they are not comfortable with a given task. 

2. Time Management 

Time is really an essential factor for managing freelancers. The best option would to make them use a time tracking application to so that you can monitor their working hours. By doing so, you can see if they are efficient enough and are working on time. In the event that you see some discrepancies in their work timings, you can arrange a better work time for them that will meet your and their needs as well. Remember that time is money!

3. Payment 

Keeping your payment and on time is very essential in managing freelancers since they are expecting on time paychecks for meeting deadlines. Also it is important to consider the method in which they want to be paid, either by wire transfer or remittance. 

4. Task Management 

Task management is the key to keeping track and making sure that deadlines are met on time. Do not overload one freelancer with tasks that are impossible to finish within a deadline. Divide tasks among your freelance workers so that they can focus more on the quality rather than the quantity of tasks while freelancing. 

5. One-On-One Talks 

Lastly, it is important to have weekly talks with your freelancers and acknowledging their achievements. This can also be room for answering inquiries and clearing up confusions with tasks at hand. You can use VoIP functionality as it will help you to reduce the phone bills and improve your interaction remote employees The question is in finding your VoIP provider and Nextiva reviews will be helpful in while making your choice.

Manage Like A Master

Managing a lean startup is always a challenge. Keep the above tips in mind to ensure that you demonstrate and develop your leadership and keep business running smoothly.

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