3 Tips For Real Estate Video Marketing

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Forget about blogging for your real estate business! Video marketing is the new trend in the real estate industry. According to research, a one-minute video is worth 1.8 million words.

Another study shows that by 2023 and early 2024, video traffic will account for 72% of all business and consumer traffic. If you haven't yet leveraged video in your digital marketing campaign, now is the time.

However, real estate video marketing is an art, and it requires careful planning for successful execution. In this light, keep reading for our top tips for implementing video marketing in your real estate marketing campaign.

Conduct Intensive Planning for Your Video Campaign

You aim to get some good real estate video marketing company that will make the cut in the market, right? This would require intensive planning. Below are the steps to take for thorough planning:

1. Define the Marketing Requirements

Decide on the message to be conveyed, your target audience, how best you want the idea to be delivered, and the preferred format. Get ready with this list before you meet your producer. This will help in your conversation and ensure that the producer understands and meets your expectations.

2. Shortlist a Production Company

When you have the list of requirements ready, you can go ahead and get the video production company that meets your threshold among the many you’ve identified. After this, sit down and draft a strategy on how to get the job done with the videographer.

3. Create a Compelling Story

Forget about the Y-video pitch stories you’ve read all over. Instead, get a compelling story that focuses on what is in the homebuyer’s mind. Here, you must take time and think about the feelings you’d want to evoke in your client.

Is it the fixer-uppers you are selling or the luxury houses? Are you making a promise of an affordable home for a first-time buyer or you’re offering a fresh start for a well-established family?

With that in mind, you need to take your time and brainstorm on several visuals that will perfectly capture your ideas and sell them most appropriately.

Invest in Production Quality

There are millions of agents online selling properties and houses. How will you scale above them? This is through a quality presentation. You need quality videos from a trusted videographer.

The essence here is to leverage on engaging and creative videos. These can be produced in-house or outsourced from reputable companies.

Any winning strategy in real estate marketing must leverage professional video production services. Let the house details be presented in the most appealing way possible.

Your prospective clients are asking, "Who is the best realtor near me?" Let your video content show them that you are the best real estate professional, and you'll realize more conversions and sales.

Hit Your Clients With the Wow Factor

Using a virtual tour software takes your prospective clients on a video tour of the beautifully finished bedroom. Let them see what makes the kitchen look appealing and worth investing in. Feature every aspect of the house that would convince your client to purchase it.

Ensure the video is spot on with clear calls to action. The clients should not struggle to understand what you’re communicating. Thus, make sure the videos are accompanied by visually appealing, informative, and enticing content.

Get Your Campaigns Right With Real Estate Video Marketing

The power in the video can be rightly harnessed in real estate video marketing. Employ our tips to run a successful video campaign for increased realty conversions and sales.

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