How To Find More Customers: Top Tips Yielding Real Results!

how to find more customers increase business sales

Consumers are spending more money than ever on products and services. Therefore, if you’re having a weak year when it comes to sales, something has to change. 

Fortunately, there is no shortage of methods on how to find customers and thanks to the internet, the list of customer acquisition channels available to you is growing daily. 

To help you get your year back on track, below, our team discusses what we think are some of the best ways that you can get more people buying what you’re selling, fast! 

1. Be Active When It Comes To Embracing And Analyzing Customer Feedback 

An immense amount of people will go online to check your reputation before choosing to do business with you. Reputation management is something that we talk about on our website a lot and getting started with it can be a relatively simple process. 

To begin, just go through popular review sites like Yelp and Google to claim your business’s page. Then, once your pages are claimed, make an effort to respond to customer feedback. 

We get that it can be tempting to argue with angry customers online. You’ll want to fight that temptation though. 

Whether customer feedback is good or bad, always do what you can to exercise tact during interactions. 

Remember, very few people want to do business with an owner that’s hot-headed and easily baited into online screaming matches. 

2. Revamp Your Product Packaging 

Your product’s packaging is the first thing that customers are going to see when they look at what you’re selling. If they’re moved by how your product is packaged, they may be enticed to pull it off of the shelf. 

Therefore, doing research online by checking out resources like this page and investing in creating brand packaging that truly shines is well worth your team’s time. 

3. Get Started On Social

You’ve heard people shout about how your business needs to be on social media before… Here’s the deal though, being on social media does not mean being on all of social media. 

Certain social media platforms cater to certain demos. Understanding who your audience is and which platforms they use the most is extremely important to you being successful. 

To get traction on social media, your team needs to be on the ball when it comes to sharing and interacting with your platform’s community. Limiting the number of platforms that you’re on will help you stay more active since you won’t be spread thin. 

4. Make Community Events A Priority 

Not all how to find customers strategies need to be executed over an internet connection. There’s a whole world of people waiting to learn about what you’re selling just outside of your window. 

To forge relationships in your community, get active with community events. 

Sponsor sports teams, set up tents at street fairs and make donations to local schools. 

Anything that you can do to build a great reputation locally will lead to excellent word-of-mouth advertising which will consequently help to boost sales. 

5. Jump Start Digital Advertising Through Websites Like Fiverr Or Upwork

Fiverr and Upwork are great, cheap platforms that you can jump start your digital marketing efforts through. For $5.00 or a little more, you can pay a freelancer to help you spread the word about what you’re selling on forums like Reddit and across social media. 

Be sure that the Fiverr or Upwork seller you choose to hire has a number of positive reviews. 

Some bad sellers will use “black-hat” methods of advertising your products which could result in your website being penalized by search engines. 

6. Create A Blog For Business

Business blogging is a great way to get the attention of search engines like Google and Bing. There more things that you write about, the more likely search engines will send curious customers to your website which will then enable you to start selling to them. 

Quality matters when it comes to blog writing and so does a healthy knowledge of SEO. Be sure to pay attention to both of those factors when building your blog or you may end up spending a lot of time on something that doesn’t pull in any new customers. 

7. Attend Industry Mixers & Networking Events

No matter what business you’re in, chances are that there are meetings that take place in your area where other people that do what you do talk shop. 

If you’re interested in figuring out more how to find customers strategies and also love the idea of forging business relationships with like-minded professionals, mixers are a great way to accomplish both ends. 

Websites like are great for finding these sorts of gatherings. 

8. Remember That Success Leave Clues 

There are people in your line of business that are experiencing unfathomable levels of success. That thought might not make you feel great if you’re far from where your goals are but here’s the silver lining… 

In theory, if you do exactly what other successful people in your space did to find prosperity, you could achieve the same results. 

So start copying them! They won't mind, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery after all.

If you’re not sure how to find customers or where to start, the easiest thing to do is to reach out to people, let them know that you admire what they’ve done, and ask for advice. 

People that are further along in their career journey will be more open to sharing their secrets with you than people that are in the thick of enjoying the fruits of their labor, so don’t be discouraged if people you contact tell you to buzz off. 

Just keep trying and be sure to implement what you learn from other successful startups and established businesses. 

Find More Customers And Make More Sales This Year

You need to know how to find customers if you want to generate sales for your business. By leveraging our tips above, we hope that you’ll be able to diversify or improve your existing client funnels so that you can hit those sales goals you set a few months ago. 

The success of your business largely comes down to people’s perception of it and perception is a direct by-product of your reputation.

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