How to Choose Solar Panel Companies in Florida

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The solar panel industry has seen significant growth in recent years. Solar panels are now one of the fastest-growing energy sources.

In 2021, the industry recorded 19.2 GW, representing a 43% increase from just two years ago.

This is largely due to solar panel companies in Florida increasing their efforts to promote the use of solar power.

But how do you know which solar panel company is right for you? Many people want to install solar panels on their homes, but they don’t want the hassle of having them installed incorrectly. That’s why it’s important to do some research before you decide to have solar panels installed on your FL home.

Read on for more information on how to choose the right solar installers in Florida.

Experience Installing Solar Panels in Florida

Hiring an experienced company will ensure that your solar panels are properly installed.

A solar panel company that has been around for several years will have the experience needed to install solar panels correctly. They should answer all of your questions and concerns about solar panels and solar panel installation.

At least three years of experience is recommended. But a solar panel company with even more experience in the renewable energy industry will give you more assurance.

License and Insurance for Solar Installations

Solar panel companies in Florida will need to have solar installation licenses if they are going to install solar panels on your home. Having a solar energy license ensures that the solar panel company is knowledgeable about solar power and solar systems.

The solar installation company should also have insurance, as well. This is important since it protects both the customer and the solar panel installer. If anything goes wrong during or after solar energy panel installation, they are covered.

NABCEP Certified

A solar panel company that is NABCEP certified has passed a solar power exam. NABCEP stands for North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners. It’s an energy certification organization with chapters in many states.

This certification shows that solar panel installers have the solar power knowledge required to properly and safely install solar panels and other solar energy systems.

Guarantee for Solar Panel Installation

A solar panel company that offers a guarantee will stand behind its solar panel installations. This is important since it ensures that the solar panels have been properly installed and are producing sufficient energy.

It also protects you since you won’t be left dealing with problems caused by any improper solar panel installation work.

The guarantee should cover issues like:

  • Solar panels not producing the energy you need
  • Solar panel sections missing
  • Solar power equipment not connected properly

Always work with an energy company that has a solar panel installation guarantee.

Customer Service

All solar panel companies in Florida are required to have qualified solar panel installers and solar power equipment. But some solar panel companies provide better customer service than others.

Customer service is important because it shows that a solar panel company cares about your satisfaction with the process of solar installation. Look for solar panel companies that will discuss all of your needs and concerns before you agree to have solar panels installed on your home.

Hire the Best Solar Panel Companies in Florida

Solar power is one of the most beneficial sources of energy. You can save money, reduce your carbon footprint, and even make a profit by installing solar panels on your home. But it’s important to work with solar panel companies in Florida that will provide you with the solar panel installation services you need and deserve.

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