4 Positions You Must Fill At Your Startup Successfully

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Starting a new business involves a lot of hard work and commitment. The entire process can be very overwhelming and can be even harder if you do not have the right people working with you. While a start-up company may not afford to hire a lot of people at the beginning, few positions need to be filled so that the business may grow. The first people you hire in the lean startup you started will set the tone of your business, which is the reason you must do your best to recruit a reliable team. 

Here is a list of basic positions that you need to fill for your business to succeed. 

1. Administrative Employee 

With a new business, you will need someone to handle people’s inquiries and ensure that everything at work is functioning well. As an entrepreneur, you will have a lot of things to handle both inside and outside the company when it is new and when you are away you will need someone to coordinate everything else. The administrator will ensure that every department in the business is working well, receive calls professionally and order office supplies in good time to avoid stoppage of work

2. Finance Representative 

Many start-up entrepreneurs do not consider hiring accountants because they feel like they can manage their little capital on their own. However, this is very wrong because poor cash flow management is one of the reasons why many startups fail. The finance representative you get will not only help you to manage your initial capital responsibly but also look for financial aid when need be. Sometimes you may even require to consult a third party when it comes to financial matters and based on the consulting definition; you will benefit from an experts advice. A full charge bookkeeper is also an important employee that will also help you set realistic goals and also provide reports on the same. 

3. Head Of Marketing 

In every business, whether it is a start-up company or established business, marketing has always been an essential function. You must fill this position in your startup business so that the creation and implementation of marketing plans and strategies is done properly and at the right time. He will also assist you to identify your target market, prepare marketing messages, test your products and oversee product promotion and advertisement. When it comes to launching your brand, you can also consider hiring a marketing consultant so as to do it properly and effectively. However, you need to understand what is consulting because you will not rely on the services of a consultant always. When hiring an in-house marketer, consider someone you understand internet marketing because, in today’s digital world, almost everyone rushes to the internet when in need of shopping. 

4. Customer Care Representative 

Customer care function must be topnotch especially with your new business, and therefore you must find someone who will handle your customers properly. Most new entrepreneurs tend to attend to their customers in their free time, but unfortunately, when customers feel like they are being ignored, they take their business somewhere else. It can be hard to acquire new customers, but if you can’t manage to retain the ones you have, your marketing efforts will always be in vain. Your customer care representative will act as a consultant and going by consulting definition, or if you know what is consulting, he must have extensive knowledge of your brand and how the business operates. When customers feel valued, they will always want to come back for more services from you. 


If you have that brilliant idea and have gone out of your way to establish it as a startup company, consider using some help from knowledgeable people in different functions. For startups, fill a few positions as described above and these people will help you transform your idea into a successful business. 

I hope you enjoyed this article about positions you want to fill within your lean startup to make it successful.

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