5 How-To Home Improvement Ideas On A Budget

how to inexpensive home improvement ideas lean budget aluminum lantern roof

Your home is your most valuable asset, or at least one of your most valuable assets next to your business or investment accounts. Home improvement is essential to growing the value of your home, while also making it more appealing to sell if needed. Some inexpensive home improvements will drastically increase the value of your house, while simultaneously increasing home buyer offers in both quantity and quality. 

Here are 5 inexpensive ways to improve your home on a budget:

1. Granite Counter Top Alternatives

Granite counter tops are a staple when it comes to kitchen or home upgrades. The problem is that they can cost thousands of dollars, maybe even more depending on your kitchen size and the granite chosen. For a more budget-friendly alternative to granite counter tops, you could pick a faux granite counter top or other high quality materials such as marble, quartz, wood, tile, stainless steel, or concrete among other options. 

They can look and function just as well as granite counter tops, and in some cases even better for just a fraction of the price. There are smart cost-effective house upgrades that are feasible for most homeowners.

2. Vinyl Wood Floors

Hard wood floors are very popular and can really add a level of class and sophistication to your home. Their price tag can end up being thousands of dollars, so vinyl flooring is a much more realistic option. It can actually look just as good, get installed quicker, and end up being more resilient than expensive hard wood floors.

3. Build Your Own Budget-Friendly Backsplash

Backsplashes in kitchens are still very popular, especially to enhance other upgrades like new counter tops or sinks. Hiring someone to put up a new backsplash in your kitchen isn't a bad idea, it can just be quite costly. The alternatives include putting up backsplash sticky paper for pennies compared to the real thing, or using lower cost backsplash tiles / panels / materials and putting them in yourself.

4. Amazing Aluminum Lantern Roof

How would you like to upgrade one of the most important parts of your home, the roof! If your roof is uninspired or in need of replacing, one of the best options would be an aluminium lantern roof. These beautiful roof options will let in sunlight all year long as well as providing style, security, and energy efficiency. It will definitely increase the value and appeal of your home as well! 

5. Satellite Dish Or Antenna Removal

You won't see satellite dish and antenna removal on a lot of home improvement websites or blogs, but it's a big home improvement you can make to your home for a low cost. Satellite dishes and Antennas for cable, internet, or basic TV channels are a huge eyesore, especially if you no longer use them for your television or internet services. 

The house we bought had a DISH Satellite and it looked bad, so we paid a satellite dish removal company about $250 to remove and recycle the dish, while also removing the wiring and weatherproofing the spots. You could also remove the satellite dish or antenna from your house / roof on your own depending on the size, location, and how handy you are.

And let's face it, your beautiful aluminum lantern roof will look a lot better without a tacky or rusty satellite dish or antenna sticking out from it. Or an aluminum lantern roof might not even be possible to install without removing your satellite dish or antenna first. So get it done, one way or another, for the good of your home.

How-To Home Improvement Ideas On A Lean Budget

Your home is your most valuable asset, and real estate is one of the best investments you can make, so make sure to treat it that way. 

Although you may need to devote the majority of your time and financial resources to building your lean startup, make sure to invest at least a little of both into improving your home or real estate holdings.

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