Top 10 Tips For Creating Real Estate Video Ads

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Introduction To Realty Videos

Did you know a recent surveys suggest that real estate listings with video ads attract an additional interest of up to 403%, with 60% more qualified leads, and 20% more clicks? If you are still not sure what a real estate video ad can do for your business, here is what you should know as a Realtor or property manager. 

Video ads offer two-fold advantages to realtors, which is they can attract more buyers to their listings and attract sellers to list their property with them. And that is what makes them stand out among many marketing options for real estate agents, landlords, or investors.

Interested in creating a video ad to showcase your listing, we top tips for you to make the best real estate video ad. 

1. Plan Before You Create A Real Estate Video Ad 

The beginnings of the project could be difficult. You want to do much but don’t know where to start. Don’t let that thought push you into video making without a strategy. Realtors are many, and their listing, walkthrough ads, or Q&S videos are already available for buyers to see. 

To attract the attention of buyers, you need a quality real estate video ad that is put together only after a strategic plan. The first step to quality videos is scheduling every process and enlisting all your needs to create real estate videos

2. Decide On The Format And Quality 

There may be realtors in your locality who are doing exceptionally well in the real estate business. Check their videos for quality, views, and comments of the viewers. That will give you insights into customer requirements. You can then use your creativity to make real estate videos. 

It is advisable to decide on the platform to market the real estate video ad in your video-making process. That will also help you decide on the format from the platform’s specification. The decision on the length of the video may be hard to take. Choosing a platform for your real estate video simplifies it for you as they have suggested lengths. 

3. Create A Budget For Real Estate Videos 

You need funds to start any project, and in the case of Real Estate Video ads, you need an appropriate budget to produce quality video ads that help you stand out among a crowd of realtors. 

You may quickly want to create real estate videos to help sellers list their properties and inform buyers about purchasing the available property. Although it is an excellent idea, don’t dive into it without first setting a budget. Divide the entire process of real estate ad making into segments and allocate funds for each one. 

4. Hire An Expert Videographer 

Yes, videographers can be expensive and may strain your video production budget. But since your focus is to make a quality video that will help you beat the competition, it is better to hire an expert who can give you premium quality. Moreover, they have the right equipment, professional software, and the expertise to guide you through the various processes of real estate video ad making and help you achieve your goals. 

5. Create Real Estate Videos That Are Unique 

How do you hope to benefit from a video similar to the one already available to the buyers? Also, It might have cost you a lot of money to produce it, but can buyers pay attention to monotonous real estate videos? I believe not. 

The solution to the problem is to make them attractive by producing different videos. Focus on your unique talent and showcase the video accordingly. As no two persons are alike —just being you could make an attractive real estate video. 

6. Expertly Edit Your Video 

Having the necessary clips for your Real estate video ads is only the first part. It would be best to edit it to pass on the right message and content to the buyers. 

There are several available video editors, and you can choose one. Alternatively, you can hire a professional editor, and his expertise can perfect the flow and add the soundtrack to help the buyer connect with the video content. 

7. Grow Your Real Estate Business 

It will help your realty company when you create professional real estate videos that will help you connect with a broader audience. You can achieve this by making videos people want to see. Use topics that interest the audience and feature your business too. There is no use in spending so much energy and money to make a video with zero benefits for your real estate marketing. Although the intention is to increase the sales volume, secure new leads, promote your brand, the excellent engagement you will get by including a CTA can always bring new visitors to your website. 

8. Know Your Audience 

If you can address the audience, you can connect with them, and I mean to say that you know what to speak only when you know to whom you are talking. Also, the audience will watch the entire video and check your website or request a showing if your video is relatable. One excellent way of handling this is by using metrics to create personas that look good with each listing and transfer it to where you market your video. 

9. Pass On Your Contact Information 

You have done it all; the video shows your brand name, logo, and a CTA with a link to your website. Is it also necessary to share your contact details with the real estate video ad? 

There is, just to be on the safe side. In the real estate business, you need to do all you can to bring prospective clients to you. The title and description are an excellent place to place your contact details and a backlink to your website. When someone searches for related content, they will find your video and a way to reach out to you. Always include all the specific details for your property listing to avoid missed opportunities. 

10. Choose The Right Tone 

You must appear confident and friendly to your viewer if they reach out to you. You may be sure of what you want to say, but you could stutter and miss your words up or go blank when you are in front of the camera. It is good to practice what you plan to say before the shoot to avoid re- takes. 

Alternatively, you can place boards just behind the camera so that you can read whatever you intend to say confidently and without a mistake. And above all, be yourself, and pretense will one day fail, and that could make it difficult for your audience to trust you. 

Ramp Up Your Real Estate Revenue 

Now that you read the ten tips to make compelling real estate video ads go ahead and work on it. Display your best clips and say the right things in the first three seconds of the video. That will make the audience watch the full video, and you are sure to get new leads and more business.

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