Cost Cutting: How To Save Money On Your Wedding

Your wedding is just one day, but your financial situation lasts forever. Save money on your wedding for the sake of your finances and business ambitions. Granted, I didn't exactly practice what I preach completely for my wedding. While there are beautiful engagement and wedding ring alternatives like cubic zirconia, morganite, and moissanite, I did go with the standard 1-2 carot diamond rings adding up to around $5,000. And while backyard weddings or even town hall weddings can save you a fortune, I did spring for a $25,000 wedding with only about a third of that being paid for by family. You can have an amazing honeymoon for cheap, but I did end up spending $3,000-4,000 on a honeymoon to Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic. But not all of those choices were my personal preference and all of that money would have been better spent going to the mortgage principal instead. Do as I say not as I do when you say I Do!! There are plenty of ways to make your wedding much more affordable while still having an amazing day. It just comes down to creativity and compromise as you start your new union and financial partnership off on the right foot. 

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