What Does New Technology Hold For Us?

Modern technology has made our life easier than ever, but it has also made us lethargic. We need to investigate to learn whether new technology is good or bad. Technology is evolving rapidly. And it's believed that more than 80 percent of the jobs will soon be replaced by the automated technology. While that may increase the overall productivity by several folds, it will also increase the rate of unemployment worldwide. 

But, wait a minute. The technology was supposed the make lives easier; not miserable, right? Then what was that all about? Are we moving towards an A.I. apocalypse? Was Elon Musk right all this while? 

Well, don’t get so worked up. All these are just assumption. The sole purpose of technology is still to make human lives more comfortable, which it is doing seamlessly. Just look around yourself. We are using technology in almost every minute. In fact, the blog that you are reading right now is brought to you by the internet, one of the greatest technologies ever. 

Like any other thing in this world, even technology has a good and a bad side. Perhaps we need to evaluate both the aspects of new technology to determine whether it is good for us, or is inclined more towards the evil. 

Here are some of the pros of new technology

1) Improved Communication 

If you look at the way the means of communication have changed over the last fifty years, you will surely start appreciating the contribution of new technology in our lives. Now, we cannot only have a telephonic conversation with a person who is miles away from us, but we can now have real-time video chat whenever we want. It's certainly improved efficiency when it comes to communicating and meeting others for a variety of purposes.

2) Healthcare & Technology 

Thanks to the advancement of technology, the average lifespan of humans have increased significantly over the last century. With better facilities, more advanced procedures and superior tools, it has been possible to beat some diseases that were major reasons for death in the past few centuries. Researchers may have found the cure, but it's the technology that has made it work. This allows for us all to be potentially healthier and happier people

3) Advancements In Education 

Technology plays a crucial role in creating major scopes for learning, and it will continue to do so in the upcoming years. Even though a certain portion of our society is still dwelling in the shadows of illiteracy, technology and better infrastructure is slowly filling up the gap. Digital classrooms and online courses are only the beginning of a great shift in learning.

4) A Better Standard Of Living 

Technology has boosted the quality of life in so many ways. We no longer need to visit the stores physically to buy needful things. The e-commerce sites bring the stores to you. Entertainment has been defined with all the web-streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime and more. Also, our homes are turning into smart houses with the introduction of smart devices like Google home or Amazon Echo. 

In simpler words, technology has made life a lot easier, which was the whole point of inventing new technology

However, there have been negative impacts of technology as well which often make us wonder if the new technology is worth at all. Here are some of the major cons of new technology in our society: 

1) We Are Growing Lethargic 

Since technology is making our lives easier by providing almost everything within our reach, we are technically growing lazier with each passing day. It's like in the Disney Pixar movie "Wall-E", where humans become obese due to the lack of exercise, as they have invented technology for everything. We can't let that happen to us, but sadly we are walking down the same path. 

2) Technology Is Turning People Stupid 

There was a time when the most popular technology (the television) in society was called "the idiot box"; now the most popular technology is called a "smartphone". Do you see the difference here? Technology is growing smarter, or perhaps our perception of the technology is changing. And now that most of us are relying heavily on technology, it is sad to see that people rarely use their brains to deal with everyday challenges. 

3) Reduced The Attention Span 

With the increasing use of technology, our attention span for things is shrinking drastically. Now that we have so many options, we are no longer spare our undivided attention on a particular matter. Even when we are working, we tend to check our phones and websites every now and then. That not only reduces productivity but also displays how messed up our priorities have become. It is also very common to see people using their phones while crossing with no attention to the road, making them prone to accidents. 

A Threat To Privacy 

While technology may make things a lot simpler for us, it is also making us vulnerable to several risks, including the security of private details. In this digital age, all our data is stored on the online network, so that it can be accessed remotely from anywhere. But they are not 100 percent secure. We often get to hear the news of online fraud and breach of privacy. Marketing masterminds are always looking to glean more of your personal data and purchasing habits to better advertise and sell to you. You may never know you can be the victim of such unfortunate events next. 

The Role Of AI & Machine Learning 

Well, the intention behind creating these technologies was never to put humans in the harm’s way, but somehow the technologies are turning into our own enemies. While the aforementioned disadvantages are already here, a lot of people, including American Philanthropist Elon Musk, believe that the concept of artificial intelligence can be a threat to the humankind. 

Artificial Intelligence, which provides machines with the ability to think, is a great way to introduce automation in our lives. In fact, the science of "machine learning" is taking AI to a different level where the machines will learn and improve their functions automatically without being programmed explicitly. All of these efforts are made so that user experiences can be enhanced. But you cannot just shake off the conspiracy theories which have made it to the big screens a considerable number of times. 


American writer, David Wong has once said, “New technology is not good or evil in and of itself. It is all about how people choose to use it”, and his analysis has been absolutely on-point. It depends entirely on us if we are going to use the technology to improve our lives or to make it worse. Technology is a gift to mankind, but years of mistreatment can turn it into our doom. 

I hope you enjoyed this helpful article on what new technology holds for us in business and as a society.

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