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The best marketing is sales! That old catchphrase really sums up the importance of lead generation and sales to all businesses. Without generating income through sales, your business will cease to exist. Marketing is all well and good, but you need sellers to get real results! If you can't generate leads and sell, it is pretty much over for you or your business. 

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But selling is a lot different and more complicated than it used to be. That is why Lean Startup Life offers top articles on lead generation and sales to help you grow your business year after year. Enjoy the growing number of lead gen and selling blog posts from sales professionals around the world:

Lead Generation & Sales Articles

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Sales ABC's: Always Be Closing! The Leads Aren't Weak, You're Weak!

Stay tuned sales students and studs, we'll be publishing plenty more articles on strengthening your selling soon right here on Lean Startup Life! Start selling smart and strengthen you sales significantly!

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