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Brian Setencich is a manager that currently operates multiple residential buildings as well as ongoing development projects. His role varies from passive duties that arise in gated communities to more hands-on environments where he leads teams. Having started his career at an early age, he currently has more years of experience than most people who are a decade older! Brian Setencich is also a loyal member of his community and spends time helping create a better living atmosphere for everyone. 

How did you get started with property management? 

I used to work as a one-for-all helper for a company that held multiple residential properties in my area. After a while, I started looking for a management position. In reality, however, I had already been doing that job for at least a year at the point when I got promoted to manager. Nevertheless, earning this title helped me in the long-run. I was able to leverage that experience and use it to get better jobs on other properties. 

What do you think is the hardest thing about project management? 

When it comes to project management, knowing how to provide great customer service while also resolving the never-ending issues can be quite challenging. Although it is not difficult to do, it rapidly exhausts one' mind. When you combine this with the fact that we must hold all of the residents responsible, it is obvious that the job comes with a ton of requirements. So, the hardest thing would certainly be the unpredictability which can drive one's day in a very unusual direction. 

What advice do you have to give to those who want to get started with project management field? 

Pay your dues. In translation, invest the necessary time to become the best project manager that you can be. This means that you understand all of the applicable employment laws as well as policies that govern your particular industry. From there, spend some time learning the hands-on approach as well as all of the ins and outs of the market. If you happen to receive an offer for a good project, accept it timely. Doing so will show the interested company that you comprehend professionalism and responsiveness. 

How do you unwind each day when it is time to get out of “work mode”? 

There are many things that I do. I frequently go play basketball with some of my friends. I also like going out and meeting new people. Sometimes, however, my only goal is to get enough rest and refuel before going about my business. 

Naturally, I would strongly suggest to interact with your coworkers and set up non-work-related meetings. This helps get to know one another even better and puts everyone on the same page. For instance, taking a night out to go celebrate with the rest of the team is perfect for disregarding work responsibilities. It also helps create relationships that can be used to unwind from work later on. 

Do you think project management is a lucrative career choice? 

It definitely depends. If you are a project manager that has been unable to get large projects, do not get devastated. Although your results will be impacted, the entire process usually snowballs. Meaning, even though you may start slowly, your success rates will only go up after the initial stages. If you have been a part of the larger projects, however, your main priority should be to get the superior to offer you permanent employment. This is where your skills will persuade them to make you a member of their team. 

Once you secure a full-time position, you should do your best to keep it. That way, you can slowly climb the ladder and subtly enjoy many other growth opportunities that will come along the way.

I hope you enjoyed this exclusive interview with project manager Brian Setencich.

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