Top 30 MLM Blogs And Best Network Marketing Bloggers 2021

top mlm blogs best network marketing bloggers

Tens of thousands of new blogs are created every day and network marketing is almost a trillion dollar industry globally. You do the math. Find out who the Top 30 MLM Blogs are for 2021 below.

There are many powerful network marketers out there that have phenomenal blogs influencing the MLM industry. But then again there are also a lot of MLM blogs abandoned in the vast internet graveyard from network marketers that gave up after a matter of weeks or months. They never became MLM influencers, so they aren't included in this top blogger roundup.

Blogging is a very powerful tool for network marketers to get unlimited leads through “Attraction Marketing.” Top MLM blogs are especially important for recruiting network marketing downlines.

I have ranked the Top 30 best MLM Blogs of 2021 for your reference. This gives you an accurate picture of which network marketer dominates the MLM blogosphere.

30 Top MLM Blogs And Best Network Marketing Bloggers Of 2021

1. Tim Alwell -

Tim Alwell was depressed right before graduating college with a degree in Finance. He did everything he could to become an Entrepreneur online, even playing poker until the feds shut it down. Now, he helps potential Entrepreneurs get started online by writing useful tips on his great MLM blog.

2. Matt Remorino -

Matt Remorino went from  Branch Manager to full-time network marketer within five years. Network marketing came to Matt just before he hemorrhaged from debt. He said it’s much easier today to do network marketing because systems can be duplicated online easier. His top MLM blog is also motivational and Jim Rohn inspired.

3. Marsha Godwin -

Marsha Godwin was a Corporate Executive with a Fortune 100 for over 12 years when she then took a leap of faith and went into home-based Entrepreneurship. She created her MLM blog to help others get online as well. She features her Blog Blueprint to give people step by step the processes of starting one of the best MLM blogs in the world.

4. Jessica Higdon -

Jessica Higdon is the creator of the very successful 10k Social Media Recruiting Formula. Her blog details testimonials of the great results her clients have had recruiting locally with Facebook. At one time, she had to work at Nordstroms until her husband, Ray Higdon, launched his MLM business successfully, and you might know where that got them. No you can learn from their MLM success story on their top multi-level marketing blog!

5. Erik Christian Johnson -

Erik Christian Johnson is a top MLM blogger with experience recruiting 1,000 distributors into his downlines and thousands more leads generated. His top MLM blogs discuss his successes and failures with half a dozen top MLM companies over nearly a decade after retiring from his line cooking career. Aside from network marketing, he also blogs about confidence and mental health in the MLM industry. His blog posts are helpful for your network marketing success and overall wellbeing.

6. Matt Zavadil -

At one point, Matt Zavadil was near bankruptcy and had to try and explain to his wife why they weren’t achieving their dreams. Now, Matt helps people who want to become online successes. He is all about firing the “boss” in his top MLM blog.

7. Lucy Bieri -

Lucy Bieri has been a successful network marketing specialist for over a decade. Her MLM blog has many resources for people interested in network marketing, so take a look at this leading multi-level marketing blog right now!

8. Lisa Torres Allen -

Lisa Torres Allen is a fighter. She and her family struggled to make ends meat in a tight Bronx apartment. Lisa spent three hours on the express train everyday to work as a new accounts officer at a Canadian bank in NYC, but hated every minute of it.

She had also been in network marketing for 18 years but could never break through the financial barrier that her money blueprint dictated, until she got a mentor. Luckily, she got laid off from her job and got unemployment for two years. Instead of going back to work after two years, she launched successfully full-time into network marketing. Now, she helps others achieve their dream with her top multi-level marketing blog.

9. Melodie Kantner -

Melodie Kantner has been in network marketing for over 20 years. She specializes in EFT, or Emotional Freedom Techniques, which is a type of psychological acupressure which entails tapping on certain acupuncture points. She also helps network marketers with self-esteem issues. Her MLM business blog is very informative with a soothing, nurturing feeling.

10. John Melton -

John Melton began network marketing in his early 20’s. The company unfortunately went out of business, but the mentoring and self-development he learned in that network marketing company led him to be a top producer in the mortgage industry, earning $250k a year. Unfortunately, the Mortgage industry collapsed, but John had a love for network marketing and went back and dominated. He now helps others achieve success in this exciting profession.

11. Christopher Hussey -

Chris Hussey is a hard hitting speaker who has been a Marine to a top couples dancer to a network marketer and affiliate marketer. His great MLM blog and website give top tips and techniques on how to generate Leads, use social media effectively and create a successful brand.

12. Kathleen Deggelman -

After being in Corporate America for 20 years, Kathleen Deggelman discovered network marketing and fell in love with the idea of being her own boss. In her first 4 years, Kathleen created an organization of 70,000 distributors and went on to be the only woman to do that in her company. Now,  she helps others succeed as well with her top ranked MLM blog.

13. Anton Amoto -

Anton Amoto is from Bohol, Philippines. He is a Google Adsense expert and loves network marketing. He helps people online what are legitimate opportunities and which ones are scams on his top MLM blog. He is also skilled in Lead Generation, Social Media Marketing, Affiliate Marketing and Network Marketing.

