Mindfulness & Mental Health Matters As Much As Muscle Mass

mental health matters mindfulness

Physical health, mental health, and spiritual health are all interrelated and important for overall success and fulfillment in both career and your persona life. Here are some reminders, suggestions, and helpful tidbits from one of my local personal trainers and spiritual advisers Glen Burns of Glen Burns Fitness. Mental health matters!

Be Healthy, No Excuses

In all of culture there is tradition. Traditions change over time and some say their highly unhealthy ways. People use these times to make excuses Excuses will kill you. Make a decision and stick with it NO MATTER WHAT God didn't create these glutenous feasts whereby people stuff themselves Be good you. Take care of you. New products and business ventures on the way to help you get healthy and earn money... Follow me into a great life... just come along... if feeling great and making money isn't for you than You will love it

This Is Your Life

This is your life. They are writing a book about you What do you see on the cover? Are people buying it off the shelf to learn about your amazing life? Do you now look down upon society and know just how God was using you to master a plan of love. That is all happening now.Yes our senses can not make such time jumps easily but it is Inside you is the power to write the life of your dreams. Do you follow me? Or do you just kind of skip over things? Many many years ago it was common for people to line up for days. No food. No shelter. No nothing other than their desire to meet, and possibly train with a teacher. All I want you to do is just read. Just be now in such a harmony with love, joy and euphoria that you want to sing to the world this process.

Change The World One Thing At A Time

he power within it is one more thing you will enjoy An example, but the vision has it at tremendously higher level, this huge team forming. This is not your average team either. It won't be about pushing some products onto anyone. No selling at all is needed. Think of it this way. Do you need any motivation what-so-ever to do your favorite hobbies or activities? We are all acutely aware what that answer is. So what is this team thing I am speaking of.In the physical form it is like the rescue aid to Houston and Florida before, during, and after the treacherous storms. We are living in a spiritual storm now. Substances that people who can easily addicted are more and more in the "market." But what if we had something that made those people feel so good they wouldn't want to mess with it because it would alter their spiritual bliss. Business, psych of business, and group dynamic research and writings focus on dozens of reasons why teams can be so powerful. OK one small piece. I had a client that was highly motivated, mature, and truly wanting to change.. I just told her to eat healthy. The very second day we are working together she sends me pics and description of her dinner that would put many a chef to shame with how great it looked. -- one person can barter recipes. FEEL GREAT NOW!! One awesome story is I have my pal at the gym that is hooked on my success patterning.. I mean like hooked. His language has changed. His demeanor more positive... and I hit this dude with some seriously upper level growth routines. and it is on barter. My life time goal would be to have millions of people on this program of love, strength, and spiritual bonding for everyone.

We Are All Humans With Similar Desires

We as humans all have very similar desires in life. I will help you manifest them. As you read, you may for some feelings of strength and poise about yourself. That is right. Let those feelings always be present as you read along with me. I want to take you to a place of wholeness. I want you to feel that you are truly a blessed child of God. This is a short but simple contribution to your spiritual and physical growth. Take a moment each day to dwell in these powerful feelings. linger now as long as you like. I am here for you always. Be a student of life! We will do great things together and standby for more and more posts coming your way. Getting more and more excited to be working with all of you more. This is our mission. We will carry this great love to all!!! Life is beautiful. Cherish it. Come back often. 

We Are Creating Our Dreams Here And Now

Such a wonderful and grand day to be alive. What we think about creates our world. So take a moment... easily and effortlessly... just allow yourself to feel a slowing down. A break if you will from what has been going on.. to feel really marvelous just to be here with me. And as you do that, that's right, relaxing and enjoying more. Just know inside.. that the universe wants great things for you and your loved ones. I am here for you. I would be honored to be your guide on the journey to wellness and prosperity. All you have to do is come along for that ride. Letting go of those old unwanted and useless patterns that weigh you down. Setting aside those old fears and insecurities to find a life beyond your wildest imagination. Today we learn a bit more about letting go of what doesn't work. Just look at the results of old patterns. Would you want to give those to children or people you love? If the answer is no.. then it is time to accept that you want a higher level of consciousness and a better way of life. Say with me now I CAN DO IT. I CAN CHOSE A BETTER WAY OF LIFE. I AM NOT A VICTIM AND I WILL TAKE CHARGE OF MY MIND. Come back here daily and read that. Let's make this time.. this transition.. the most powerful and life changing event for you now.. Just drink that in. Let that wonderful energy fill you with joy and happiness. Say it now.. I WANT TO CREATE A FABULOUS LIFE FILLED WITH LOVE AND ABUNDANCE!!

