Pros And Cons Of Blogging Challenges

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Over 12,000 new blogs are created every day.

Over 3 million blog posts are created every day.

Content Marketing through blogging is now mandatory if you want consistent sales and Leads.

I’m an avid fan, maybe a rabid fan of blogging! I feel the only way small business owners and Entrepreneurs can compete with the big guns and get seen on the top of Google is to blog and do it consistently.

When you blog great content you get seen. . .

I posted a large 5,000 word post entitled, The Top 30 MLM Blogs, and it took off on Facebook.

One of the biggest MLM trainers saw it and posted it on his Twitter and Facebook.

Here’s was my visits before and after that post:

Kind of a small pic, but I was getting 300 views a day, then that night I posted Top 80 and it climbed to 600, then the next day it was over 2,000.

I checked my “sites linking in” on my Webmaster Tools a week after that post and had 800 new sites linking in, just to that post!

This is my post on Ray Higdon’s Facebook wall. He makes over $2 million a year as a trainer and I had always wanted some kind of shout out from him.

Well, it happened and it can happen to you when you write great content.

I started a business blog 7 years ago, but didn’t start writing in it until 6 months later.

I was only posting once a week and nothing really happened for a year…

In September of 2015, I ignored my four other websites and started posting on this one 2 to 4 times a week. My traffic increased.

There’s many different viewpoints on how much a person should post on their blog. I had so many theories. . .

I tried (5) 1,000 word posts a week…

I tried (2) 2,500 word posts a week…

Then, I stopped caring and wrote from the heart and began posting every single day.

Yes, beginning January 10th, 2016 I am writing every day and I am already seeing a 25% increase in traffic:

Notice the last 9 bars on the right. This is when I began posting every day…

You will surprise yourself when you write this much. You will have some average posts, but once in awhile you will get a winner.

It’s not uncommon for a blog to get at least half its traffic from one great blog post that Google put on the first page.

Seeing this improvement led me to create:

The Blog Blitz 90

I am looking to help bloggers get seen by featuring them on this site. By collaborating with each other, I get traffic and backlinks and you get traffic and backlinks.

Backlinks are the lifeblood of any blog, and Google is documenting the quality and the number of sites linking into your blog.

Type of Blogs I’m looking for…

  • Blogs that are a year or older. . .
  • Blogs about Success and Leadership
  • Blogs of small business owners
  • MLM and network marketing Blogs
  • Affiliate Marketing Blogs
  • Marketing Blogs
  • Business Blogs

What I’m not looking for:

  • Not Spam Blogs
  • Not one page Blogs
  • Not New Blogs
  • Poorly designed Blogs
  • Domain Authority is under 10. (Checking your blog by using MOZ)
  • No or sites. Must be self hosted blogs.

How it Works

Leave a comment below with a brief bio of you and your website.

Once I accept your blog, I will approve your bio you leave in the comment section.

It doesn’t matter when you start the 90 day Blog Blitz, but if you’re featured in my comment section you have to blog everyday. This doesn’t mean 100 word posts either. . .

Blogging Blitz Challenge

Thousands of business blogs are built daily. Many bloggers start strong but fizzle out. Some do Blogging Challenges. Important: The Dangers of the Blogging Challenge. Blogging is fun and challenging at the same time. It’s hard to come up with new material, especially when you are blogging every day. There’s also a feature that some bloggers have on their blog, called a “blogging challenge.” It’s usually a static page on their blog that has the details of the blog challenge. I have a page called Blog Blitz, where I started a 90 day blogging blitz, or challenge, myself. But, there are problems with the blogging challenge. Yes, it’s fun and challenging to try and write every day for 7, 21, 90, sometimes 365 days. 

But, the downside is: Some days you are just really business in your normal life and blogging is almost impossible, this is where the word “challenge” really comes into play, and. . . We force ourselves to write small posts which can actually be detrimental to our blogs. Here’s why: The search engines, specifically Google, do not like what they call “thin content.” Thin content are articles that have very little substance, they don’t have specific keywords that relate to a main theme and they provide the reader with very poor reader experience. Google notices when a site has poor content when your blog’s “Bounce rate” is high. A score of 80% to 100% bounce rate is bad and means that people are leaving your blog within seconds of arriving because they didn’t find anything useful. You can check your bounce rate by signing up to your “Webmaster tools” using your gmail account. 

Then, you will need to add a snippet of html code into your blog so Google can find you. The easiest way to add this snippet of code to your WordPress blog, not the hosted WordPress, but self-hosted WordPress, is to get the plugin called “Headers and Footers”. Then add the code into the Headers section and hit save. Then go back and verify your site back at Webmaster Tools. So, blog challenges can be fun and challenging for you, but they are silently killing your chance of growing your blog with organic traffic from the search engines. If you’re going to do a blog challenge I suggest: Having at least 20 titles premade of what you’re going to write about. Have a notebook or recorder on your phone and when any title idea strikes you record it or write it down. 

When I started my 90 day blog challenge, I had about 50 titles ready to go. Pick the title that stands out to you for that day, or preplan it the night before. If you pick a title the night before, your subconscious mind will work on the details of the post overnight. Just set your intentions on having a completed outline in your mind by morning and begin writing as soon as possible. I prefer not to write less than 600 words. Anything less is dangerous and could be considered “thin content” by the search engines. Not only is thin content considered bad by Google, it won’t really get you a lot of backlinks back to your site

Backlinks are gold to website owners because the number of backlinks you have indicates to Google that people like your content and are linking to it. Do not buy Backlinks! Google knows exactly what kind and quality of backlink is connected to you. Google has over 200 metrics that analyze your site and their analytics can determine the quality of your site within seconds. Scary stuff, I know, but Google and other top search engines don't mess around with their ranking factors! 

So, my advice is to enjoy your writing and don’t worry too much about what you write for blog posts as long as your heart is in it and write more than 600 words. 800 to 2000 words is ideal. Try to also stick within a similar theme for all your posts that relate to your blog’s niche. If you’re a reviewer, write more reviews. If you’re a marketer, write about marketing. These are the blogger basics you need to execute on daily! 

Now get blogging, bigger and better than before!

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