14. John Haremza -

Over the last 25 years, John has helped his teams earn over $200 million in commissions and has made $14 million himself in network marketing. He just authored a new book which is on Amazon, which I just read, entitled, Right or Almost Right.

15. Tim Sales -

Tim Sales is one of the most famous MLM Trainers in the world. He has created many systems to help people generate Leads, including Brilliant Compensation and Professional Presenter. His blog is offers top-notch professional training.

16. Ron Gelok -

At the age of 18, Ron Gelok created a successful real estate investment company, but real estate plummeted shortly after. He had already received his Bachelor’s and decided to go back to school. in the middle of this he decided to create a plan B, which was network marketing. Eventually plan B became plan A and he excelled. Ron is ultimately fulfilled by helping others succeed.

17. Nadya Melton -

Nadya Melton has built a very successful online business with 9 sources of income, but it wasn’t always this easy. Nadya felt like she was constantly chasing people to join her business. She decided to brand herself instead of her MLM company and that eventually freed her. People began to seek her out. Now, she and her husband, John Melton, are top earners in several industries.

18. Madra Jones -

Madra Jones is a single mother of three, former salon owner and esthetician, now verified seven-figure earner in network marketing. She is opinionated, ambitious, strong-willed and is on a mission to empower others to be the same and shares a lot of wisdom in his influential MLM blog.

19. Casmire Okafor -

Casmire Okafore is from Lagos State, Nigeria. He became an apprentice for a clothing store and awaited the payoff. To his shock, the store owner sold the shop and left the country. Casmire was left with nothing until a man presented him with a network marketing opportunity. Things were great until Casmire’s downline started leaving. He then found a mentor and rebuilt his business. Now, he wants to help others succeed as well with his MLM blog articles and posts.

20. Tom Leonard -

Tom Leonard got his MBA in Direct Marketing and had the fortune to work with AOL, Netflix and Warner Brothers.  Tom is into social media marketing and team building. He is looking for A-Team type people for his business and blog post features.

21. Rich Miller -

Rich Miller is from Germany and served 8 years in the military. He searched for the American dream and started selling Plymouths and Yugos.  The dealership was sold after 20 years and Rich was in a vulnerable position. He never wanted that instability for his family again. He discovered MLSP and things took off from there.

22. Louis Luwe -

Louis Luwe believes in leveraging the power of the Internet to build his network marketing business. He gets tons of leads online without chasing anyone and he wants to show you how to do the same.

23. Josh Parker -

Josh Parker comes from Wisconsin and is a father of three. He has been doing network marketing and online marketing for four years. He loves the freedom and lifestyle being an internet Entrepreneur brings.

24. Phillip Caillavet -

Just four years ago, Phillip Caillavet was working 80+ hours a week at a job. He said to himself that there’s a better way. He discovered network marketing. He didn’t take it seriously for the first two years, then things shifted and he took off with it.

25. Robert Minarich -

Robert Minarich comes from a small town in Oregon. He discovered network marketing in his second year at college. He ran with it for the first five years the hard way. Then, he discovered internet marketing and it made MLM so much easier. The internet was still a confusing place and he still struggled until everything changed when he seeked out a mentor.

26. Elizabeth Oliva -

Elizabeth Oliva has always had an Entrepreneurial spirit since her father was one. She had her own business shortly after becoming an adult. But, she still felt enslaved by the traditional business. She discovered network marketing in 2003. She struggled for years with her husband watching with concern. Things dramatically changed for Elizabeth when she became coachable. She now dominates MLSP and helps others as well.

27. Jason J. Torres -

Jason Torres is a Career Soldier in the Army and Direct Sales leader. Jason is continually adding value to the marketplace and getting out there. He is devoted to the home-based business profession and is seeking like-minded individuals.

28. Bob Heilig -

Bob Heilig’s first year in network marketing was horrible. He only brought in one distributor because he paid the guy. He decided no more MLM, but after 6 unfulfilling years in Medical Sales, Bob Heilig decided to try network marketing, again.

This time, something changed, and Bob brought in 300 people and made a million dollars. He now shortens the learning curve for anyone in network marketing by his “Virtual Upline” system.

29. Mark Klanac -

Mark Klanac was starting to hate doing Sales. But, reality struck with the birth of his first son. He had to work, but tried doing network marketing on the side. One day, he realized that a product he loved using had a network marketing business component to it and the light went off in his head. He dove back into network marketing and the rest is history, as you can see on his top MLM blog.

30. Mike Schiemer -

Mike Schiemer is one of the best MLM bloggers on the blogging scene today. Michael Schiemer is a network marketing veteran of 3 MLM companies in his past life, and a marketing consultant for multiple MLM distributors, he's recently written extensively on the MLM and direct selling industry on multiple websites. His blog posts and articles will make you a better multi-level marketer and direct sales professional!

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I apologize in advance if I have left anyone off this list of top MLM blogs. Be sure and leave a comment of who you want on this top MLM blog list and why or comment on social media. The next top MLM blogger could be YOU, because you’re worth it and blogging is the best way to get leads for your network marketingbusiness!

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