You Deserve The Best So Go Get It

We all desire those deep and most wonderful feelings. Health is essential to experience wanting those more. The healthier our body is the more likely we will have a better and better mood. As you work on your desire to be healthy, just know this is really loving yourself. Putting garbage into the system and not moving, is not love... it is hurting yourself. I want to help you to love yourself more. I want to help you find more joy. As you read these blogs there is something wonderful happening at the unconscious level.You mind is beginning to attach more and more pleasure to your health and well being. The old negatives loose whatever silly influence they had and begin to fade now... losing all power they use to have. Each word you read here makes this all happen at a deeper and more powerful level. I want to make champions of you all. You want this right... you feel that being a wonderful goal..right! Yes it is... yes you will enjoy it even more. Say yes to feeling great and living a life of your dreams. As promised I will be doing other work on manifesting your dreams. It all begins and ends in your mind... you can make it a vista of joy and wonder... sit with that now for some time.

Find Your Inner Champion

Hey every one, I hope all are doing great and digging life. You deserve that and I hope while you continue reading and enjoying this and all the past blogs.. you feel better and better. They are designed... as you feel those wonderful feelings bubbling up again... to have your brain begin to connect more and more pleasure with our process.. the better it feels, the more you will want, even crave to do it. See all things in life have this conditioning effect. If you grew up enjoying play cards, for example, and having fun doing it, you will have plenty of good feelings with playing cards. So let's play some cards. Just the opposite, if you had uncomfortable feelings connected with something, you will unconsciously want to avoid it. This is the way our nervous system works. We chase that which feels good. And we avoid that which feels uncomfortable. I would love to teach you how to master this part of your motivational system. Wouldn't it be fantastic to have enormous pleasure connected with things that will make you happier and feel better about life, of course it would.. we all know that. So as you read, you can think more about it, or let it simmer a bit in your mind, as to when you want to take advantage of this very powerful tool. 

Get In Better Shape

know you all are interested in getting into better shape and living longer. It is deep inside you wanting so badly to come out. For me, as a business person, I never believed in trying to take a tiny slice of a already inundated pie. I believe in delivering a unique and highly effective method that no one else does. That is what makes me best!! When you think of personal trainers, ask these questions. How much psychology have they been trained in? How much behavioral methods do they know? How many decades have they been working with people? And do they even have a clue as to how the mind works.How many decades have they been working out and helping others do the same? I do. I am an expert in it. I can spot a pattern that is holding someone back in a millisecond. I do it all the time with clients and non clients. Never met a single person who didn't have them. So either you want to fail. Spend a lot of money on some one who took a weekend course, or someone who has a degree in nutrition, which is mainly for the sick, not the health conscious. OR YOU WANT SOMEONE LIKE ME WHO WILL GET YOU THERE. I spit no bullshit. There are no miracle cures. There is just a habit of consistency. I get you into that habit and help you to stay there. All the while dispelling the non sense you have learned over the years. Yes I get paid for what I do and clearly not enough. You will never meet another person like me with my set of skills.

Stay On Track & Get Better

Welcome here now. Let your mind be fully and completely open to making your dreams come true. Every day thousands of people start on the path of getting their goals. There is one secret to having all your dreams. REFUSE TO GIVE UP!! I will teach you many wonderful and incredible ways to stay on track and achieve beyond your wildest dreams. Just feel that all happening now... with a happiness that fills you from head to toe... that feeling growing and growing every time you visit the site.. a place for love, warmth, and heart felt positives. I am all about the love. Every one craves that kind of guidance. Let working together run around your mind... unconsciously desiring that more to be filled with the spirit of achievement. This message is not about hope. Yes we will feel that greatly too. But this message today, April 1st 2016, hear reading, hear taking it all in and committed to memory. Is a message of I CAN. I WILL. I AM A SUPERSTAR. Let me show you how to tap into, easily and effectively, you inner power, intuition, and intense and brilliant power. YES YOU CAN.. We just need to get started together. Just an email or FB message away. I will answer all your questions. As you are become more and more convinced then, keep reading, I guarantee it will happen and we will rock the shit out of your goals. One thing to get it all brewing at the unconscious level... feeling even better than before... that joyful enthusiasm rising and filling every part of you.. is to read from the blog a few minutes a day!! Till we connect soon and get started... HAVE A SPECTACULAR LIFE!!

