Overcoming Obstacles: One-Eyed Surfing Cat Kuli

Do you think your life is challenging? Are you unsure that you can adapt to your current business landscape? Have you been making excuses for your lack of success or for not trying new things?

You can learn something from Kuli, the one-eyed cat that loves to swim and surf. Weighing only 1 pound at the time of adoption, Kuli overcame his obstacles and instinctual fear of water to become a better surfer than most people in the world are capable of being. When life gets tough, think of Kuli!! Or just hit the waves and get in a workout and some sun. 

Sometimes motivation comes in unexpected forms. It might take an unorthodox example of excellence like a one-eyed cat to get you off your butt and achieving your goals. But whatever it takes, you need to stop settling and making excuses.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post about lean startup living.

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