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Retail is still big business in the United States and worldwide. Despite the brick and mortar stores closing and retail corporations declaring bankruptcy, retail is still a multi-trillion dollar industry and will continue to be. Some types retail stores like convenience stores and dollar stores are actually thriving and expanding, so it can still be a profitable business model if done right. That is even the case in today's chaotic economy with pandemics and protests, albeit much harder.

While retailers are working to adapt and evolve, e-commerce has revolutionized shopping for consumers and selling for businesses. Amazon and eBay changed the game two decades ago and now consumers have the option of buying any product or service from around the world with a simple click or tap. When you have delivery straight to your door within 24 hours and every product in the world at your fingertips, why would you want to hop in your car and drive 20 minutes to walk around and looks at a limited inventory? Retail is rough right now if you are not doing right.

Retail and E-commerce strategies are incredibly important for businesses around the world. It is important to educate yourself on the growing trends and tactics that improve profitability. Enjoy our growing number of Lean Startup Life retail and e-commerce articles from retailers and e-commerce experts from around the world.

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