Create What You Desire

If you are just starting I do recommend the ten basic concepts. And for those looking for things to get better, read those again and again. Make it a habit to spend a few minutes a day reading them. This is how we change our thinking. I will be spending some time on a very popular topic these days since the book "The Secret" came out. What it is about, nothing new really, that our thinking and attitude create our world. It is nothing new because spiritual teachers have been saying this for thousands of years. It is however, only in the past fifty years that physicists have demonstrated it to be solid science too. This makes it even more interesting. I like to look at my thinking in more concrete terms. Negativity is like putting poison in my body. Negative thoughts are like this heinous virus that slowly destroys the mind. Where positive thinking is like eating the best of exotic fruits and vegetables. Fortifying your body to be greatly strong and vibrant. We all have choice. Enjoy that power now. You can decide how you want your life to go. Yes this will take thinking in new ways. Yes that will take practice. Yes you can do it. When we start out small enough we can always do what is needed to fulfill your every dream and desire. When we start out small enough we can always do what is needed to fulfill your every dream and desire, feel it even deeper now... Keep returning and checking up on the up coming blogs in the Manifestation section and you will be amazed at what you are able to attract and have in your life. So take a brief moment now... a slow deep breath... feeling that good calm and relaxation.. letting it slowly flow over your body as you easily read my words often, daily read them.. yes you are doing wonderful... you know that is at your core and wanting more and more of that... let it fill you... linger throughout you.. and engulf your very being.. as you become more and more into this with me.

You Are Worth It

As you read that back there, in that state where life seemed so wonderful. FEEL THAT IS WHO YOU ARE! Each and every moment you can now chose to utilize this blog and the information to train you mind to do incredible things for you. Our minds are amazing. People have created such great and wonderful things. You are wonderful. As that feel spreads throughout your body and mind, let it grow stronger and stronger. Knowing that all you have to do is return here to know if you want more... God has blessed us with infinite abundance. It was estimated that people only use about 5% of their mental capacity. What if we started now and allowed, instructed, guided our minds together here, as a group of like minded people... to expand upon the great feelings and positive thinking that we know is powerful and creative. I like to spend time in the morning and throughout the day creating highly positive, vibrant, and spectacular thoughts. We are planting seeds that will bring the greatest fruits now, tomorrow, and into the future. It is simple. Almost effortless, and all of you are enjoying and becoming part of this process. I entice you into a reality that is far beyond what anyone can imagine. You deserve all God's greatest blessings and love.

Invest In Yourself To Become The Best You Can Be

YOU ARE NOW FULLY INVESTED HERE AND ON THE ROAD WITH ME TO SUCCESS. LET THAT POWERFUL AND WONDERFUL FEELING BRING YOU BACK HERE OFTEN! Welcome again into the New Year where a lot of progress and success is already happening. I know you are a success. You might not feel like one but that doesn't really matter at this point. Just know deep inside is a level of will and strength that can do miraculous things. Feel it. Connect with me here often. That feeling, no matter how small, is there. Take a moment if you need to but you will find it. That inner source of power is something I will teach you to expand upon. That inner power will help you walk through even the most difficult and painful of times with your head held high. You want that now and I am here to give it too you. Yes first we must connect with it. Practice that daily. Many times a day think back to the benefits you get here and make that connection to that inner power. Each time you are building more and more neuro pathways which will allow you instant access. There are no scary times in life. There are no painful times in life. These are all things our brains make up. Isn't it time to be using your brain to be making up more and more powerful things? Yes I can and will show you how to make that inner core bigger, stronger, and at your choice for whenever you need it. You are not a whim to the outside world. You are a mighty being making changes that will bring great joy and power to you and your family. You know you love it. You know you want it. Start to practice. We will build on this more and more till you walk tall knowing you are becoming the best you ever.

