How Can Businesses Cultivate A Greener Workplace?

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People all over the world have been stepping up their efforts to recycle. But while dutifully recycling cans and plastics and leaving the car at home all help in the fight against global warming, we need to address the issue on a larger scale. Business owners have a range of resources at their fingertips, as well as a social responsibility to contribute towards a greener future. 

There are many easy ways to cultivate a greener workplace, and you can make a start by following these steps from leading business electricity suppliers. 

Provide Bins For Recycling 

Recycling bins aren’t just for the home – workplaces have a duty to provide easily accessible recycling bins for staff. This means that your staff can easily recycle their takeaway boxes at lunch time (provided there isn’t too much grease on them) and cardboard from parcels. Recycling packaging has such a positive impact on the environment, it decreases the need to use raw materials that save energy. For instance, it takes 75% less energy to make a plastic bottle from recycled plastic compared to raw materials. 

Keep A Stock Of Shopping Bags 

Since the plastic carrier bag charge was introduced in England, positively, plastic bag sales in the ‘big seven’ supermarkets is down 86% since the 5p charge was introduced to improve waste management and reduce rubbish. 

One of the most effective ways of reducing plastic waste is by taking your own bags when you are going to a supermarket to save paper and plastic – but we’re all guilty of forgetting to bring our bags for life from time to time. Keeping stock of a few bags for life in the office means that staff can reuse them on their lunch breaks to ensure they don’t buy any more plastic bags. 

Stock Up On Fruit 

Stocking up on weekly fruit for staff to enjoy is a great way to keep everyone in your office health – just make sure that you grab the loose fruit, rather than the packaged versions. Choose lightweight, reusable produce bags instead of the plastic bags that are usually provided. Be sure to look for ones made from recycled plastic or repurposed netting fabric. Pick up your fruit on a bicycle or in an electric vehicle to reduce energy use and costs even further!

Swap Out Plastic Cutlery 

Swapping cutlery to reusable items in the canteen or staff kitchen is another way your workplace can go plastic-free. Plastic cutlery comes in a close second in terms of plastic pollution impact. It’s estimated that 269,000 tons of plastic cutlery contribute to plastic pollution. Despite studies revealing that we use plastic cutlery for just three minutes before throwing it away. Many people are unaware if cutlery can be recycled, which leaves much of the plastic in landfills or incinerated. 

Offer Reusable Water Bottles For Staff 

Providing your staff with reusable water bottles can help reduce plastic use both in and out of work. Employees are less likely to go out and buy bottled water on their lunch break if they have their own reusable and recyclable bottle which they can fill up at work – and it will also help keep you and your staff hydrated and focused!

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