5 Ways Influencers Can Improve Business Growth

ways social media influencers grow business

The change in consumer behaviour towards increased use of e-commerce sites and social media over the last few years has cemented the place for influencer marketing as a key strategy for driving business growth. Turning to an influencer marketing agency for help with running a social media marketing campaign has now become the new norm and isn’t showing any signs of slowing down or changing. 

In this blog we will discuss 5 ways for how influencers can help improve your business growth. 

1. They Know How To  Mobilise People 

The most successful influencers are able to take their already established, niche following and mobilise them in a way that will persuade them to take some kind of action; typically that which will benefit their brand partner and themselves. This is usually done with authentic content and clear calls to action. After all, 61% of consumers say they trust the recommendation of an influencer over a brand’s own content, such as ads, meaning these calls to action are oftentimes effective. 

2. Their Opinion Is Valuable 

Many influencers started out in the position of the consumer. Not only do they know the industry inside out but they also know valuable information on how consumers see and shop for specific products and services. Therefore, they can act as the go between for you and your target audience. This opinion is valued by brands for their industry expertise and by their followers for being a trusted source of information they can turn to. 

3. Influencers Increase Conversion Rates 

Boosting traffic to a partner’s website is all well and good, but what marketers need to focus on are the conversions that are occurring too. Influencers can help with this. With commerce shifting almost entirely online, influencers can help not only with product discovery but also drive conversions all the way through to the purchase phase. In fact, Inmar reported that 84% of consumers had made a purchase based on an influencer’s recommendation. 

Clearly, influencers possess some level of power over their followers, and when you combine this with a consumer’s democratic purchasing power, you have a recipe for success. 

4. Influencer Marketing Can Create Memorable Social Media Experiences For Brands Of All Sizes 

Instagram takeovers, sponsored posts, Facebook contests etc., the ways to tap into influencer marketing are almost endless and, no matter your budget, are accessible to all brands. Utilising influencer marketing methods are a good way to create a long-lasting impression on a new, potential target audience. Brands who can create a long-lasting impression on people will remain in the back of a consumer’s mind and be brought to the forefront when it comes to purchasing something from that industry. 

5. Influencer Marketing Is Here To Stay 

As well as this, influencer marketing is constantly evolving in new ways even more beneficial for business than the last and so jumping on the bandwagon at some point will become inevitable for those brands who have not familiarised themselves with this marketing method yet. In fact, it is estimated that 23% of brands spend between $10k and $50k on influencer marketing, proving its popularity and their impact on audiences. Influencer marketing isn't going anywhere anytime soon when it comes to boosting business leads and sales.

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