3 Best Keap Alternatives For Marketing Automation

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Keap is mainly focused on marketing automation and contact management, but it also includes robust tools for sales automation and ecommerce. The CRM for small businesses assists in the conversion of prospects into customers, and the reports section is simple and easy to understand without requiring a math degree. 

Grow the business with an all-in-one CRM, sales, and marketing platform tailored to serious business owners. The Keap platform centralizes your customer information and daily activities, allowing you to focus on increasing your business rather than mundane tasks. The cost of a function on Keap starts at $79.00. There is no free version of the software available. Keap offers a risk-free trial period. Every month, Keap Grow provides 500 contacts for one user. You can also submit invoices and quotations, schedule meetings, use business text messaging and a phone line, and use Keap's email marketing and CRM. There are several alternatives to Keap. 

Keap Grow will cost $79 per month. If you wanted Expert Coaching in addition to your subscription, you would have to pay $99. In comparison with Keap pricing here are some Keap alternatives that you could use for your business. 

EngageBay is a tool that can almost match Keap in terms of features. Other resources include email marketing, landing pages, live chat/helpdesk, ticketing, appointment scheduling, contact management, and more. You will notice the difference when you look at EngageBay's paid plans. The prices are extremely reasonable, particularly given the scope of their services. For their Pro package, which costs $49.99 a month, there are no mandatory onboarding fees. EngageBay allows you to store as many (or as few) contacts as you would like. Leads can add notes, keep records, and see which emails they've got as well as any chats they've had with agents. 

There is no free plan, and the most basic plan costs $79 a month for 500 contacts and one person. Furthermore, main features like landing pages, pipelines, advanced automations, and reports are only available on the Pro ($149/month) package. These are the few drawbacks of Keap Pricing packages. EngageBay’s marketing automation, like many of its other services, is free. If you want to use more of EngageBay’s facilities, you can upgrade to the All-in-One for $8.99 per month, the CRM & Sales Bay for $7.79 per month, or the Marketing Bay for $7.79 per month. 

EngageBay Advantages: 

• Sales and Marketing CRM 
• Automated email marketing 
• Sequences of emails 
• A live chat options 
• Information gathering and reporting 
• Webforms for capturing leads 

EngageBay's Disadvantages: 

• The only disadvantage we found with EngageBay is that their integrations are limited. 

2. NetSuite CRM 

NetSuite CRM+ is a customer relationship management (CRM) system for small and midsize businesses that is hosted in the cloud. Thousands of companies use NetSuite in a variety of sectors, including bulk distribution, manufacturing, media/publishing, and retail. Sales force automation, e-commerce, customer data management, partner relationship management, marketing analytics, and more are all included in NetSuite CRM+. The NetSuite for iPhone application expands the software's capabilities to mobile devices. 

The analytics feature can combine back-office metrics and data with front-office operations to give upper management a full picture of their company. The design and platform of NetSuite CRM+ enable businesses to personalize and customize the solution to meet their specific needs. 

NetSuite CRM+ is available as a software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution. The solution has a multi- tenant architecture, and all data is kept safe in a stable data center. NetSuite also offers the NetSuite Business Operating Platform (NS-BOS), an application development platform that gives developers the tools and resources they need to design, create, and deploy industry-specific customizations and applications. On an operations level, NetSuite CRM is really good. It is easy to navigate inventory and allocate orders under the appropriate department for revenue or warranty. I feel there are more suited CRMs that are much more user friendly for ticketing systems. 

NetSuite Advantages 

• NetSuite is ideal for small to midsize businesses. 

Netsuite Disadvantages
• For customer support agents, it is not as user-friendly. 
• Streamlined API with ticketing systems that are friendly to agents. 
• Agents would be able to add functionality without the assistance of developers. 

3. Bitrix24 

Bitrix24 CRM has a wide range of lead management tools, as well as some useful automation features, that combine to make it an excellent SMB value, though software simplicity is still lacking. 

Bitrix24 Advantages

• Provides the option of using a separate lead list or heading straight to touch. 
• A user interface for Kanban is available. 
• Notification of opportunities, tasks, and events on a regular basis. 

Bitrix24 Disadvantages

• The user interface is complicated 
• Limitations of social networking 

Bitrix24 CRM, with its bewildering array of features, will centralise all correspondence and collaboration for any size organisation. The biggest issue we have with this service is that it has such a large number of features that it can be daunting. 

Editors' Choices Apptivo CRM, Salesforce Sales Cloud Lightning Professional, and Zoho CRM all have the ability to add and delete functionality, so the Plus tier ($39 per month for up to 24 users) comes with 24 GB of storage and features including CRM record conversions, update history, and access logs, as well as a list view that can hold more than 500 records. Unlimited internal and external users, 100 GB of storage, and the use of your own logo are all included in the Standard package ($99 per month). Unlimited online storage, job reports, time management features, meetings and briefings, records management, and the right to use your own domain name are all included in the Professional package ($199 a month) of this SaaS program. 

Although $99 and $199 seem like a lot of money, those plans provide unlimited users. CRM services that cost between $12 and $15 a month per employee can easily add up to a significant amount of money.is will be a significant change. It is an ideal CRM software alternative to Keap.

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