3 Blog Tips For More Traffic Fast

Bloggers are constantly looking for more traffic to their Blog. Traffic is the lifeblood of all blogs and websites. Without quality and quantity of traffic, blogs can't generate significant revenue. 

Today, I reveal 3 Blog Secrets for More Traffic in a Day. I have been blogging for over 10 years now. I started with Blogger.com and WordPress.com blogs and now I run many profitable self-hosted WordPress websites. I have been tweaking things over the years and have found techniques that work and don’t work for Blogging. Today, I reveal the best tweaks that can get you more traffic to your blog today. 

1. Social Media Share Bars And Buttons

Having share buttons on your blog is crucial for getting more shares and traffic. There’s a lot of share button plugins for WordPress out there that will slow down your website’s loading times. I discovered a social share button plugin called “AddtoAny.” It literally has no drag time on your site. But, the best part is not only can you add share buttons from over a hundred different social sharing sites, you can also add a vertical share bar along with the one at the bottom of your posts. Go ahead and deactivate and delete any old share button plugin you use now. 

Now go to “add new plugin” and type in AddtoAny in the search bar. (This is for WordPress.) add to any share bar Go ahead and install it, then go to your plugins and find addtoany and click on “settings.” You will see this screenshot: add to any vertical Click on the floating tab. You will then check “Right Docked.” Then go to “position” and make the pixels about 380. This will push the share bar down and out of your header image. homepage You can see the share bar on the right. It’s pushed down below my header because I chose 380 pixels. That’s it. Go ahead and save your changes and you are done after you select which social networks you want to add to your buttons. 

2. Make Sure You Have Thumbnails, Photos And/Or Videos On Your Tweets

This definitely brought more traffic to my blog. Within the last couple of months, images are now on 1 out of three tweets on Twitter. Before you start writing a new blog post, get an image that fits the description of your new blog title. I go over to a site like 123rf.com and buy 40 credits worth of photos for $40 bucks. I only use 1 credit per post photo, so that’s good for 40 posts. I then rename the photo my post name. This is great for SEO. Then, I take the photo and upload it to a site like picmonkey.com and click on “edit.” Then I add text to the image. Once the image is done you are ready to add it to the top of your post. Be sure and save the image to your desktop so you can grab it easily when you are ready to tweet. 

3. Share Your Posts On Social Media And Add A Call To Action For Others To Share Your Post

After you publish your new post, make sure the article name is in the URL of your browser instead of just your home page. Now, share that URL of your post using your own share buttons. Share it on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube videos, and Reddit. But, also shrink down the title and link using Bufferapp. Buffer is an app that posts for you on your Twitter and Facebook along with other social media platforms like LInkedIn. 

Most importantly, and this still works, ask for a Retweet, by saying Please #RT at the end of your tweet. optimal tweet This tweet includes: Image with title. Title of post. My Twitter Name. The shortened article URL using Buffer to shrink it. Please #RT My tweets have gained more Retweets and likes because of this combination. People love images and after awhile you will enjoy making them and they will be faster to produce. I spend maybe 10 minutes buying the image and adding text. You don’t need to be too fancy, obviously my images aren’t world class, but they get the point across. 

You can also even share your links or partial articles on Medium and Quora for even greater blog traffic boosts.

Get More Blog Traffic Today And Tomorrow

These 3 steps alone gave me 10% more traffic to my blog within a day or two. It’s important to share your post on LinkedIn and Reddit. These are great sites and I was surprised by the traffic LinkedIn gave me. I also started a 90 Blog Blitz challenge for anyone who has a business-style blog. I detail all the info on my Blog Blitz page. Feel free to check it out. If you want even more traffic to your blog and you have some “domain authority” already, this blog contest could benefit you. 

Blogging every day just gives your blog the chance to be seen more and your articles will get indexed more by Google. Only write quality content and not filler or spun content that could actually hurt your blog. Pumping out mediocre under 500 word articles isn't going to help either. Longer is better!

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