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The TV shows about Hoarders make me want to run through my house throwing away everything in sight. It’s happened more than once… so I don’t let myself watch them anymore. Instead, I will impart my anti hoarding advice on this page. I have a little hoarder in me, and I am pretty sure every person has a little hoarder in them (some have a lot of hoarder in them) whether they admit it or not. The challenge we face is that we are constantly bombarded with things to do, people to see, emails to respond to, and work. When we get home, we just want to put our crap down and sit for a second, and even that is hard to do. So life starts to clutter and things pile up.  

Cut The Clutter

Often times our home and office spaces are the last to get attention. Even people like myself, obsessive cleaning organizers, start to see things pile up. There have been countless studies on the effect that clutter has on our lives. People who have less stuff, tend to be more psychically fit and mentally well. There is definitely a link between health and wellness and clutter. It is an important part of living a healthy life; I mean, just think of the people you know who seem to be more put together than the average person. I bet their whole lives are a little more sane and a whole lot less cluttered, right? That is right. We have got to make like Uncle Joey and Cut It Out now. 

Do And Keep What Feels Good And Functional

Doesn’t just looking at a picture of fried goodness make you feel fatter? They may taste delicious in the five seconds it takes you to eat one of those desserts, but afterward, it does not feel good. The amount of stuff you have and how it’s placed in your home have the same effect on your brain and body. I don’t in any way claim to be a therapist, except when I pretend to know what I am talking about, which is going to happen right now. There are physical items that connotative certain emotions from you. 

It may be a shirt that you wore during your grandfather’s funeral, a pair of shoes that you always wore during a bad time in your life, or just items that you’ve had for such a long time that drag you down when you think of them. There are also items that make you smile when you look at them or use them, reminding you of fun and sunshiny times - you should keep those. So, keep the good and dispose of or donate the negative. It will make you feel 1,000 times better mentally, and the reduced clutter combined with your new state of mind will help you get and stay

Spring Cleaning? Get Motivated Regardless Of The Season

How great would it be to kick your feet up and relax in the beautiful Spring weather knowing that you have cleared your life of extraneous clutter? It’s Spring cleaning time, dreaded by most people due to the fact that it generates images of tedious chores that make take months to finish. The idea of starting fresh is enticing though, and motivating since you’ll be able to relax with total peace of mind afterwards, or at least we can hope for that. 

I know that when it comes to my own Spring cleaning, I need some motivation and some tips so I don’t drive myself crazy or have to hire a commercial cleaning service. Need motivation? Here are a few things to help you get in the right frame of mind: 

3 Steps To Cut The Clutter And Minimize The Mess

1. You’ll feel lighter both physically and mentally when you get rid of stuff. Your clutter affects your state of mind whether you realize it or not. I read about a woman who lost 50 pounds after she cleaned out her garage. 

2. You do NOT need to go out and buy expensive organizational bins and such container store products. That will only put a dent in your bank account and add stuff to the stuff you already have. 

3. You will be helping others in need by donating your unnecessary things. They ARE needed by somebody, just not you. Keep that in mind when you’re on the line about donating that shirt you haven’t worn in a year or donating it. 

Great place to donate: Big Brother Big Sister Foundation. They will even come to your house to pick up all your donations. All you have to do it schedule a time and leave it at the door. 

Get More Motivated To Minimize The Mess

For some visual motivation (I admit this guy is extreme about it):  If you haven’t watched any TED talks, you’re missing out on some incredibly creative and interesting ideas. Watch this guy, Graham Hill on his TED Talk about minimalism.

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