It's About Action

IT IS ABOUT JUST DOING IT -- JOIN ME I am all about the mental game because that is where everything we do in life starts from! Get good at using your brain and all else will then be seen as easy. Just imagine being able to easily shift into a new pattern of behavior... one that will lead to things you always wanted and just didn't quite start working for. Feel those good feelings. Read more of the past blogs to get a deeper feel for this. You will feel better even now, or maybe later, just from reading that you have this chance to make a step in the right direction. So as you read... just take a slow deep breath and sweetly say inside your mind... I so want this, relax and take another deep breath. I am worth having this. Yes one last deep breath, the universe will assist me in making this true. What might appear to be simple is in reality extremely powerful. Think about nuclear science. That the splitting of single tiny atoms can cause a monumental explosion. Think of the power in that. Think of the enormity that exists within such a small piece. You are tapping into that now. I know that it is average for people to bounce back and forth, wanting to get in shape, and then saying some excuse... back and forth, back and forth... sometimes for years. That is all wonderful. And now you can chose to either continue that tormenting yourself or giving yourself the greatest gift there is. YOU ARE WORTH IT. IT PAYS TO BE A WINNER!!!

Yes You Can

OK Glen so it is all mental. Great, now what do we do? Wonderful question. Glad you asked. Every goal, that any one has, will have an image connected to it. If they want to buy a house, they have an idea of what that house will look like. They go around shopping looking at houses trying to see which ones fit for them. If it is a job the person can see in their mind the kind of place and money they want to be making. YES YOU CAN We form what we want in our minds through mental images. Ideas of what we would like. Unfortunately, most people have been negative conditioned when it comes to their own body and how they can look that they don't even dream or fantasize about how they would look. Or those dreams are so secret and hidden they won't ever let them out. I am telling you to let them out and I will cheer you on to make it happen. So first you need some idea of the kind of health and figure you want. DO NOT. I REPEAT, DO NOT PUT SOME TIME TABLE ON IT. For now you get it in your mind that you can have the body of your dreams and that deep inside you want to follow me to getting it. YES YOU CAN Let that image grow bigger and stronger each day. Write out notes. Get pictures of others that look like that image. Build it so compelling in your mind that you will never settle for less. The focus is on getting what you want. The focus is on getting what you want and you can have that. Let me show you the way. Let me take you by the hand and lead you to looking, and staying in a shape that will make you proud to look in the mirror. Even as I write this I know there are some of you that are feeling that shift. For some it might take a little while. For some they will need to read along for more time. But for all it is possible., Now just take a minute to feel truly wonderful, breath and enjoy, the universe is building a life of your wildest dreams.... just let is all sink and feel that wonderful glow expanding and going with you every moment of every day.

Take It To The Next Level

I have been emphasizing my point that this is mainly all mental. For some that might not seem correct. Let's look at this. Every decision, including what we eat, starts in our thinking, mental. Every action we take is in our nervous system and we evaluate whether to do or not, mental. IF THOSE PARTS ARE NOT POINTING YOU IN THE DIRECTION OF YOUR FITNESS GOALS -- YOU WILL NEVER STAY THERE. Even with the greatest of will power you will eventually gravitate back to what is in your brain and how it is organized. Many of my posts on FaceBook are about a form of training. Training your mind now to think in a more positive and strong way about your health and fitness. It is all about mental training. Every client I have had didn't see the pieces that were keeping them stuck and unsuccessful. Once we were able to expose, work through, take action to change... the pieces came together. It really is that straight forward. I know you all want to look and feel wonderful. Stop denying yourself that. Give yourself the gift of the body you dreamed of and those feelings you so desire. I will guide and show you just how to make those inner switches where you go from negative and unwanting to being on fire to produce your wildest dreams. Once the switches are made you just maintain those beliefs and thoughts. It won't feel like work or sacrifice but a passion of living you have been long waiting for. Read and read this again until you start to feel that desire grow more and more still inside you that I know now is happening. Live with a tremendous fire for life and love.

Success Comes Down To Focus & Effort

To get the most learning we apply repetition. Through the exposure of information your brain will learn and process. But most of all it will change. You thoughts and attitudes, some times quickly, sometimes slowly, will be moving more towards joining in and having a totally awesome life. Start at the first blog entry and, at your own pace, read through. Then again and again. You want that better life correct! You want to be feeling strong and vibrant right! You want to, some time down the road be like, yah I use to weigh....blah blah blah When people ask how you did it you will smile. Then you might show them here and how it is about changing our thinking an attitudes to shift this into a new way of life. Each word you read is doing that. Each time you visit here you are getting closer and closer to that lifestyle of health and happiness. We all want it! Just let that desire grow more and more within. Let that energy run throughout your mind and body now... making you feel strong.... feel wonderful... feel in the way you have always wanted and knew you deserved to feel. You are never alone in this. God has divined a future for you. God never intended ill health or being in a down state of mind. God wants you to experience each and every day as a joy and a wonder. By learning to feed your body well. To start making movements that strengthen and enhance a future, together here with me, of vibrancy and emotional wealth awaits you... you Yes you can have that now! SAY IT WITH ME! IT PAYS TO BE A WINNER!! IT ONLY KEEPS GETTING BETTER AND BETTER!!!

