How To Get Your Startup Branding Right

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Are you planning on launching a startup? Or maybe you already set one up and are wondering what to do about your branding? If you’re unsure whether your startup’s budget should include branding investment or rather postpone it or if you’re wondering who to turn to for help, this article will give you some insights into what your next steps should be. 

Why Is Branding Important? 

To get rid of any uncertainties: branding is important. Moreover, it can either make or break your business. Therefore, your startup’s budget should most definitely include branding investment in it. How big your expenses will be is up to you as there are plenty of options, some cheaper, other more costly. These will be explained in further paragraphs. 

Why is branding so important though? Logo design and brand identity, as well as other items contributing to your brand’s overall image, will influence how your business is perceived by customers. Have a professionally designed logo and your clients will see your company professional. There’s no easier way to explain it. Similarly, if your logo is done by an amateur, customers will notice it and think you are an amateur in your field of work. No startup wants such a reputation, especially in a crucial stage of launching, developing and entering the market. 

What’s The Difference Between Logo And Brand Identity? 

A logo is a visual symbol, icon or item that represents your business across a variety of elements. It allows customers to identify and recognize your brand beyond only hearing and memorizing the name of your startup. 

Brand identity design includes a lot more elements, with a logo being only one of them. Additionally, brand identity packages offer stationery design. In order words, that is letterheads, business cards, envelopes, and compliment notes design. If your budget allows you to invest in brand identity, you should definitely go for this option. 

Is It Really That Necessary? 

Branding is important, that’s already agreed on. But why should you invest in brand identity? Is it necessary? Why not just logo? That should be sufficient for a small startup, shouldn’t it? Well, it all depends on what effect you want to achieve. Brand identity will set your official brand colors and fonts as well as consistency across all elements and platforms. Consistency directly increases how professional your company appears. 

Moreover, the guidelines used in stationery can be later transformed into your website design and other merchandise items, advertisements or packaging design of your products. If your startup operates in a highly competitive market with other companies offering more or less substitute products, professional brand identity design is an easy way to either gain a competitive advantage or keep up with your successful competition. 

Who Can You Help Design It? 

There are quite a few places you can head to for design services. The three main options are design agencies, online design platforms, and freelance designers. Almost each design agency will provide you with a top-level branding, done by professionals with years of experience. The downside, unfortunately, is the cost. Such places usually charge fortunes what may be more than complicated for a startup to afford. 

Online design platforms offer services for significantly lower costs. However, you must be careful as each platform has a different approach to design. Some focus on quantity, other on quality. Make your research before starting a project so that the results are exactly what you expect the designers to deliver. 

Last but not least are freelance designers. These individuals differ greatly. Some charge fortune, some charge close to nothing. Before deciding to hire one, make sure to ask for the designer’s portfolio with examples of previously done branding and advertising jobs. Additionally, if possible, ask for references. 

Build Better Business Branding

We hope this article provided you with some new insight and convinced you that it’s worth spending a few extra dollars on branding and advertising. All the best on your lean startup journey!

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