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how to profit from blogging monetize blogs

Blogging has become mainstream more than ever. Over 12,000 Blogs are created every day and 3 million blog posts. Find out how you can benefit. Here’s the latest stats from an SEO firm that analyzed the impact blogs had on businesses and consumers: 

- 6.7 million people post on blogging sites 
- 81% of U.S. online consumers trust information and advice from blogs 
- 77% of Internet users read blogs 
- 46% of people read blogs more than once a day 
- 33% of B2B companies use blogs 
- 53.4% of bloggers are 21 to 35 years of age 
- 23% of Internet time is spent on blogs and social networks 

But, blogging is not the same has having a website. Many websites don’t add new articles frequently, so they are “static” and just sitting on the internet. This is bad for SEO and Google basically ignores static websites because they prefer giving credit to “active sites” instead. 

So, how do you get your website from static to active? You create a Blog. A blog is a website. You still can create a homepage, about me page and contact page, but one of these pages or sections can also be the blog where you post content. Content is ling on the internet and the more content you publish, usually the better. The guys from Sprout Social did an experiment to see how much content they could publish before their traffic declined. After they wrote 5 posts per day they concluded that quantity doesn’t really affect traffic negatively. So, ideally 3 to 6 posts a week would be great, but starting out you can get away with one blog post a week. 

Imagine having a blog that got eyeballs on whatever it is that you wanted to share 24/7? You could get Leads from around the world while you slept. . . You could get subscribers to your ideas. . . You could expand your small business. . . You could sell products 24 hours a day. . . The possibilities are endless and just with a blog. Businesses today won’t even look at you unless you have a successful blog that is monetized

A blog is the business card of the 21st century. No longer do you need to cart around your resume or clunky portfolio or resume. Everything can be included on your blog. You would simply give an employer your blog address. 

But, let’s take this further. You don’t want to work for someone else using your blog. You want to eventually leave that job altogether by using your blog. It’s not uncommon for a low rung blogger to make $3,000 to $5,000 a month with their blog. The top pro bloggers make over $100,000 a month! It’s big business, and doesn't require you to do back-breaking labor or take on massive student loan debt. Of course, it took these bloggers tons of mistakes and thousands of hours to get there, but the point is that anyone has the ability to create substantial wealth using a blog. 

Here's how to start a blog that makes money: First thing you want to do before starting your blog is to think of the overall theme you want for your blog. You want to focus on 5 keywords or phrases you want to concentrate on. If you wanted to promote your mechanic business and you lived in Austin, Texas, your keywords or phrases could be: Best Mechanic in Austin Austin mechanic Auto repair Austin Austin Import Auto Repair Car Repair Texas as examples.

Then, once you have your prime keywords ready, you want to pinpoint exactly who your customers would be. You do this by creating an “avatar” of your customer. An avatar is a made up person who will shop through you. You will get out a piece of paper and write down all the characteristics of your ideal customer, i.e. their age, what they like, what they don’t like, what their hobbies are, what kind of cars do they like, what cars they own, etc. 

Then, you begin creating title ideas for your mechanic blog using the keywords blended with their interests. Adding odd numbers in front of your post, along with a powerful adjectives works wonders for titles: “5 Exceptional Reasons why Austin Car Repair Works.” “7 Easy Ways to Tune Your Engine at Austin Car Repair.” 

Once you get at least 20 to 50 titles prepared that cover all the problems your customers face, you will begin writing a post. A post should be at least 600 words, or you can shoot a 2 to 4 minute video on YouTube and add that into your post, then write at least 300 words to go with it. A blog takes time to get big. Depending on the quality of your content, you’re looking at six months to two years for clients to come your way, but it’s worth it. You will get clients from all over, not just locally. If you sell products, you will increase your chances of getting orders 24/7. Business blogging really pays off.

Blogging is big business and if you do it right, it can reward you greatly if you do it cleverly and consistently. Clever marketing is what makes a normal blog stand out among the millions of other blogs. One of the best techniques to get your blog seen is by not only having great content, but unique, catchy titles. People like titles that start with odd numbers, like: “7 Ways to revive a Depressed Mind.” Even better, add a “power” word after the 7, like: “7 Mind-blowing Ways to Revive a Depressed Mind.” Power words adds snap to a title that readers can’t resist. Here are some more power words. 64 powerful adjectives for blog posts. See what I'm getting at?

Always be looking for creative ways to make your blog stand out among the millions of others.” Don’t have a blog yet? You can start one here. Over 12,000 Blogs are created everyday. 81% of US consumers trust information on Blogs, which means they will buy your product or service. Over 500 websites are created every minute. We are just seeing the beginning of Blogging, not the end of it. But, what will I Blog about to make money? Great question. 

