10 Ways Introverts Can Succeed In Business

ways introverts succeed in business introverted entrepreneur

10 Real Reasons Why Introverts Rule

Introverts silently rule the world and more people are becoming silent as they evolve. As a self-confessed introvert, I am always looking at the benefits of being an Introvert. Being an introvert doesn’t necessarily mean “shy” and it doesn't limit your potential success in business. Some of the biggest leaders today in business and politics are introverted. 

Here are 10 authentic reasons why introverts really rule in business

1. Introverts Balance Extroverts 

In a Yin and Yang society, introverts are essential for balancing business realms. If one side was bigger than the other, imbalance would surely follow. Our world runs better by having polar opposites, and so do companies. 

2. Introverts Listen 

You probably have a best friend that really listens to you. Guess what? They are probably an Introvert. Introverts typically listen, make great counselors, therapists, best friends and effective communicators. Imagine the impact of strong listening and reasoning skills in those intense boardroom meetings or during sales pitches that never end.

3. Introvert Feel Deeply 

“Still waters run deep” is a short adage that sums up the powers of an introvert. What looks to be calm on the surface of an introvert actually goes a lot deeper into a network of feelings, emotions, and opinions. They just don’t feel the need to express everything they feel right away. 

4. Introverts Are Creative 

Some of the best writers, artists, actors, actresses and musicians are introverted, including Tom Hanks, Barbara Walters, Helen Hunt, Diane Sawyer, Clint Eastwood and Meryl Streep. Introverts are great at channeling their inner creativity because they can internalize and marinate their creative juices before releasing it to the public. Creative introverts are like magicians, only the magic is done internally. 

5. Introverts Lead Social Movements 

“Justice and I became friends, though we were opposites in many ways – he was extroverted, I was introverted; he was lighthearted, I was serious.” Nelson Mandela. Introverts can be aggressive when needed, especially during righteous causes. There is no “shy” in introvert when they believe in something. Abraham Lincoln was an introvert and so was Eleanor Roosevelt, both were very vocal in leading history-changing events, but needed quiet reflection to keep going. 

6. Introverts Raise The Vibration 

In a spiritual sense, everything in this universe has an energetic vibration. Meditation, stillness and silence are actually very powerful vibrations because they are closest to the “source” of life. Introverts embody this vibration by internalizing energy rather than expending energy. This is counter-intuitive to those who like to spend lots of energy, but that kind of energy is usually chaotic, unfocused, and ego driven. The less we are driven by our “inner voice,” which is just the ego trying to drive our life, the more powerful we become. Look at Buddhist monks, are they jumping around yelling? 

7. Introverts Are Edgy 

Warren Buffet, Emma Watson and Albert Einstein are a few introverts who have an “edge.” Introverts can be known for being passive/aggressive with their intellect, and voice their opinions only when absolutely necessary. There is no shortage of words in most introverts. They just look within for answers, rather than look outside. 

8. Introverts Are Great Negotiators 

Introverts make for great negotiators because they are calm, polite and firm. Introverts who come prepared to the negotiation table have done their research and ask the right questions. They also usually weigh the pros and cons before the actual negotiation and are willing to listen openly to both sides. 

9. Are Perfect Business Partners 

Introverts are great at business because they tend to pause and think things over carefully. They only make a business decision upon careful consideration and look at all possible options. They also don’t get in the way when things get chaotic, which is nice because the more that people get excited, frantic and stressed in business, the worse the outcome. 

10. They Are Patient

When you are more thoughtful and do more listening, you learn to be a bit more patient. And in business, patience is a virtue. Patience can also be profitable in our hustling and bustling business world.

Ways To Profit From Introversion 

Are you Introverted? Do you quietly view things from within? Introversion is not bad. In fact, by being “inward” you get the upperhand over Extroverts to understand and perceive things with deeper meaning. But, how can you profit by being Introverted? 

I had always been introverted. I could play all day alone in my room growing up. I didn’t have an iPad to keep me entertained. What I did do was listen to music, and eventually became a drummer. Introverts are made up of musicians and artists. By listening to music all day and daydreaming what it would be like to be a rock drummer, I became one. In Law of Attraction circles and Think and Grow Rich circles I was creating my reality by thinking it. Like I said, introverts can think a lot, and if thinking creates your destiny then I would assume you would have a better painting or vision by being an introvert.  

