How Much Is It To Hire A Skip?

skip hire costs uk

Whether you’re starting a new housing project or decluttering your home to relieve yourself of the remains of the last year's festive period, a good old clear out can just be what you need to start a new year with a fresh feeling. With that, appropriate planning is required and whether you’re going to do all yourself or hire an expert, you still need to consider where you’ll be putting your waste. 

For jobs like these, the bi-weekly bin collector will just not cut it, therefore you’ll need to consider other options such as cheap skip hire

When hiring a skip, you need to consider the size of the skip you require and note the area you’re based in, which can affect the skip hire cost. We’ve investigated some of the cheapest skip prices for a number of regions around the UK. 

Let’s take a look at how much a skip would cost you for your big project: 

The Lowest Cost Area 

These locations we’ve considered are the luckiest for dumpster rentals. Why? Because they get some of the cheapest skip hire prices: 

skip hire prices uk

Expensive Areas For Skip Hire 

expensive skip hire costs united kingdom
skip hire costs england

Of course, it depends on what size you require, which would impact the cost regardless of where you live. It’s important to pick the right sized skip to suit your needs not only in terms of pricing, but in terms of the job. 

What Size Skip Do You Need? 

4-Yard Skip 

The smallest out of the selection, 4-yard skip are the most compact waste container. It is ideal for smaller domestic refurbishments, DIY projects, and small garden clearances. 

Despite being small, these skips can hold around two and a half car boots full of waste. So, you can be sure these small, compact and easy to load skips can handle most domestic refurbishments 

6-Yard Skip 

Considered as a small builder’s skip, the 6-yard skip offers an ideal way to store waste when carrying out a medium-sized domestic project. It’s the perfect option when you are tackling domestic refurbishments, home clear-outs, or even small construction works. 

Despite them being known as a small builder’s skip, they can hold as much waste as VW Cadi Maxi Van! Plus, it’s easy to fit on most driveways and greater for the bulkier items. 

8-Yard Skip 

Considered as being a traditional builder’s skip, this is the most popular skip choice out of them all and it’s the largest available for soil and rubble due to the weight limit it allows. 

The 8-yarder is ideal for most if not all projects, including construction and large domestic clearances. It can hold as much as a Ford Transit Van full of waste, so you can be sure it can handle all your bulkier waste items! 

12-Yard Skip 

The largest available, 12-yard skips are huge and suitable for the bulky items of waste that are still light in weight. 

Despite it not being suitable for soil and heavy rubble, it’s ideal for major construction works and large clear-outs. It can hold the same capacity of waste as the average garden shed — impressive right? 

Clear Out With A Skip Hire

Now, with the right skip size and budget in mind, you’re set to blast through any project you desire! Start the new year off clean, organized, and decluttered with a cheap skip hire cleanout.

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