PTSD: 5 Effective Ways To Successfully Regain Mental Health After Personal Injury

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A traumatic event causes a person to develop post-traumatic stress disorder, widely known as PTSD. The condition is developed when a person witnesses a shocking or frightening event and it further affects the daily life of that person. The PTSD does not have to be necessarily developed after an incident of a personal injury, but from witnessing any horrendous scene such as animal attack, a pedestrian killed by a vehicle, sexual abuse, or any other type of violence. The symptoms can become obvious immediately or months and years after the incident. 

According to the American Psychiatric Association, the symptoms include recurrent dreams and recollection of the event, a flashback that arouses the sense of that event, hallucinations, and experiencing distress when reminded of the event. A report published by the Anxiety and Depression Association of America (ADAA), nearly 8 million American adults strive with their PTSD with women larger in number. 

While it becomes essential to keep in check these symptoms, the good news is you can definitely cope with the PTSD. Here is how to recover after PTSD: 

1. Practice Meditation And Mindfulness Therapies 

Activities that help mind find peace and calmness are proved to be effective in fighting with the PTSD symptoms. Moreover, mindfulness-based treatments such as meditation are also very helpful according to a few therapists. These types of therapies reduce self-blaming and avoidance in people with PTSD; such as: 

• Mindfulness-based stress reduction 
• Mindfulness-based exposure therapy 
• Mindfulness-based cognitive therapy 
• Meditation and relaxation 

2. Participation In Physical Activities 

Since physical activities engage the mind, it reduces stress remarkably and helps people with PTSD to cope with the symptoms. Activities such as running or any other sports help increase focus for the patients. According to a research conducted in Anglia Ruskin University in Cambridge, surfing is also an effective way to deal with the PTSD, as the patient gains focus as a flow and in this state of mind, all other negative thoughts and emotions are pushed aside. Moreover, although, meditation is also effective, this activity is found more effective and makes the patient more active. 

3. Have You Tried Aromatherapy Yet? 

In certain researches, soothing aroma is found to be a cure in reducing chronic stress and anxiety linked to PTSD. Few patients diagnosed with this disorder reported that aromatherapy with essential oils has helped them reduce their stress and anxiety and is a good relaxing strategy. 

4. Art Therapy Is Unique Way To Calm The Mind 

Over the past few years, art therapy has been coming in the limelight among the list of PTSD therapies. Specialists worked with people who experienced traumatic events in their lives, art therapy helps express their emotions instead of suppressing them inside. The traumatic event blocks and shuts down the part of the brain which is responsible for the speech. The art therapy helps them express those emotions that they cannot express through words. It can also help keep the mind refreshed to avoid mental burnout.

5. Keeping Pets To Cure PTSD 

Adopting a pet is also an effective strategy to treat PTSD. Research has shown that keeping a trained animal show positive results in minimizing the symptoms of stress and depression linked to the PTSD. 

6. Writing A Journal 

Another way to deal with these symptoms is to writing thoughts and feelings in a journal. It helps the patient to express the emotions with further helps in taking an objective approach towards the situation and finding a way to improve it. 

PTSD Recovery Conclusion

The symptoms of PTSD get better. Despite the traumatic event has put the chronic impact on the person, the patient improves and recover his or her mental and physical health. These strategies can take some time, but they are definitely worth trying.

I hope you enjoyed this article about PTSD and effective ways to successfully regain mental health after a personal injury or incident.

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