5 Smartphone Mistakes To Avoid During International Business Trips

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One thing is for sure – smartphone technology has definitely changed the way people travel for business. Ask any avid business traveler about the essentials for going on biz trips abroad, and you can expect a smartphone to be named as one of them. 

A smartphone can take care of most of your business and personal needs when you are exploring a place that you are not familiar with. It can connect you to the most reliable means of transportation to get you from point A to point B. Likewise, if you need to book accommodation, or confirm one, you can accomplish that through your smartphone – especially if you find yourself in a country with free public WiFi everywhere. 

However, there are some problems that may occur when you use your smartphone abroad. Despite all of its fantastic capabilities, your smartphone can end up causing you a bit of trouble. To prevent this from happening (and from ruining the fun of your trip overseas), listed below are five mistakes you should avoid when using your smartphone abroad: 

1. Not Using A Low-Cost Call Package 

International call rates can run high, and if you have a lot of family and friends to frequently call and update about your whereabouts, you may get quite a shock when you get your phone bill after your trip. 

So, do not leave for your trip without studying the cheap calls and texts provisions of your package. Not only that, learn about the off-peak hours for making international calls as well. Getting all the important information about a cheap prepaid call package and other cost effective call (and text) programs can save you a considerable amount of money. 

Another solution is using a customized online phone number to make calls free or affordably, regardless of what country you are calling from via the internet.

2. Not Fully Taking Advantage Of Free Wi-Fi 

Secure free Wi-Fi is available in certain places and it is becoming more available every year. Take advantage of these locations and find where they are. Make stops in these places and you will be able to use the Internet connectivity feature of your smartphone. 

Since international calls will cost you, you should grab the opportunity to connect with important contacts free of charge on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. 

3. Not Activating Your Smartphone Security Features 

This is a major mistake you should avoid. Make sure that the security apps of your smartphone are turned on and functioning well. There are a lot of hackers who target devices which connect to publicly shared Wi-Fi. 

If you really wish to use free WiFi, head to a business establishment that provides customers with a password to be able to go online with their devices. It will be much safer to use free Wi-Fi there. 

Also, protect your smartphone data. There are apps that set up a solid protection for data that you never want other people to see. These apps also hide your messages, call logs, contacts, and other personal information. This is a must should your phone end up in the hands of people who may be after your identity. 

4. Not Looking For A Safe Place To Use Your Phone 

There are some countries where phone theft is rampant. There are professional snatchers and thieves who target unsuspecting phone owners. Do not fall victim to any of them during your travels

Attach a lanyard to your phone and wear it around your neck. Keep the phone under your shirt when you do not need to use it. And when you do need to use your phone, find a secure place like a guarded cafĂ© to use it. Don't put your phone down for any reason. 

5. Not Using Your Phone For Safety And Security

One of the wonderful uses of a smartphone is how it can help keep you safe when you are travelling. There are apps that can turn your smartphone into a weapon against unscrupulous individuals. Likewise, there are accessories or special gadgets that you can attach to your phone to protect you from any type of attack. However, before buying and bringing any of these with you, learn about the laws regarding these add-on phone features. 


There you go, five major smartphone mistakes to avoid during your next business trip or sales traveling expedition. If you successfully do without any of these mistakes and your phone will be a complete asset to you during your business travel abroad. You will enjoy safety and success for your lean startup!

I hope you enjoyed this article about the major mistakes you need to avoid when using your smartphone when traveling abroad for busines.

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