3 Advantages To Basing Your Startup In Dallas

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Starting a business is an exciting time for any entrepreneur but it’s important that you choose the right location to operate from. Perhaps you wanted to operate your business from your hometown but the infrastructure wasn’t adequate. On the other hand, maybe you are a Texas native and you were already aware of Dallas’ growing reputation as a startup hub in the Lone Star State. No matter what your reasons are for basing your startup in Dallas, it could be the best decision you ever make, as the city is quickly becoming a draw for entrepreneurs from all over the States. 

As you might expect, with more and more startups flocking to the city, there is an abundance of coworking space Dallas for entrepreneurs to utilize and take up residence in a city that almost two-dozen Fortune 500 companies call home, where 25 billionaires live and where over fifty universities and colleges are located, offering a diverse and highly educated workforce to help your startup get off the ground. 

Let’s take a look at just three major advantages of basing your startup in Dallas. 

Strategic Location 

Located in North Texas, Dallas is strategically located just two hours from both the Oklahoma and Louisiana borders. After Houston, it is the second biggest metropolitan area with a total population of 7.5 million people. For many Texans, and Americans, Dallas is considered to be the cultural and, more importantly for entrepreneurs, the commercial hub of North Texas. With a highly educated workforce and a great location, Dallas is a city where your business can grow into an established entity in your industry. 

Established Business Scene 

When you are starting a business, it is always good to know that you are in a location that is associated with success. As we mentioned earlier, more than twenty Fortune 500 companies are based in Texas, including Southwest Airlines, Dell, AT&T, American Airlines, Whole Foods, Exxon Mobile, Sysco, and a whole host of other successful brands that are equated with trust, quality and integrity. 

More than 2.4 million small businesses are also registered in Texas making it a great location for you to base your startups. As an added incentive, the cost of doing business in Texas is 11.2% below the national average, making it even more attractive to entrepreneurs looking to bootstrap their business. 

Work / Life Balance 

While Dallas is a great city for establishing your business and growing your brand, another one of the major draws is the work/life balance that the city offers. The cost of living is much lower than other major American cities and that includes the costs of buying health insurance, food rent and utilities. Dallas also offers a sub-tropical climate and gets very little, if, any snow. One of the most exciting prospects for those moving to the Lone Star State is that there is no income tax in Texas, meaning that when your startup becomes a big success, you will have more money in your back pocket and more disposable capital to reinvest in the critical areas of your business. 

Consider Dallas For Your Startup 

Whether you want to expand your current business into Dallas, or you are already based in Texas and are looking for a city with a great startup scene, Dallas could be everything you have been looking for. With a great work/life balance, a strategic position in North Texas and an established business scene, you will have more opportunities to learn, network and develop your business than you ever thought possible. 

With the right approach, your bootstrapped business will soon be up and running, taking advantage of all that Dallas has to offer.

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