How To Make Your Startup More Eco-Friendly

how to make startup more eco-friendly green business

With more and more of us making our purchasing decisions based on the ethical and environmental credentials of companies, it’s more important than ever that your startup measures up. 

Companies like goBambu have seen a huge boost in customers after educating them about their environmental efforts. 

With that in mind, here’s a helpful guide for some ways you make your startup more eco-friendly. 

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle 

It’s worth implementing this policy early on and is something that can be followed as your company starts growing. 

You can start by focusing on purchasing packaging that can be used more than once. For example, if you receive a parcel, keep the box it comes in and in turn use this to ship out your own parcels. 

You’ll also want to make sure your staff members are fully aware of what items can be recycled and provide adequate facilities like recycling bins and food waste disposal bins for this. 

Think about repairing items too before throwing them away. If they are irreparable, think about ways you can upcycle and repurpose the items first. 

Opt For Clean Energy 

You can boost your greed credentials by opting for clean energy suppliers. With more and more green energy companies popping up every day, there’s never been a better time to switch. 

Not only will your green credentials increase but there’s a good chance you can save money as renewable energy can be cheaper in the long run. 

Go Paperless 

Even though paper is recyclable, it’s estimated that 90% Canada’s paper output (which is the UK’s biggest source of pulp) comes from ancient forests. 

Deforestation continues to happen around the world, even in developed countries so to mitigate this, companies can opt to go paperless instead. 

Have forms filled in online, get documents signed digitally and avoid printing out resources that are already stored on your computer. 

Offset Your Carbon Emissions 

One of the best ways you can win new customers and attract talented employees is by offsetting your workplace carbon emissions. 

By joining tree-planting initiatives you can make your company completely climate positive. These convenient initiatives plant trees on your behalf so you don’t have to do the hard graft yourself. 

With millennials being the generation more concerned about climate change than any other, this will give your company an edge when recruiting the best talent. 

Encourage Green Travel 

With an average of only 1.7 people per car, cars are one of the most inefficient forms of travel there is. 

With people driving to work, this average number of people per car is likely to decrease. 

With cars making up over 60% of road transport CO2 emissions in Europe, it’s worth encouraging and educating your employees about other forms of greener transport. 

If your employees live nearby encourage them to walk to work. Alternatively, you can offer a cycle-to-work scheme in which employees can pay for brand new bikes from their taxes. 

Other greener transport modes include car pooling or using public transport.

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