Areas Of Virtual Reality Application

areas of virtual reality application industries using vr technology

Virtual reality (VR) is a world created by technical means, transmitted to a person through his sensations. Full immersion in virtual reality is achieved only with the use of special devices that simulate human interaction with it using the senses. Basic ways to recreate reality: images, sounds, imitation of tactile feelings, object control, direct connection to the nervous system. 

VR Devices 

The main problem that hinders the widespread use of virtual reality technology is the complexity of development, Darren Keane from Storm International. Recreation of a realistic world requires a lot of effort and time, not every potential user will be able to pay for it, and it makes no sense to give out a miserable semblance of reality to the masses. Poverty of content, coupled with the high cost of VR equipment, slows down the global adoption of this technology. However, the application of virtual reality looks very promising in the industries below. 

VR In The Gaming Industry 

The use of VR technology is capable of completely immersing a person in the gaming world, and therefore high-quality video games and simulators are likely to be in great demand in the mass market in the future, but only if there is realistic content that can impress the imagination of spoiled users, and the affordable cost of hardware and software. 

Virtual reality is already being used in real casinos. Players in VR glasses anywhere in the world can join the players who are actually sitting at the table. 

VR In Education 

3D graphics allow to detail complex processes, visualize chemical reactions, electric current, historical events, and make virtual travels in space. Of course, such opportunities can qualitatively change the level of teaching, making the learning process an exciting and favorite pastime. 

The benefits of VR in education: 

• visibility of processes 
• you can show anything you want 
• involvement in training 
• the possibility of distance learning 
• interesting presentation of boring material 
• training and development of various skills. 

Using VR In Sales 

VR solutions are already being successfully used in the sale of clothing, furniture, household goods, apartments and cars, noted Darren Keane, Storm International. Conducting virtual presentations allows you to 100% retain the attention of the user who interacts with the advertising plot. 

VR In Medicine 

Some applications of virtual reality in the field of medicine: 

• study of the body, 
• planning of operations, 
• immersion in symptoms, 
• fight against phobias and post-traumatic syndrome, 
• work with memory and attention. 

VR In Architecture And Design 

Truly fantastic opportunities open up virtual reality technology for architects and interior designers: 

• work with objects on a scale of 1:1; 
• fragmentary demonstration of objects in conditions as close as possible to real; 
• cheaper development of large projects. 

VR Applications In Working Industry 

• training employees to work with the equipment, 
• working out emergency situations, 
• visualization of production automation. 

VR In Tourism Industry: Virtual Tourism 

Virtual travel is a way to "visit" any corner of the planet and beyond. Relevant for those who cannot travel in the real world. This type of tourism will only be in demand if the cost is attractive and the most accurate transfer of not only the environment, but also the sensations. 

Virtual Reality Parks 

The most famous example is The VOID virtual park. It allows users to explore their physical environment while interacting with a dynamic virtual world. For example, you can go to your favorite movie and become your favorite character. 

Live Events 

Concerts and sports competitions are utilizing virtual reality technology more often each year. Thanks to VR, users will be able to experience the effect of a live presence - even when they are thousands of kilometers away. 

Movies And TV series 

Most likely, in the coming years we will witness the emergence and development of a new industry of cinema entertainment: viewers will be able to immerse themselves in the movie, and not watch it from the outside. 

Other Applications Of Virtual Reality 

● social interaction, 
● workplace, 
● cinemas, 
● attractions, 
● development of skills, 
● WebVR (3D Internet).

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