4 Steps To Becoming A Fashion Model And 5 Main Modeling Categories

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Do you dream of being the next Gigi Hadid and gracing the cover of Vogue? Modeling as a career has become a much-vaunted choice now with thousands of aspirants chasing the dream of becoming the next supermodel. 

Those days are over when you could depend on your luck to get spotted, the chances of that happening are one-in-a-million now. To become a model, it takes discipline, effort, and perseverance. You need to plan, prepare, and follow a strategy to stand out and get noticed for a modeling business opportunity

The 5 Top Modeling Categories 

Below are some of the top modeling categories for aspiring models. 

1. Runway Modeling 

Runway models take part in runway shows and have to change clothes and makeup regularly. Runway or Ramp is a platform where the models showcase the clothes and fashion accessories during a fashion show by walking on it. A runway model is hired depending upon the experience he/she has. 

2. Plus-Size Models 

Those individuals whose measurements are larger than editorial fashion models can be categorized into plus-size models. They involve in advertisements of plus size clothing, cosmetics, fashion accessories, etc. Plus-size models are increasingly taking part in fashion editorials and becoming part of the fashion industry. More designers are considering making clothes for the plus-size market. 

3. Fitness Model 

A fitness model has a well-defined body with toned muscles. These models have less fat, and they weigh more as they have more muscles. Magazine advertisements often use these fitness models; however, some of them also work as fitness trainers, and some take part in fitness-related competitions as well. 

4. Glamour Models 

Glamour model agencies don't have strict requirements concerning the model's body, and it depends on place to place what preferences they keep. Broadly it focuses on the sexual appeal of a person, and these models can be seen in calendars, men's magazines, lingerie modeling, and music videos. 

5. Alternative Models 

Those unconventional models who fall into having different physical features and prefer doing punk, goth, and fetish shoots are alternative models. 

4 Steps On How To Become A Fashion Model 

If you want to become the top female in the modeling industry, below is a guide that can help you. 

1. Develop Your Skills

Study and understand posing. Practice runway walking. What separates a pretty model from another model is going to be their posing ability and their walk. 

2. Practice Posing In Front Of The Camera

The next step to know how to start modeling is to practice in front of the camera. The supermodels you see in gorgeous magazine photos did not just sit in front of a camera and get lucky when the photographer took a picture of them. They worked with the photographer to create a masterpiece. Both equally skilled in their respective trade, a model will use her posing, facial expressions, and artistic intuition to help create the photographer's vision. 

3. Get A Killer Modeling Portfolio

One of the most critical steps to become a model and to make a stable career for yourself is to have a well-rounded modeling portfolio that showcases your strong points through high-quality, stunning images. One of the first requirements from a model that agencies and clients will look at to make a great first impression is the modeling portfolio. 

4. Find The Right Modeling Agency 

Every fashion model needs a modeling agency. The first step to getting signed by a modeling agency is getting seen by a top modeling agency in your area. 

Modeling Made Easy 

OK so it's not easy becoming a fashion model or any other type of model. But if you keep the above tips in mind, your modeling career has a real chance of taking off and earning you a living anywhere.

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