Ruby On Rails Editors And Development Environments

ruby on rails editors development environments ide ror

Simple, agile, perfect to only worry about what matters, proper data management. These are some of the concepts that come up when talking about Ruby on Rails (RoR), one of the most popular back-end open source development frameworks within the developer community. 

If you want to create projects with Ruby on Rails, it is very important to know how to code in Ruby, an easy-to-use programming language with many things similar to Python, interesting for creating simple and flexible applications, with a large number of libraries. Today it is a relatively modern syntax, which has become fashionable. 

To ensure a success in a ruby ​​on rails development Company we can talk about the types of editors and development environments (IDE) that exist with this tool and which we will share below. 

Top 4 RoR IDE Options

1. Rubymine 

Provides a comprehensive Ruby code editor that is aware of specifics of this very dynamic language and consequently offers assistance with smart coding, smart code refactoring, and other code analysis capabilities. Easy to configure when creating a project, it also has automatic gem management, Rake support. It has everything a developer needs in a development environment. 

2. Arcadia 

Arcadia is a development environment for Ruby written in Ruby using the classic tcl / tk GUI toolkit. Arcadia offers script editing, code execution and debugging, project folder navigation, syntax highlighting, code auto-completion, cross-platform on any system where Ruby, tcl-tk are installed, and much more. 

3. Aptana Studio 

Aptana Studio is an open source development tool for programmers with experience in Ruby. It allows developers to test their web applications using a single environment. Aptana supports the latest browser technologies with HTML5, JavaScript, CSS3, Ruby, Rails, PHP, and Python. It includes several features such as the integration of GIF, HTML, CSS and Javascript files, an integrated debugger as well as multiple options to carry out the customization of the IDE. 

4. Net Beans 

Net Beans is an open source IDE and platform that helps developers quickly deploy web pages, desktop apps, and mobile apps. Ruby support was discontinued in 2011, due to Oracle introducing a new Java Dev kit, but they have brought it back again in 2023 and 2024 for the enjoyment of all programmers who use this language and love this IDE. 

Coding Conclusion

It is clear that with these RoR IDE tools, this programming language has a clean, adaptable and manageable code that is written quickly. You can make your own configurations, since Ruby as a programming language gives you the facility to work with total freedom. This means that the framework can be handled by beginners and expert programmers who work with scripting languages. At the beginning you can spend more time learning the operation, but with practice it becomes much easier.

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