5 Tips To Save Money On International Package Shipping

how to save money on international package shipping global packaging shipments

Shipping packages internationally can become quite expensive if compared to shipping locally. Delivering packages from one country to another is a tricky and complex procedure, which requires extra steps and resources. No wonder international shipping rates are sometimes shocking. 

But the pricing should not scare you away from international shipping. Getting high-quality shipping services at a lower price is actually possible. It turns out that we can save a lot if we pay a little attention to our choices when shipping overseas. We’ve gathered a few very simple, but super genius tips to save money on international shipping. 

Let’s hop right in to smarter strategies for global shipping. 

Tip #1 Reuse Packaging Materials 

Probably the simplest, yet super effective tip to follow is reusing old packaging materials. Although they’re not very expensive, it will definitely hurt your pocket if you ship packages constantly. 

Whether you or your family constantly receive packages from others, don’t rush to throw packaging away. It would be much smarter if you’d save it for later. The majority of packaging materials can be easily reused if they function well. 

Here’s what can be reused: 

Bubble Wrap, Foam Wrap, Kraft Paper, Packing Peanuts. They can be reused many times and will still protect your items pretty well. 

Other internal packaging materials. 

Wooden Box. If not damaged during previous transportation, it can be used again. 

Here’s what cannot be reused: 

Packaging Tape. When reused, it won’t function at all. 

Carton Box. Unless it is in perfect condition, it should not be reused. It must be sturdy and not damaged at all. However, it is not recommended reusing it as it can be too flimsy after one use for shipping. 

Stickers. Fragile, This way up and other warning stickers can remain if you’re reusing the box, but it won’t stick properly to another one when reused. 

Tip #2 Ship In Bulk And Consolidate Packages 

We all know that buying things in bulk usually saves us money. The same rule goes with package shipping. The more you ship, the better rates you may get. When you send more packages at once, the majority of package shipping companies will offer you a discount. 

You may also want to consolidate packages. It’s not a very popular, yet really effective trick. Let’s imagine you have 4 friends living in Romania and you want to send them separate packages filled with, for example, Christmas gifts. But shipping 4 parcels is way too expensive. 

Sounds familiar? Then why don’t you package all the gifts in a big box, send it all to one of your friends, and ask him or her to hand goods out to others. This way shipping to Romania from the USA will definitely cost less. The plan is not perfect for every situation, but maybe this trick can save you money. 

Tip #3 Use Economy Shipping Option 

Having your parcels delivered from one country to another in a few days is great, but that’s not always a necessity. Express shipping options usually cost 2x or 3x times more than economic ones. If you don’t need to deliver packages in a blink of an eye, then don’t waste your money on express shipping. 

However, always check both shipping options. Some shipping companies offer both express and economy shipping methods at reasonable or even similar rates. Always evaluate your options and be smart when choosing a shipping method to get the best out of a package delivery company. 

Tip #4 Compare Shipping Rates 

In most cases, the biggest factor of shipping costs is the shipping company you decide to send your packages with. So, before sending your parcel overseas, make sure to compare shipping rates at different courier companies and pick the most affordable option to save money. 

Simply Google international shipping companies and request price quotes from at least 5 or 7 different service providers. You can also use price comparison websites or a shipping price calculator if the shipper has one online. This way you’ll get the image of pricing estimates and will make the smartest choice beneficial to your pocket needs. 

Tip #5 Get Free Package Insurance 

Getting your parcels insured when shipping internationally is crucial, but usually, it costs extra. Sometimes it might cost more than package delivery itself. If you don’t want to pay additional money for package insurance, look for a free one. Some shipping carriers offer free package shipping insurance for small parcels. It’s a great way to spend less on international shipping. If you will manage to find a reliable carrier with great shipping costs and a free insurance option - go with it. 

Ship Smarter Worldwide

These are just a few of many money-saving tips when shipping internationally. Hopefully, it proved to you that cutting shipping costs can be quite easy even if your packages are sent worldwide. Don’t forget to use these tricks, be brave and creative in order to save money on global shipments.

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