Don't Hold Back

I promise you, if you are willing to stay committed to the process, that you will succeed. Most people I know get in their own way. It is just a natural human thing that happens when people are emotional about something and lack the experience in achieving the goals. I have that experience. I know how to guide and show people, not only the plan, but how to get past those inner obstacles that limit their performance. You all can do it but you all also need help. Even those that will achieve to a certain level most likely will revert back to the old habits over time. This happens with almost all habits where people who don't have a supportive network. I am here to help individual clients online achieve their long term goals of being fit beyond their imagination.... just picture that... how to consistently know and act on what is most positive... we will build that mature strength in...and I will also be looking for some assistants to help work with supporting others. I don't ever push to work for me. I believe it should be a natural thing. No one likes to part with money but most people, spend three to four times the money failing at fitness than they would working with me. I am building a team. Those in on the beginning will get the best financial deals and also a part of future financial building opportunities in selling fitness related supplements and clothing. This will be a powerful movement of people helping people and succeeding endlessly and thoroughly whereby we will leave people wondering what it up with them!!!! JOIN THE TEAM! HAVE FUN. BE SUCCESSFUL. AND LOOK IN THE WAY YOU ALWAYS DREAMED!!!

Believe In Yourself

Here is the fact. EVERYONE CAN ACHIEVE THEIR FITNESS GOALS. Some will do the work and other will not. That is the only difference. There is no special talent, secret, or skill that anyone has to achieving their fitness goals. IT IS ABOUT DOING THE WORK ON A DAILY BASIS. Aligning your mind to this basic fact is essential. Having your thoughts and beliefs centered on the fact that you can get and stay in shape is a fact. It is not too hard. It is not impossible. It doesn't take too much time or effort. THERE ARE NO EXCUSES THAT MAKE ANY SENSE WHAT-SO-EVER YES YOU CAN. YES YOU CAN. YES YOU CAN. I suggest going over this every day. Review this. Write it down and pin it to your mirror. It is important that one believes that they can achieve their goals. So many go about working on getting in shape not realizing that deep inside they don't feel like they can or maintain the success they do achieve. Why else would the over whelming majority return the previous results that they so disliked and caused them so much pain? Isn't it time to end the painful process. The start of that is believing in something more. It is time to believe in something better. This will take practice. This will take some effort on your part and you can do it. Start it today. Just begin to think that you can. Build on it a little each day. After time it will feel more real. It will feel more natural. It will feel like you are going to make it happen. Keep reading the previous posts. IT TAKES MAKING A MENTAL SHIFT TO MAKE A CHANGE IN ONE'S LIFE. YOU CAN DO IT! 

Be Who You Were Meant To Become

Who will you become? The question is being answered every single day by every thought, action, and attitude that you have. Slow down for a bit today. Notice your thinking and a little more. Is this who you really want to be? Is this who you want to have your family, friends, and children see? People often talk about wanting to be happy or having fulfilling lives for themselves and their families. What is that? Is it the kind of car they drive? Is it the vacation they go on each year? Is it the neighborhood they live in? I don' think it is any of those things. As a spiritual adviser and fitness trainer, I think it is so more basic than all that. It is how we treat one another. What kind of goals are we creating and the way those goals effect the family and friends. My little plea to all of you is... the next time you are hearing the news or that thought of "what is this world coming to?" Stop yourself. Ask yourself. What am I doing today that is really making a difference? Did I reach out to someone today? Did I try to make a positive change for someone? Did I say a prayer for those poor people across the world in such trouble and strife. This is not about feeling bad. This is about lifting up the world we live in. It is about feeling better about what our days and lives are about. Be the example that God intended for you to be.... Peace and Love to All

