7 Ways To Effectively Target Homeowners On Facebook In 2024

ways effectively target homeowners on facebook marketing fb ads

Introduction To Facebook Homeowner Targeting 

Finding homeowners without direct targeting options is now certainly tougher. But it is still possible through strategic interest targeting! This article walks through 7 specific interest areas with big homeowner signals. Also included are guidelines for eye-catching ads, location-specific targeting, and analytics reviews to continually improve performance on your Facebook Ads targeting homeowners. 

1. Home Renovation Interests 

Those looking into renovations, contractors and DIY often currently own property. Targeting these remodel and decoration interests puts your content in front of homeowners in upgrade mode - an emotionally and financially invested group. Consider aligning with seasonality too like spring cleaning for maximum impact. 

2. Real Estate Related Interests 

Real estate professionals, agents and heavy Zillow browsers point to ownership likelihood or strong buyer intent. This niche group also tends to be well-connected influencers even amidst personal housing moves. Real estate related interest targeting works especially well with partnered testimonials and referral rewards. 

3. New Movers And Parents 

Major life change moments increase chances of someone owning, acquiring or upgrading homes. Moving, new babies and expanding families create needs best served through homeownership progression. Leading creative with understanding messaging and imagery instantly grabs these time-pressed yet high-consideration home decision makers. 

4. DIY & Home Improvement Aficionados 

Diehard fans of home and garden TV, loyal buyers at home improvement retailers, DIY weekend warriors...this tribe signifies current homeowners quite reliably, often with long occupancy time horizons. Curate ads showcasing projects and offers tied to their passions, ie highlight a new power tool line or deck planning service. 

5. Green Living & Sustainability Seekers 

Those actively taking steps towards more sustainable living tend to be homeowners embracing eco-friendly upgrades that also raise home values. Solar companies, energy efficient appliance brands, organic pest control services and more find this environmentally conscious group strongly indicates property ownership and alignment with offerings. 

6. Multi-Generational Households 

Targeting around senior care, accessible home modifications and expanded dwellings tailored to extended families captures an engaged group progressing into homeownership to accommodate changing household needs. Lead creative with imagery of harmonious multi-generational homes and backyard gatherings. 

7. Remote Work Interests 

The work from home revolution continues fueling home office renovations, standing desk purchases, networking upgrades and more amongst old and new homeowners alike. Targeting interests like remote work, home business and digital nomad content reaches both segments proactively adapting existing and yet-to-be-purchased living spaces for optimal productivity and connectivity. 

Crafting Attention-Getting Ads 

With your interest targeting lined up, what ad angles can catalyze conversions once securing homeowner attention? 

Home and renovation advertisers do well highlighting tangible use cases in ads - e.g. showcase a modern kitchen remodel or accent wall magnification. Localize details upfront, ie callout metro areas you serve or cover. 

Family and lifestyle brands should tap emotional triggers in creatives emphasizing connections, flexibility and responsible living. Lead imagery with tech-forward yet welcoming spaces rather than product-only shots. 

Getting Location Specific 

Supplement wide interest targeting by focusing ad spend on high home-demand areas like neighborhoods with many prospecting buyers. Look to campaign analytics and real estate market data to reveal regional pockets primed for messaging. Expand targeting with similar lookalike locations and optimize based on performance over successive initiatives. 

Continually Improving Through Analysis 

Regularly analyze campaign metrics assessing regional performance- which city zones, neighborhoods and device types perform best? Note click and conversion trends across channels informing ideal buyer models. Allow learnings to guide investment towards proven high-impact interest + location combinations outpacing guesses. 

Having A Conversion-Optimized Website 

It is important to have an intuitively designed website that adequately displays your services, company information, and gives clear direction to those who click on your ads how to get a quote or get in touch with you. If your website is from the last decade, chances are it is like a bucket with holes in it. Hire a specialized website design agency that only works with home service businesses, like Bold Slate. They are masters at creating landing pages for ppc ads, earning you more business with local SEO, and designing websites for roofers, plumbers, and more that work better than normal websites. 


In 2024's altered Facebook advertising landscape, brands willing to blend narrow interest targeting with location insights, conversion centered creatives and responsive budget allocations will continue engaging the integral homeowner demographic where others only see roadblocks.

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