The Ultimate Entrepreneurial Inspiration: Jeff Bezos Amazon HQ 1999

If you're a lean startup owner or co-founder, you are quite familiar with humble beginnings and bootstrapping your business to greatness. We've all heard of the rags to riches stories that so many entrepreneurs have lived to tell about, if they're lucky. Some have lived in their cars and others have maxed out a dozen credit cards to give themselves a shot. 

One of the most impressive of these frugal beginnings has got to be Amazon's founder and CEO Jeff Bezos

The picture above shows the world's richest / second richest man (along with Bill Gates depending on the prices of Microsoft and Amazon stock on any given day) in his office in 1999. This marketing mastermind started his business in the mid to late 90's when the internet began, was laughed at, but then picked up steam after the dotcom bubble burst. 

Now Amazon is one of the most valuable brands on earth. You might need to live lean and humble early on, but it can pay off like you never could imagine!

I hope you enjoyed this blog post about lean startup living.

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