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When it comes living the Lean Startup Life, an understanding of basic laws and legalese can make all the difference. With no comprehension of the law, your startup business could be liable for significant financial damages from employees, customers, or investors and you could even get sued for your entire business or personal assets! You must know the letter of the law to success as a lean startup with a minimal budget for legal professional services. Understanding of the legal process begins with a business plan, filing the proper paperwork for a company formation, purchasing insurance, hiring your first employee, and pretty much every other step of the startup or SMB process. 

On a different legal note, if you are a lawyer or attorney you need to stand out from the pack. There are more lawyers and attorneys joining the industry every year and law firms must differentiate themselves with smart marketing and branding techniques. There are literally millions of lawyers in the world today, especially in the United States, so you must stand out from the competition! Even barristers and paralegals need to start branding themselves to build their value and market themselves. 

Whether you are in the legal profession or not, the law is essential in the business world. The more you understand about laws, politics, and liability, the better your lean startup will be long-term.

That is why Lean Startup Life offers free articles on legal issues pertinent to your business and marketing. We also offer articles on political news and insights involving politics towards the bottom of this page since they often overlap with the law. Enjoy the growing number of law articles below from legal experts around the world:

Law And Legal Articles

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Live By The Law! 

Politics Articles

Politics = Power

We have many more legal articles and law blog posts coming soon from entrepreneurs, lawyers, attorneys, and legal professors coming soon! We will also be publishing more political articles and resources for those interested in politics. Make sure to subscribe to The Lean Startup Life Blog and check back often for more law articles or resources being published monthly.

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