Believe That You Can & You're Halfway There

Beliefs are so strong that they can keep a person stuck or they can keep a person going. But no matter what, we can always be working for a goal no matter what we believe. It is just better if you believes are the kind that get you up in the morning and light a huge fire under your ass all day. Main and biggest points about believes is, THEY ARE YOURS!!!! You might have first got them from Ricky the knuckle head selling stolen stereos at the end of the street but they are yours. My question then becomes. Why have beliefs in your mind that make thing harder or more painful. Doesn't that sound really stupid. Know I know you are all above average intelligence people here so I will be assuming that when you find a negative or limiting belief your first instinct will be like what you do to that mosquito you hear flying around for the first time at the beginning of summer... lock on target and destroy!!! I know if you made a list of your workout and eating beliefs you would must likely laugh and be like..."no wonder why my gut looks the way it does." Now what you want to do is shift them to a level of importance of what would you do if someone was messing with your kids or grand babies. What would you do then? You want to learn how to turn the corner on your own mind. I know you are all with me on this one. I know you can easily see the basic logic and the enormous power it holds for you. Try these beliefs out for 30 days, just simply repeat a few times during a few times a day. Then come back and tell me what is up. -- I am determined to make my fucking life rock in ways that makes twenty years old stand at attention. -- I am now going to use the power of my mind to make revolutionary changes in my life. -- I will become more and more dedicated each day to making a positive difference in my life. -- I am fucking unstoppable -- I am a fucking warrior -- Anything that gets in my way will soon be a relic of the past. -- I will have people wondering what the fuck happened and I will show them here. You know you want it. You know you can have it. You know you will dive in feet first IT PAYS TO BE A WINNER!!! IT ONLY KEEPS GETTING BETTER AND BETTER!!!!

Nothing Is Stopping You

One thing I know...and it is something I am sure you also know... that with information comes power. That knowledge that can lead to greater and greater things. Deep within every human being is that quest to do and be more. My driving force in life has been the pursuit of information and how to help others... so join along. Take in for a moment some information that will change your life forever. We have all heard the stories of great men and women who had folks who believed in them and helped them on their roads to making a difference. Whether it is about getting healthy. Maybe losing some unwanted pounds, or even having a body you dream of...you can have it. I want you to read that and believe it. Take that in now. You can have that. I am not one to say... ohhh you just need to look inside and see what is stopping you. I find that kind of thinking silly at best. NOTHING IS STOPPING YOU. What you will find here is that energy that propels you to go after your goals day in and day out. Yes it takes effort. Yes you will find it so enthralling that not doing it will be ridiculous. Sound like something you want. I encourage you to re-read what I have wrote in the past. It is a part of out mental working out. The more we are on the same page the easier this will be for you. Did you know that if your unconscious mind believes that losing unwanted pounds is so hard or so impossible it will resist and not allow it to happen? Did you know if you think getting in shape is so hard that your mind will stop you just before you start to make progress. That is not self sabotage. That is self programming. All programming works in the very same way. Program yourself to greet your family with hugs and smiles and that is what will happen. Program yourself to dump all your lame negativity onto them and that will happen. But we all here want great things...right! You all want to be succeeding right! You all want to be in an endless flow of God's gracious glory where all you will want to do is share this information with others..RIGHT!..... SAY IT OUT LOUD... YES I AM... YES I AM... YES I AM... Begin to affirm to yourself often and all day, "I am a person who programs their mind for happiness and success."

