4 Ways Smartphones Changed Online Gambling

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About fifty years ago Martin Cooper, an engineer at Motorola, called a telecom company and enthusiastically informed them he was calling through a mobile phone. Imagine the astonishment on the other side of that call, and the excitement Cooper and all of Motorola had that day! 

Thanks to this amazing breakthrough, over 4.9 billion people today in 2024 have access to smart and feature phones, with 3.9 billion people using a smartphone. 

Initially, phones were used to call and text, but today, they are more like digital assistants. Mix this technology with instant play casinos, and you have yourself a recipe for thrill and fun wherever, whenever, and with whomsoever you like. 

Research shows that casino apps generate more than $40 billion in revenue every year. No wonder gambling developers and operators are keen on staying ahead of the game by providing games on mobile! 

Let's see how mobile phones have transformed the world of gambling. 

1. Mobile Phones Provide Easy Accessibility 

Any online gambler will agree that this is the most common way mobile phones have changed gambling. Phones have become an extension of people's life. In fact, statistics show that an average person will look at their phone at least eighty-five times in a day. Mobile casinos took advantage of this and brought the ease and convenience of playing to your fingertips, literally. 

Download the app or load the casino's website, then swipe up, down, right, or left to access your favourite games. You can place a bet by tapping on your screen and undo everything with a single swipe or shake. What more could a gambler want? 

2. Easier Communication Between Players And The Casino 

Today, casinos have customer care reps on call twenty-four hours a day to help solve your problems and answer your queries. 

All you have to do is get the casino's customer service number off the website and give them a call. Also, casinos find it easier to communicate offers and bonuses to players since you can access your email from anywhere. Within a few minutes, every player from the casino can learn about the extra spins, deposit bonus or cashback bonus the casino is offering. 

That is not all. With word of mouth being the fastest means of communication, you can bet gamblers will tell each other of amazing offers once they receive the message. Whether it is on social media or forums, most of this communication will happen via mobile phones. 

This has also made it easy for gamblers to provide online casino reviews and ratings, which keep casinos on their toes. They are left with no choice but to deliver exceptional service to avoid bad ratings and possible loss of revenue, as a result. 

3. Greater Interaction 

One of the greatest thrills about visiting a land-based casino is interacting with people and dealers. With a top mobile casino such as casino utan svensk licens, you can play in your home or even while commuting from work. But to bring this interaction close to you, mobile casino games have been made interactive. 

For instance, live dealer games are accessible via smartphones, which means you can interact with the real dealer on your phone. How cool is that? It is especially fun with the right gaming platforms.

And, besides the real interaction with a dealer, virtual games are also created to be interactive in their own way. Also, playing some of the Pragmatic Play top slots like Big Bass Splash will allow you to enjoy experiences that are simply impossible in a land-based casino. 

4. Safer And Convenient Payment 

One innovation popularized by the casino industry is paying via mobile phone. Although the casino industry did not develop this payment method, players find it convenient and easy to use. 

Players can deposit funds to their accounts using their smartphone. To do this, you need to activate the feature through your casino account. You will be asked to confirm your mobile number, a process that only takes a few seconds. 

To add funds to your account, input the amount, e.g., $50, and reply Yes, once you receive a confirmation text. Your deposit is made, and you are charged the amount on your phone bill. If you wish, it can also be deducted from your pay-as-you-go credit. 

This method is safe because you don't have to input your personal information for this online casino platform, such as credit card numbers and PIN. 

Casino Conclusion 

The use of mobile phones has come a long way, and although we don't know what the future holds, we can already see changes with introduction to AI and chatbots. It can be easily said that more changes will follow as technology continues to evolve.

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