Fast And Proven Ways To Grow Your Instagram Following

how to grow instagram followers fast

Hundreds of millions of users log in to Instagram every day from around the world. While Instagram might be one of the most popular social networks today, many people (and even businesses) struggle to get the desired exposure. If you just created an Instagram account and have been posting great content regularly but yet to get a following, then chances are your profile isn't getting the exposure it deserves. Although it is normal for a new profile to take a while before it can gain traction, there are a number of ways you can kickstart its growth. Here are some of the proven methods of growing your Instagram following fast. 

1. Market Your Instagram Account 

Your Instagram account might be underperforming simply because your target audience do not know. Promoting the account can help attract the desired audience your way, earning more followers in the process. You can promote your account by: 

i. Informing your customers, you are on Instagram 
ii. Providing a link to your profile other social media platforms 
iii. Use your Instagram address as your email signature 
iv. Add your Instagram handle on business cards, brochures, and flyers. 
v. Add a link to it on all e-newsletters 

This could be the only form of promotion you do outside Instagram to garner more followers. 

2. Publish Exclusive Instagram-Only Content 

If you already have numerous followers and friends on other networking sites (Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, etc.), you can then woo them into following you on Instagram as well. Give them a reason by posting sneak peeks of content published exclusively on Instagram. 

You could start by sharing exclusive photos of products or events only on Instagram. Pictures and videos of behind the scenes of a popular (and successful) video uploaded strictly on Instagram alone will do too. As mentioned before, your target audience (those on other platforms) needs to have an idea of this. Upload a short teaser on these platforms, then add a link to your profile for them to follow to see more. 

If in the service industry, sharing exclusive promotions and discounts for your Instagram followers could also help boost your following. Make an effort to publish quality and well-edited photos and videos as well. It is only by uploading high-quality photos and videos that people will want to see more. 

3. Use The Hashtag Feature 

The hashtag feature is as effective and essential on Instagram as it is on other platforms. Always add at least 3 relevant hashtags when posting new content. The hashtags used should, however, be related to your industry, niche, or content published. Using trending hashtags on your posts can also help attract traffic and followers too. You, however, need to be familiar with such or have Google help. 

Although hashtags are effective, it wouldn't be advisable to use any simply because it is popular and trending. The tag used shouldn't be discriminating in any way and tags must be relevant to your niche as well. Don't just toss them in; craft them carefully to make the intended impression. Also work to create your own branded hashtag as well, which will usually take time to catch on.

4. Engage With Other Instagram Users 

Your success on social media (Instagram included) depends on how well you engage with other users. The relationship between you and your target audiences and followers ought to be mutual, not one-sided. Make an effort to participate in their topics, like their posts, respond to comments, and engage with them directly where possible. 

Follow other Instagram users as well. Each person you connect with or follow on Instagram is a potential follower. The more people you can follow, the higher the chances are for them to follow you back. If anyone poses a question or comments on your posts, mention them in your response as well. Thank them for their insights and comments too. They will be notified when you mention them, creating an avenue to get the conversation going, and earn a follower too. Grow your Instagram following with

5. Be Active And Follow More People 

As mentioned before, you need to follow other people on Instagram and engage with them to capture their attention. Make an effort to follow as many people as you can on Instagram. Most Instagram users will subconsciously follow those that follow them back. 

Following influencers and people that your target audience follows can also help gain some recognition. All you need is to switch to the "Following" tab to see who your followers are engaging with. Go a step farther and browse through their pages to see what they like, their interests, and such. Going through an influencer's page will help you see how they run their pages and what you might be doing wrong. Don't follow other people expecting them to follow you back immediately. Some take time before they can decide who to follow, so give them time. You also shouldn't unfollow other people as soon as they have followed you; it won't work out well for you in the end. 

6. Post Regularly On Instagram

There is more to earning followers on Instagram than simply creating an account and letting it sit. A lot of work goes into earning all those followers and keeping them, for that matter. However popular you are, your audiences will want a reason to stay. One way to do this is by keeping your account active through regular posts and updates. The more you post and engage with your followers, the higher the chances are for them to stay and even bring a friend on board. Remember to add relevant hashtags to each post you make for improved performance. 

As hungry as you might be for followers, don't let anyone convince you to buy any. Although a quick way to gain thousands of followers within a short period, buying followers will only hinder real progress and could see your account deactivated by Instagram. You also aren't sure the type of followers you are buying either. Most of these Instagram account followers might not be interested in the service or product you have to follow, hence end up unfollowing you either way. 

Final Thoughts On Finding Followers Fast

Use the simple tips outlined above to grow and build a community of Instagram followers organically. A few hundred organic followers are worth more than a few thousand fake ones or bots. As long as you don't lose focus and continue pushing quality content, more and more IG followers will come your way, translating to high-quality leads in the long run.

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