Effective Marketing Plan For The Whisky Industry

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Do you want to discover how to leverage marketing in the liquor manufacturing sector? 

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This article will talk about some of the great marketing ideas that can take your brand to new heights provided that you know your target audience, are ready with your prospects’ email list and have a great product that relates to your audience. 

If you didn’t know how to find someone’s email address for whisky advertising, here is a pro-tip to build your prospects' emails list. 

How To Find Someone’s Email Address For Whisky Email Marketing

Use an email finder tool like GetEmail.io to locate the email ID format. This tool is based on big data and machine learning algorithms. It also comes as a chrome extension to extract email addresses from LinkedIn and Gmail for potential whisky customers. 

You may start with the free plan that allows you to find up to ten email addresses every month to those old enough to drink alcohol legally

Now let us discuss the most effective wine marketing strategies you can use to get your prospects to pay attention to your brand and become fans of your spirits product (whisky). 

Create The Urge To Buy Whiskies 

Recollect the whiskey bottles you have purchased in the last few months. Do you remember what enticed you to purchase those bottles? 

These are some of the possible catalysts that might have urged your purchase. 

• You felt “tempted” by a Facebook or Instagram post. 
• You came across a whisky blogger’s post online. 
• You saw a big attractive print or television advertisement. 
• You took part in a tasting event put on by a whisky brand and you loved the taste. 
• You heard a lot of people talking about it in an online whisky group. 

Can you think of other possible triggers? 

Whisky Label Design 

Believe it or not, many whisky or wine companies have been successful not because of how good their wine tastes. 

Yes, they may manufacture the world’s best whisky but if the design and marketing don’t resonate, no one will want to try. 

Though it’s true that you should never judge a book by its cover, howbeit, a well-designed whisky label will never harm your chances of standing out from the rest. 

Effective Email Marketing 

When you have your prospects list ready, you could launch an email marketing campaign. This is the best way to develop a strong and highly personalized bond with your prospects. 

Spirited Instagram 

Instagram offers an engaging way to connect with your fans. It can do wonders if you keep your Instagram handle updated with the latest offers or news about your brand. 

Whisky Website 

It is necessary to have a custom-built website that is well optimized for mobile and desktop devices. Users expect a certain level of originality while visiting your alcohol website. 

The branding elements such as the logo, typography, color scheme, etc. will work together to leave a lasting impression about your whisky brand among the audience. 

Final Thoughts On Whisky Marketing

If you hold a good understanding of the marketing strategy, you get to build up your position and differentiate what you offer with your whisky drinks. 

Before you apply this, determine what your objectives are, this will help you to identify the tactics that work best for your whisky brand. 

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