Repeat After Me: I Can Do This

First then, as you read and enjoyed before, we have to become in alignment. We can't be sitting around eating junk food with some wrap around our waste watching TV thinking we will be getting in shape. Then we learned that we are habits, and as we now begin to shift those habits to the positive, we can become unstoppable Thirdly, we learned that the universe is always on our sides and is welcoming, if not begging you all to succeed. It sounds all so simple and straight forward, but I know none of you were taught this. You were taught that you must work tremendously hard for things. You have to beat the other guy. You must starve and fight your way to be the King or Queen of the hill. Well, that is all wrong. The universe is full of abundance and there is more than enough room for all. There is no need for fighting. The only fighting that really takes place is inside the person. Now isn't that silly? IF WE DO NOT CHANGING THE MENTAL HABITS THE PERSON WILL JUST GO BACK TO BEING WHO THEY WERE BEFORE!!! This section is on how to stop that silly fight and effortlessly become aligned. It all starts in becoming aware of our current thinking about our eating and exercise. Now let's all be honest here. Who hasn't thought that if they didn't get "X" or "Y" food it was going to kill them? Or who here among us thought that getting up to do a little walking or exercise was like climbing some enormous mountain? We have all done it but remember. A part of out minds will take the thoughts you tell yourself, or others tell you, as literal commands. If you program your brain that you will die if you don't get dome food then it will go into a panic if you don't get. So I want you to start by writing down all your thoughts about eating clean and exercising. Only you will see, so you can be totally honest with yourself. Just do this from time to time. It will be a collection of sorts. Not some major projection, just a becoming aware, now. I will promise you one very big thing, before ten minutes is up you will be laughing at how ridiculous you have thought in the past. The goal here is to just expose.... just expose.... just expose. By taking things out of the unconscious you gain power over them. I am here to empower you... I am sure you have felt that already and it is good that it is growing stronger and stronger. Let those feelings of really wanting to read and gain the information here grow deeper and deeper. Pleasure will spread more. A greater and greater level of satisfaction will come over you. Breath into it.. let that wonderful feeling flow all over you and begin to know through every cell of your body. THAT IT PAYS TO BE A WINNER!!! THAT IT ONLY KEEPS GETTING BETTER AND BETTER!!!

Just Say Yes To Self-Improvement

The universe's answer is always yes. Even if you have major negative beliefs about what is possible, that will all change now. Just be open. Just be willing. Just keep reading. We will continue to explore this. I know you all want wonderful things. Now, take a deep breath, and just say yes. Deep within us all is that yearning for better... that place that cries out for more... up that up hear and begin to experience the joy of that!! Practice saying yes. Say yes to your dreams. Affirm, inside that you want them. Start little if you like. And just say yes The universe's answer is always yes! This is the staring point. This is our beginning. This is the opening of a door that will continue to build inside a world of joy and strength. We well all started with the first posts, Read those again and again. Encourage you friends to read them. Share with all your friends how you thinking and behavior is changing effortlessly... yes you too are becoming a part of the team. Share around. Post as many likes and comments as you want. The more powerful energy the great the force we have together THE GREATEST KNOWN TEAM ALIVE!!. Just say yes.

Build Positive Habits For Success

One major key to being successful in fitness, or anything in life, is understanding habit. Habits are the automatic behaviors, thoughts, attitudes, and beliefs we have based on years of training. We are always in a state of training. Every time you think or do something you are telling your brain... this is what I want you to be doing. An aspect of the unconscious does not select, chose, or filter whether something is right, just, helpful, destructive or any value to it at all. It just does what it is told to do like a computer program. When we do things over and over again the brain will eventually be turned off and the behavior then happens from the spinal cord. Building positive habits just takes practice... you can do it!! Habits can be our greatest allies or our most feared enemies. Yet we played a part in all of it. Think of the word diet. That word originally was what a person ate. It had nothing to do with calorie restriction or weight loss. But over the years it got associated to just that. Most people even have this negative cringing at the simple hearing of the word. We have all been conditioned, through mass influence, to think losing weight around the word diet. Building positive habits just takes practice... you can do it!! Now, what if you learned a way to gear your habits to create your dreams. What if you thought now... since I was the one who created them.. then it can all change. It can all be rebuilt. Unhealthy habits are also why 99% of the weight loss approaches fail. Think about it. If you don't change your core habits and align with a lifestyle of health and fitness, what is going to happen? Building positive habits just takes practice... you can do it!! If one practiced, trained, eating unhealthy and not exercising much for years... do you really think a few months, or even a year of negatively trudging through some boxed eating plan is going to change all that??? NO THAT DOESN'T WORK. Generally because the person, if their attitude about eating well and exercising doesn't radically change, they will simply gravitate back to the old habit. Building positive habits just takes practice... you can do it!! 

We need to always be thinking about which habit collection is stronger. The brain will always default to the most trained in habits. I have seen, read, and heard of people going on diets, two, three, and fifteen times losing 40lbs or more only to gain it back. Why? They never changed their core habits and went back to the unhealthy excessive eating patterns. This is why NONE of the diet gimmicks ever work long term. It is also why it is a 20 billion dollar industry and people are only getting fatter!! IT IS TIME TO STOP THE DESTRUCTION!!! What I do with clients is I show them how to easily and effectively tear down the old buildings... clear away the wreckage... and build the life of their dreams, one brick at a time. By changing the old patterns you become free of them functioning, you gain a sense of both choice and skill in altering them. Then we can work on creating healthy and effective patterning that pulls you like a magnet into your most wonderful dreams. Sounds great doesn't it... paint that beautiful picture now and know...you... that's right you...can have that. You are worth it. You deserve it... and it is what you should be doing!!! IT PAYS TO BE A WINNER! IT ONLY KEEPS GETTING BETTER AND BETTER!