By being Introverted, I gained skills I wouldn’t have had the patience for (like blogging everyday). Can you think of some special talents, gifts, or even hardships that introversion has given you? These “gifts” can lead to a very profitable career. No one wants to follow a Leader who hasn’t gotten their feet stuck in shit. Our introversion breeds authenticity which can’t be earned in any University. 

Here are 5 things introverts can profit from: 

1. Special Talents 

Like music, art, writing, sports, acting, etc. Introverts are great at these skills and usually rise the ranks fast in these fields. Some of the most powerful writers are Introverts and with good reason. They need to watch their “inner-movie” to come up with developed characters. Athletes also use their introversion to self-reflect on what they need to improve, and musicians use their introversion to fully hear the music before it’s played. 

2. Hearing Others Out

In a world where most people talk about themselves or pretend they listen but are thinking what they’re going to say next, introverts are a rare breed. They can listen genuinely and for long periods of time. Introverts are great counselors, psychologists, or any other social science field. Introverted business leaders know we have 2 ears and 1 mouth for a reason.

3. Intuitive

 Introverts are usually more intuitive. They sense the feelings of others because they are tapped into their feelings. Intuition lubricates communication better between people because you’re playing less “hit or miss” in dialogue. Intuitive introverts are great “matchmakers” and can facilitate connections between others, and intuitive introverts make great consultants. 

4. Deep Wisdom 

There’s a deep well of knowledge within all of us, most of it is untapped cosmic energy. Introverts can tap into this energy because of their choice to be in solitude with their expression. Great leaders express deep wisdom in their teachings, like Gandhi and Mother Teresa. Introverts can become great thought leaders in our society. 

5. Spirituality 

Spirituality is no longer considered hoaky or hippie. As we evolve as humans, we are realizing the power of the metaphysical. We are discovering new microscopic particles, smaller than atoms, that act bizarrely. These particles defy our present scientific understanding and this is leading us to believe more and more in unexplained phenomenon. We are powerful. We are connected to the entire Universe and collectively we can shift the consciousness of the World. My introversion was a nuisance growing up, but it turned into power the more I accessed it through meditation and mindfulness.

How Introverts Can Become Money Making Marketers 

You want to work from home because you love your home and you don’t love sitting in traffic for a few hours each day. You also don’t want to be jarred awake in the morning by an annoying alarm clock. And, you also don’t want some boss telling you what to do. And you don’t want to look at other co-workers in the same experience as you. There’s two things holding most people back from starting a home based business. anxiety and procrastination in business Anxiety and procrastination. Anxiety is essentially caused by an inner conflict with yourself. You have this image of yourself doing your dream job, but in reality you are at your crappy job. You compare the two. This causes anxiety. Anxiety and worry sours everything in your life and when you sustain this crappy attitude, you’re actually keeping it around, because “what you resist, persists.” This is kind of like the Law of Attraction, which states, “What you mostly think about will come true.” 

So, if you’re constantly thinking about your junky job, guess what, you will get more of it. The way to break this cycle to is to visualize working in your ideal environment. This is hard to do at first because you are looking around in your real environment thinking, “this is not my ideal.” Of course it’s not your ideal. The ideal is still in your head, but it can materialize once you start thinking you’re already in your ideal environment. 

You might have to get out of your comfort zone more with your new job, or have to do your own taxes now, or hire a staff. The point is: You don’t know for sure if a fantasy job will be better. But, if you want to make money from home without a boss or a nagging schedule, then let’s move on! 

Laptop Nation 

Over 50 million people work from home in America. I’m one of them. I can stay in my pajamas as I jump out of bed and go to my desk. That is my commute,a simple 3 second transition. I make a cup of fresh coffee, turn on the monitor with a wiggle of my mouse, open a document and I’m at work. I can listen to music or stare out the window, or watch a few YouTube videos for inspiration. No more getting dirty work pants and shoes on and driving to a job. No more packing lunches or wondering what I will eat during lunchtime. No more looking at anyone during a bad hair day. I can be a monster all by myself from home as I write these posts and share with you content you need. You know what I mean, your job takes a little piece of your soul every year and we don’t have that many to expend. Our backs are sore. . .Our fingers are stiff. . .Our eyes are getting fuzzy. . . Working from home is not an overnight sensation, but it’s something you can strive towards while you work a job. 