First, you need to figure out the general theme of your blog. A theme is the main topic you will talk about with your blog. This can change over time as you grow as a writer, but try to stay consistent. I started this blog to promote network marketing

I still promote network marketing with a blog, but I also talk a lot about helping introverts make money online, help people with anxiety, and help the service industry escape their dead-end jobs. Pretty specific stuff. But, I’m not limited to these topics. If I feel like talking about Spirituality and Shamanism one day, I can do so. It’s my blog and I can do what I want, just like when you get a self-hosted blog you can do whatever you want. The main key with blogging is to solve a problem for people. The bigger the problem you solve, the more you will benefit financially. It’s okay to talk about yourself, but try and address the reader by asking them question. Include them in your conversation as if they’re in the room with you listening to you. About 77% of the Internet read Blogs so you have a wide potential audience to draw from daily. 

It’s important that you get them on your blog by using a great title, but then also address them right when they start reading. I usually ask a question. Like, “Having trouble getting traffic to your blog?” or “Are you an Introvert who wants to finally avoid people for real and work from home?” Engaging your reader right away is important. People on the Internet don’t have a lot of time or patience. You really have to think about what they are looking for and fill their need. Another thing that you want to look out for is how long they’re actually on your site. If they are leaving your blog in under a minute, you have to find ways to make your blog more “sticky.” Adding infographics and videos will keep your readers on your blog longer. Also, ask your readers to leave a comment at the bottom of your post. 

Engage with your commenters as well. If they leave a thoughtful comment, reply back. You will also get a lot of spam and you just delete those, or at least delete the links in the comments and avatars to avoid an SEO penalty or higher bounce rate. Engaging with your readers will create a valuable connection. Your readers are the lifeblood of your blog. Treat them well and they will keep coming back! 

Here's how to own you blog. We can call your blog Pat if you’d like. For a while you thought “Pat” was dead. You tried your best to coax it. Even injecting your most vulnerable passages of prose. . . And, lengthy SEO articles with videos and infographics. Yet, Pat still didn’t move. You read all you could on Blogging. You relished in the blog success stories that showed Google graphs of traffic finally coming to a blog. This was a dream come true for some blogger, But, not you. . . “Seasons change, and so did “Pat.” Yet, still no traffic. It became apparent that everyone had a Pat to tame. 12,000 Pats were created everyday on the web. But, yours was different. It curated steadily, yet Pat could handle 250,000 words of content and still barely lift An eyebrow from Google’s analytics. Here’s some unique ways to make your blog blossom: 

1. Be original with how you speak with Pat. Originality goes a long way in the blogosphere and regurgitating what everyone else is writing really pisses Pat off. Look at what makes the admirers of Pat clammer with praise and whistles. Pat loves attention and the more effort you put into originality, the more attention Pat will get. Dig down deep and find what you’re passionate about, blend that with helping people solve their problems, and you will have enough money to flaunt Pat even more, using content sharing sites like Outbrain. Also, if you feel you have big news about to cross Pat’s lips, you can do a press release. The best free press release site is , and a good paid one is Not only will a press release get you unique visitors, it can allow Pat to get backlinks from other sites. Make sure you have something “newsworthy” to get the most out of a press release. 

2. Consistency through the “Blog Slog.” Like I said earlier, Pat can handle a lot of content without raising an eyebrow. You will need to “punish” Pat by consistently surprising her with your brilliance. This means showing up everyday or every other day. Find at least an hour or two a day to write. Pat is used to “one offs” and “big talkers” but would be completely enthused if you never quit. One of my favorite inspirational blogging stories is from Geraldine who created the blog Everywhereist. She blogged everyday for two years without getting her “Pat” over 100 views of organic traffic on Google. Most people give up, especially when they experience two bumps of traffic, then to have it disappear. never give up blogging Now, she gets hundreds of thousands of visitors. Pat loves this kind of creative treachery and will reward you with countless subscribers, leads and plentiful profit. 

3. Feed Pat low-hanging fruit. Every Pat loves a good SEO picnic, and the best way to satisfy Pat and her/his audience is to give them plenty of low-hanging fruit from the millions of types of fruit in the web orchard. The best way to find low-hanging fruit is to write down at least twenty keywords that you mainly write about. You then can use a keyword analyzer tool, like SEMrush and find keywords that have less than 100,000 views a month. Let’s say you write about Narcissism. You find that “Narcissist” is not searched that often, so you slap a powerful adjective on it, like “Exceptional” and add an odd number in front of that (people like odd) and you have a potentially captivating, low-hanging fruit title: “7 Exceptional traits of an ex-Narcissist.” Pat loves titles like these and so does Google. Do enough of these types of blog posts and guest posts that within six months to a year, you’re a big player in the world of Pats. These techniques will surely tame any Pat and make them popular and happy at the same time making you get happy. 

Now it's time to pat your blog on the back and start building up your bank account!

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