One might ask how year after year there is some new exercise system, some new diet plan, some new supplement gets so much attention and money. The answer is simple. They play on a pitch to people's hearts and desires... not to their reason and intellect. I am doing the latter. I am believing that all of you are intelligent enough to STOP buying into craziness. I am counting on all you good folks to be strong enough to say no to the lies. I am banking on all of you being steadfast in your insistence to face reality and succeed!

The Truth Hurts, But Less Than A Lie

This is a first in a series of contributions about how to be successful in fitness goals. I do things very differently than the rest of the fitness industry. Why is that? I am about helping people succeed instead of trying to reduce their bank accounts. Yes I enjoy making money but I enjoy seeing people do well more. Even before being trained as a scientist, in multiple disciplines of the brain and behavior, I had this penchant for the truth. I started in fitness around the age of ten. About the only thing I would read or look at had to do with bodybuilding, nutrition, training, or diet. Slowly I would learn what things were real and true, and what things were hype, snake oil, and down right lies. One could write a very long tale of all the nonsense that has infiltrated this area. Unfortunately, and several times, even well meaning intelligent people bought into much of it. For example, I love Oprah quotes and health recommendations. 

She taunted a miracle fruit for weight loss. There were countless brands on the market and millions were being spent on it. I spent a hour combing websites looking for one tiny shred of logic in how it could possibly help. I know all the physiological pathways. The enzymes, hormones, neurochemicals etc. that are involved. And to avail, I found nothing. Then on one website, a very intelligent doctor, did a more extensive search than I did, and came to the exact same conclusion. A very healthy fruit that in no way directly contributed to fat loss. The really sad part of the industry is the broken hearts and broken dreams. I don't feel for a second anyone buys into these scams knowing that they are wasting the money, love, and time for failure. I am all about success. For alignment we have to start on a foundation of truth. Think about it...even in biblical times they knew. 

"Build you house on rock not on sand." WE MUST BUILD OUR MUTUAL CONNECTION IN WORKING TOGETHER ON THE TRUTH!!! One might ask how year after year there is some new exercise system, some new diet plan, some new supplement gets so much attention and money. The answer is simple. They play on a pitch to people's hearts and desires... not to their reason and intellect. I am doing the latter. I am believing that all of you are intelligent enough to STOP buying into craziness. I am counting on all you good folks to be strong enough to say no to the lies. I am banking on all of you being steadfast in your insistence to face reality and succeed!

Be Unstoppable

I wanted to take a moment and welcome everyone to my blog. My goal here is to help you all to live better and healthier lives. I know in every person alive is that innate desire to be stronger, feel better, and enjoy that reflection you see in the mirror... isn't this so. Yet what is some what disappointing is that most never get there or they only get a taste of that.. I am here to help you change all that. Ready for a wonderful and new beginning... just imagine that. A beginning where you start to feel this consistent desire and zeal for life and making things go your way. Doesn't that sound wonderful....now that we are on the same page let's take a look at how things create alignment. Over the years we learn all sorts of ways of thinking, doing, and believing. A great number of those simply reside deep in our minds. Some we are never even aware of till some one either points it out or we have one of those ah-hah moments... those mindful moments where we see things in a new light... a moment where clarity shows us some truth. Take a slow, relaxing breath. Let your mind relax for just a moment. That is right... just for a bit... let whatever tension you might be feeling slowly ease away like a smooth warm wind flowing over you now.. that is good... wonderful... allow as spreading of this nice comfortable feeling gently wash over you. 

Mental Health Matters

Knowing that you are being filled with a new and glorious inspiration every time you are here... easily reading and having fun be a part of this and all that is to come... yes you are... fantastic.I will be making posts in various different areas to help you and your friends, please feel free to share as much as you like with family and friends. There is a really great power in numbers. You have joined a flow, a process, a team where by our collective energies will lead to greater and greater success. Remember that mindfulness and mental health matters as much or more than muscle mass! But all are important to your fitness and finances.

I hope you enjoyed this article about how to create and enforce positive daily mental, physical, and spiritual habits on a budget.

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