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When it comes to building a successful multi-level marketing (MLM), network marketing, or direct selling business some of the biggest factors are your uplines and downlines. Without them, your top network marketing business success will never reach its full potential. Recruiting for your downline in network marketing is key to increasing passive income and long-term wealth building.

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MLM Upline vs Downline

An upline is a person or a few people above you in the MLM company pyramid. That person should be there for you all the time by email, text, social media messages, mentoring, motivation, phone calls, and Zoom meetings. Uplines are there to help you make money in the short term and long term. Most of the time it is hard to find a upline to help you and be there when you need them. Uplines are so easy to get. You can find them all over the place in the MLM space, and you will get one assigned to you during your signup process. 

To see how good a upline is you should be able to email anyone in their Downline and ask questions. If a potential upline will not give you any information you should move on to someone else. You also need to beware of an upline who keeps all the money. For MLM businesses like Agel, an upline needs to be the following, 

1. Needs to be a pro in the MLM industry 
2. Must be knowledgeable about the MLM product and/or services, 
3. Must have a system that you can duplicate and has been tested and proven, 
4. Must have a system for every type of distributor you recruit, 
5. Need to be able to help downlines close prospects, 
6. Needs to be with no more than 2 top MLM companies, so their time is not pulled in several directions, 
7. Needs to have a quick start training manual to get you started fast, 
8. Need to have regular contact with Pakistani MLM members and be motivated, 
9. Needs to have a multi-level marketing training call at least once a week and needs to be able to answer any questions you may have, 
10. Needs to be proactive and lead be example in network marketing. 

You don't need a upline who is going to steal your MLM downline leads and sales. Here is a good way of finding out if the person you are thinking of joining under is good. Have a friend call and ask questions and if you get all the answers you need than by all means join. 

Downlines are people who are under you in the network marketing business. A Downline is someone who you are responsible in helping become a success. You need to be there for your Downline to keep them going and growing. 

Keep you Downline happy they will help you make money. I will give you some ideas to help your Downline and making sure your Downline does not quit on you. Here are some ways to help build your MLM success in a smart way: 

1. Give them a small check
2. Get them some business cards 
3. Give them a complete background about the MLM product

Here are a few more ways to help your network marketing Downline grow so you can earn extra income: 

1. Show them your successful sales techniques, 
2. Give them some of your resources and contacts, and 
3. Pass along your experience which is the best thing you can give your Downline. You need to be a teacher and a friend as well as a mentor. 

As a leader of an MLM Downline you need to be the following traits and behaviors, 

1. Trust: Your multi-level marketing downline needs to trust you, 
2. Coherence, You and your network marketing Downline needs to be on the same page, 
3. Competence, You need to know what you are doing, 
4. Collaboration, You and your MLM Downline need to get together with all ideas, 
5. Competition, Hold a contest to get your Downline motivated, and 
6. Contribution, As an upline you need to take an active approach and sit on the sidelines.  

I hope I shed a little light on what is like to be an MLM upline or what you need to do as a Downline. Now you can choose to be whatever you want to be. I feel that it is more easy having an upline than having a Downline. With an upline only you will make moneyArticle Search, but not as fast as you would with a Downline. 

You will make your upline money and your Downline will make money. Which ever way you choose you will be a success in the long run. You may choose to have someone as your upline and also at the same time you will have a Downline. I wish you all the best in what ever you choose.

Double Your Downline

If you have been earning a living online for some time or you are just getting started you know that everyone talks about the importance of building a downline and also building a mailing list. As important as it is to build your downline or list it is just as important for those people to be responsive and valuable to your MLM business success. Creating a powerful network marketing list or downline really does not have much to do with the technical side of your business. 

The power or value of your downline and list will come from you becoming a leader, friend, and teacher to those people you come in contact with. Place their needs before your own and help them and the results will astound you. You can do this without much effort at all, with just six simple little steps. 

Lets take a look at the 6 simple steps in your work from home online MLM business that will make you a leader and build a powerful network marketing downline at the same time. 

1) Be Sincere and Honest

Always treat and speak to people with honesty and sincerity as you would want them to be with you and your multi-level marketing company. Keep in mind that people may not always recall just what you said to them but they will always remember how you made them feel. First impressions really do matter in MLM if you want to build your downline team long-term. 

2) Be Caring and Compassionate

Be a good listener and hear what they say when they communicate to you. Place yourself in their situation and understand where they need to go with their business. Great leaders always know just what their downline needs and want because they care enough to listen with compassion. 

3) Be Proactive

Communicate to your MLM business downline and list on a regular basis and not only to always present them with a sales pitch. Through the use of the first two items on this list become their trusted friend and team mate and not just another salesman. 

4) Be Accessible

Very simple step here. When some one on your list or in your downline contacts you by e-mail or phone be there for them. With most work from home online businesses this will mostly be in e-mail and you should reply to them within a 24 hour time frame from receiving their e-mail. Always keep in mind the time differences around the world since we are in a global business all seeking success in MLM

5) Know the Program Which you are Promoting

Most work from home online multi-level marketing businesses are some sort of affiliate program and if you plan to be a team leader and help those on your team become team leaders then you need to know the program you are promoting. 

I like to use the one hour rule when running my top network marketing businesses. That is at least one hour every day you should log into the affiliate center members only area and read and study the training material that is there as a member benefit to help you succeed. If you have more time to devote to learning all that there is to know about this program great do it, just remember to take action and put into play what you learn. 

6) Share Your MLM Industry Knowledge and Success

Once you have gained the knowledge from the training that the program provides for you now it is time to take action. If you never take action and apply what you learn and share it with those on your list and in your growing MLM downline your work from home online business will go nowhere and you will become frustrated and quit. 

That is not acceptable for an affiliate marketing or network marketing program. If you share your knowledge while being caring, compassionate, sincere, and honest and being accessible to your team, your team will begin to copy you and the entire team will grow and prosper. You will have built that powerful downline necessary for success in multi-level marketing and direct selling. 

Multiply Your MLM Success With Uplines And Downlines

As you can see these simple 6 steps for MLM success have very little to do with anything technical. Only the last two network marketing tips don't have anything close to that. The other four come from within you naturally and if you want to have a successful work from home online business or any business for that matter you will need to communicate and work with people. It is just a fact of doing business. You will need to learn all you can and help those on your team do the same. Lead by example and they will follow as will your MLM success. As they say, plant the seed, nurture it and watch it grow. Keep going and growing in MLM with your awesome upline and downline! 

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