4 Tips For Motorhoming With Your Dog

tips motorhoming with your dog rv travel with pet

Thousands of motorhome owners have chosen a motorhome for their holidays because they have one or more dogs as pets. Motorhome trips are pet friendly. Your four-legged friend is welcome in your motorhome and on any campsite where they accept pets. You don’t need to leave part of your family behind when you go on holiday. And you’ll always have a faithful friend with you to navigate the roads. 

Most people will buy luxury motorhomes for sale that have space for their dog as well as the human travellers. However, traveling with a dog can be more stressful if you don’t do some forward planning and make sure your van is properly set up for a canine companion. Here is how to make traveling with your dog easy and stress-free. 

1. Research Your Campsites 

While many campsites are happy to accept dogs, some do not. Check before you turn up that your pet will be welcome. Also, there may be rules associated with a pet on site. For example, dogs often must always be on leads. You may only be able to exercise your pet in a specific area. If your dog is used to going where it pleases, these restrictions may be hard to handle as the owner of the dog. Research your sites before you travel to find the best for your needs. 

Also consider that many beaches have pet restrictions at certain times of the year. Some forward planning makes it more likely you won’t be disappointed. You can easily check online in forums for dog owners and motorhome owners to find recommendations and ideas on where to go. 

2. Take All The Kit 

You will obviously need your dog’s bed, crate and food. But what else do you need? Don’t forget to take a stake to drive into the ground outside your motorhome so your dog can be secured safely on a long lead. You’ll also need sufficient shelter for your dog outdoors in the sun, such as an awning. Take favourite toys and plenty of poo bags. Take a few old towels to clean and dry your dog after a rainy walk or a day at the beach. 

3. Train Your Dog 

This isn’t going to happen overnight but when you start in advance you can get your dog up to speed before you set off on a trip. Train your dog to bark less and to walk well on the lead. Reward good behaviour and over time you will get impressive results. Your dog will then be better accepted on campsites and when you are out on the beach or in the countryside. 

4. Think About The Climate 

It is so important to keep your dog cool in hot weather. Your dog will suffer in a hot car but will also be in danger when stuck in a motorhome all day in the heat. Never leave your dog in your motorhome while you go out if the weather is warm. Plan what you will do if you cannot take your dog with you in your RV. And always take plenty of water when you go out with your dog. Ensure you have a good supply of bottled water so you don’t encourage your pet to drink from puddles and ditches.

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