How Coronavirus Is Impacting Small Businesses

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During the global pandemic the world’s job market has rapidly changed. While many businesses were forced to temporarily close their day-to-day operations, the vast majority adapted their model and now telecommuting due to Coronavirus is a reality for many. It's a new normal for businesses worldwide. Organizing and securing your remote workspace seems convenient but equally challenging. 

As Global Workplace Analytics states: "25-30% of the workforce will be working-from-home multiple days a week by the end of 2021." While many organizations begin to realize that maintaining remote workflow is cost effective, it has created many new opportunities for scammers and in fact might cause serious financial damage. 

The bad guys know that the best moment to strike is whenever the potential victim is distracted. If you happen to read this blog post from the comfort of your home office, many potential dangers may occur. Some of them are old "tricks" brought back to life and others are new scams that take advantage of our newly developed vulnerabilities. 

1. Phishing - Criminals send an email that appears to be from a public institution or other reputable organization. Usually we get promised benefits as an exchange for our personal data. See how easy it was for my team to scam a Dr Oz employee: phishing simulation.

2. Unemployment fraud -  Even retired or even deceased people can become a victim of unemployment fraud. And when this happens, victims may be responsible for paying taxes on the financial compensation the criminal receives! Unemployment website and payment delays further fuel this pesky problem.

3. Now hiring - Millions of displaced employees are actively seeking a new job online. Feeling stressed and seeing a good offer that’s really a scam is relatively easy. Scammers prey on job seekers. The goal is to get personal data during the recruitment process. Unfortunately it's all too easy to take advantage of people desperately seeking to rejoin the workforce.

There's a lot to keep in mind when keeping your workplace safe and secure, even if it's just your home office.

The COVID19 pandemic has changed the way many of us do business - and our focus! Undoubtedly, you are not alone! Perhaps it is time to transition and transform? Maybe focus on other aspects of our business and pivot where necessary? Since 2016, I have been on the road – planes, trains, and automobiles - traveling the world 8-9 months out of the year to give keynote speeches and attend events. It’s the part of my work that I find most enjoyable! And, unfortunately, the part of my business that the pandemic has rendered impossible. With the necessary curbing of travel, I had to focus my time and efforts elsewhere while still growing my business. Can you relate? In-person networking and conferences have been my growth strategy for YEARS. So, what now? 

These days, I focus my time online. I’m using LinkedIn and social media more than ever to connect with people and opportunities. I’m also using more digital communication tools than EVER. I’ll use whatever tech the person wants - Facebook Messenger? Telegram? Whatsapp? Zoom? Skype? WeChat? SMS? Slack? I’m there! Whatever is best for the partner or client works for me. The tech industry has been using these tools for years, but for many, email and face-to-face meetings were the norm. 

So, I have focused my marketing and time on finding the best way to communicate. It can be hard to keep up! It feels like new communication channels pop up every day! The pandemic is changing the way we communicate and how we do business. You know what they say: Adapt or die! 

Since I work mostly with startups, I’ve changed my business strategy from public speaking and events to online business development and finding new resources to scale and expand into new revenue channels. 

Networking online certainly isn’t the same! I do a lot more phone calls and video chats and focus on getting quality time with people in new ways. How is your business adapting? How have you changed the way you generate leads? More than my business has evolved during the last few months! Thank you for being part of my network and keep an eye out over the next few weeks - I have BIG THINGS coming!

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