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maximize digital marketing campaigns

Digital marketing is the present and future of marketing. It's fast-paced and evolving daily so it's important to stay up to date with the basics and evolving strategies. Here are a few tidbits to think about:

Mobile Apps

Mobile app marketing is utilizing a branded mobile application to help promote your business. Because of the boom in smartphone sales and use, it is an excellent method of reaching customers anywhere. Geofencing and dayparting can help ensure that you’re reaching the right customers in the right area at the right time.


Everyone has been talking about content in the SEO world for decades now. SEO professionals have tooted “Content is King” ever since I can remember. Content is anything from blog posts to YouTube videos to ebooks and whitepapers. Even though I believe that backlinks are far more important I do believe that content is still VERY important, but probably not in a way that you are used to hearing about. 

When I say “add content” I mean to tell you that research is showing that pages with MORE content (2,000+ words) tend to rank higher than pages with less content. If you are having trouble writing high-quality long-form content, you might be interested in hiring a blogger outreach service that specializes in writing for SEO and conversions. 

Business Blogging

Building a successful business blog is big challenge these days. You are now competing against tens of thousands of other business blogs in all niches run by other dedicated entrepreneurs, ambitious small businesses, and global corporations with vast resources. Aside from consistently creating exceptional unique content and building up your social media following, you'll need to build a lot of high-quality backlinks. Getting natural backlinks from respected websites in your niche will improve your Google rank so you can generate the necessary organic traffic to compete in a crowded and cut-throat market. 

Digital Marketing Mistakes

There are countless digital marketing mistakes that most companies, entrepreneurs, and managers make. They range from website design to social media to SEO just to name a few. It’s a very multifaceted and constantly evolving area of discipline so it involves dozens of topics. Nobody's perfect, but one of the biggest fails comes from thinking you know everything and not staying on top of the newest developments. 


Getting more backlinks can help to improve your website's SEO significantly. It really depends on the quality and quantity of the backlinks. You need to get backlinks naturally from websites that are relevant to yours, with the correct anchor text, and usually in a significant amount. There are countless other considerations besides backlinks though including keywords, site speed, media, content, internal links, and hundreds of other criteria. 

Social Media:

Everyone knows that social media marketing on powerful platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube, and Snapchat are important for getting your brand out there. Try and master each platform and reap the rewards and ROI.

Keep these tips on social selling and digital marketing in mind for optimal online sales success!

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