Stick out From the Trade Show Crowd With These Booth Design Ideas

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Headed to a trade show soon? Then it's time you designed your booth. If been thinking of winging it, that isn't going to cut it.

Trade shows are filled with hundreds of booths, all vying for the attention of the attendees. This is one case where you do want to stick out. This is especially true if your competitors will be present at the show.

So how is it done? Luckily, creating a booth that stands out in a good way isn't hard. Here are some custom booth design ideas to get your creative wheels turning.

1. Replicate Your Office

As a business owner, you know what makes your product tick. If that means you need to bring office with you, then so be it.

Sort of.

Of course, you can't bring your real office with you. You can make your trade show booth look just like your office, though.

Why replicate your office? It lets you feel like you're in the environment where your best work. You might hear a lot more people milling around, but you'll feel right at home.

An office-like booth is particularly great if it can be used to showcase your products, too. For example, if you create custom wall art, you can display some pieces on your "office" walls for all to see.

2. Add Interactive Elements

When most people see something cool, they want to get a closer look. They might wonder how something works, or simply want to see the attraction-grabber up close.

Because of this, interactive elements can really stop people in their tracks. Is there some part of your manufacturing or creative process that attendees can participate in? Then let them!

This is a great way to get your company to stick in the minds of attendees. As they walk around all the booths, they're not likely to remember every single one in detail. However, they're likely to remember you if you gave them something fun to do instead of just something to look at.

Not sure how to create interactive areas within your booth? Utilize display tables to give you a bit more surface space.

3. Utilize Live Stream Technology

Live streaming can help you out in multiple ways. First, you can use it to allow attendees a look into your companies inner workings. They might enjoy seeing how you make your products or viewing steps in the design process.

If you're offering a product or service that's totally unique or high-tech, this will really go a long way. Let people see how it's made and how it works.

On the flip side, you can live steam what's happening at the event. This lets your employees in the office participate in the trade show. Two-way live streaming will allow attendees and employees in your home office to interact.

4. Set up a Game

Games offer fun interactive elements that can also be informational. Competitions might be your best bet.

The game you provide could be on you concoct yourself, or you can simply use an existing board game. Let your booth visitors play against each other for some sort of prize.

You might offer 20% off your services to the winner. Or each participant could receive a $5 voucher to spend in your healthy snack food store.

Whatever the prize is, make it fun and usable, and easy to obtain.

5. Go Big or Go Home With Graphics

Every booth at the trade show will likely have a display including some information about their company. This might be as simple as a company name emblazoned across the top of the booth.

You can take things a step farther, though. How do you do it? By integrating graphics.

And by graphics, we don't mean small ones. We mean huge ones that will grab attention.

Is your fitness business so successful it's helped people all over the world? Show just how big your reach is by creating a colorful map that covers the entire backside of your booth. Use indicators to show on the map the locations you serve.

Or, show how the lives of real people have been changed thanks to your product.

Whatever you display, graphics go a long way. So make them part of your booth, and make them big.

Want to use a marquee, sign, or banner? There are many options to choose from.

6. Flood It With Light

If you get placed in just the wrong spot, your booth may not get much attention. A big part of this is lighting.

Your booth has to be well-lit or attendees will walk right on by. 

People naturally don't like to walk into low-lit areas. So make sure every part of your booth can be easily seen and understood. 

You have all sorts of choices when it comes to lighting. You can go for a more natural feel, or show off the newest technology available.

And, you can use lights to get attention. You don't want to go too far with this, but get creative and see what you can come up with. Lights can really grab attention, and it can be done in a fun, non-obtrusive way.

Use These Booth Design Ideas for Your Best Trade Show Experience

Taking your business to a trade show takes a lot of time and effort. So make sure your booth design is ready to impress if you want to have the best experience possible.

It doesn't take much to grab attention, and you don't even have to be obnoxious about it. Each of these custom booth design ideas can help you achieve a fun, interesting booth that'll have the attendees talking about it when they go home.

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