Shopping Habits: How A Need It Now Culture Is Shaping The Way Companies Do Business

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Having a competitive edge over a rival business means staying afloat and exceeding expectations. One way to ensure you have that much needed competitive edge is to fully embrace digital transformations

Social media and the mass adoption of digital world have progressed so much that marketing any business despite how large or big it is, has never been easier.

Super brands have redefined the way that we think about on demand services via the Internet, making it more convenient for customers to connect with each other, consume content, buy products and receive services faster than ever before. 

And although brands are accustomed to shoppers demanding new products or features that better suit their changing needs, companies are having to adapt to a rapidly changing marketplace as anytime-anywhere convenience is now considered the new normal. 

The rise of a ‘need it now culture’ is prevalent in Britain, and across globe, with mobile devices accelerating the trend as we check devices hundreds of times a day. The instant connection to the world – and companies within it - means that we can get hold of whatever we want, whenever we want. However, as more stuff becomes instantly available, patience levels and expectations have adjusted to suit. 

These sentiments are echoed in a new study by promotional products retailer 4imprint, which reveals the true extent to which the country has become an impatient nation. Findings show: 

• 84 percent of UK adults class themselves as impatient 
• Nearly three quarters (73 per cent) admit they have become less patient in recent years 
• 41 percent said nothing is more frustrating than wasted time 
• 21 percent put their impatience down to getting bored quickly 
• 18 percent said they are so used to getting things instantly from the internet they often expect it in every aspect of life 
• 13 percent said they hate waiting for anything. 

This is causing an unprecedented shift in the way that companies are having to do business with modern day consumers, seeing everyone having to adapt to new ways of working and at a pace consumers demand. 

Evidently, technology, devices and thousands of apps now deliver instant gratification. All you need to do is tap to buy, click and collect or choose how you want it to be delivered. Brands have even set the bar higher with paid services offering deliveries within 24 hours. offers a next day service on its 24-hour range of promotional products

Many companies in the UK have also added services to satisfy demand caused by social media campaigns that encourage people to buy because it’s on trend right now, with users often inspired by an influencer’s Twitter, Facebook or Instagram account. 

Statistics show that the UK is home to world’s third largest ecommerce market with one in five retail transactions conducted online. The stark reality is that technology and businesses must continue to evolve quickly and will dramatically shape the way that we shop in future what with new products and services now at our fingertips.

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