The difference between just working the rest of your life at a job and working at a job until your home based business takes off is about a twenty to thirty year difference. See, working at just a job means working until you retire, which could be not until you are seventy or seventy five. But, building a home based business as an introvert on the side while you work will probably get you home full-time in 3 to 7 years. It’s your choice:Either work 20 to 30 years at a job or work 3 to 7 years, then work in your Pj’s or not work at all. Maybe collect checks while on the beach. . . How to make money as an Introvert Three simple choices: Blog, Videos, or Podcast. Establishing your brand with any of these will still take a lot of work and commitment, but remember how hard you work at your dead-end job. What will you blog about? You blog about you. You are more interesting than your product you are trying to sell. Of course, you can lead people to your “offer” at the end of a post, which is called a “call-to-action” but for the most part you want to write about your interests, what you learned, and how you can help others. There’s a simple way to create content, it’s called ILT. 

I think Ray Higdon created this acronym, but the theory has been around forever. Here’s what ILT stands for: 

Invest: You buy or invest your time (things will always cost either your time or money, no escaping that) in learning new information within your niche. Let’s say you are an Interior Decorator. You would buy a training course from a reputable person online who dominates the Interior Design niche and take copious notes while learning their information. 

You “learn” what you invested in buying. You then “teach” what you learned in the form of a blog post, short video, or Podcast. You tell people what you learned in your own words. You do not copy the info you bought. Ideally, you inject your own experiences and personality into this information and make it your own brand. As Picasso stated: “Good artists copy; great artists steal.” ILT is the quickest way to produce content and you learn as you go. Eventually, this cycle of ILT and producing content gets easier and quicker for you. 

Introvert Income Through Home Businesses

Do this for a year of two and you will have a lot of great, valuable content on your blog. In the beginning of my blog, I watched free YouTube videos from the best trainers in my industry. I took a lot of notes and internalized that information and then wrote about what I learned. If you post three videos or three blog posts a week, that’s over a 150 blog posts or videos in a year. You can easily do three a week while you work at your job. What’s the point of creating so much content? Creating a lot of useful content over time will eventually get you seen on the search engines like Google. People that find you through the search engines when typing in a keyword or phrase is called “organic traffic.” Organic traffic is gold for bloggers and video marketers. These are the best “Leads” for your business because they were already searching for what you have. This is way better than hunting people with your opportunity and getting rejected. This is the basic idea around “Attraction Marketing” where you write content people want and they come to you instead of you going to them. 

The problem is most people that begin producing content on their blog give up too soon. They blog everyday for three to six months. They are so excited in the beginning. They picture money just flowing in. There are so many dead blogs online, abandoned by impatient people who didn’t really blog for the value it provided but for the hopes of a quick buck. This is why you don’t want to quit your job too soon. A job will keep you relaxed while you build your brand online. How many blog posts do I need? We are talking about 200 to 600 blog posts or videos, original content that people want to read and ideally share on their social media. This will at least take you a year of solid blogging or shooting video to get around 200 to 250 posts. But, then you have Google. They are not going to really give you great ranking until your blog gets older, no matter how great your content is. Google usually likes blogs that are older than two years old, so I believe a blog that has two years of content is a good starting point to make enough money to take it more seriously. There’s many other elements that go into great content and making your blog SEO friendly that I don’t cover in this post, but the point is: Blogging or vlogging can get you home quicker than a job can. 

How do you monetize your blog? I wouldn’t worry about monetizing your blog until you start getting at least 100 organic visitors a day, not traffic from your social media but from the search engines. You can analyze this by going into your WordPress dashboard and look at “stats” and then look at “referrers.” A referrer is someone that is giving you traffic, like Google and Bing. I’m not talking about WordPress.com blogs, but self-hosted blogs that run the WordPress platform. You can visit Bluehost for a WordPress-based website. Monetizing your blog is relatively easy. You can promote: Affiliate products. (Info products from other people) Adsense. (Google’s advertising platform) Network marketing. (Either the product or the “income opportunity.) Ad space. (People pay you for them to put a banner ad up.) The beautiful thing for Introverts or anybody who blogs consistently and starts getting good traffic is that the money usually does start flowing in. The more traffic your blog gets, the more money you will get as an introvert entrepreneur

You could be sleeping and wake up to $235 more dollars in your bank, if you have direct deposit hooked up. It truly is worth blogging for this long to start to see not only the money, but to see comments on your blog from people around the world that said your blog post really helped them. Blogging is not about being a total recluse. You can at least write some nice words back to these people, but essentially you’re all alone at home, or anywhere in the world making automated income. Wi-Fi is so powerful these days, you could literally be in a little cabin the the middle of Siberia and make money, but you still would need a mule to bring in your food! 

Introvert income is powerful, possible, and profitable!

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