How To Keep Up With Your Parking Lot Maintenance

how to keep up with parking lot maintenance asphalt repair sealcoating crack filling

If you are a commercial property owner, it is important that you manage and maintain your parking lot. Why? Because although it is easily overlooked by business owners, a parking lot’s condition and quality can have an impact on your customers’ perception of your business. A neglected parking lot can cause a bad first impression from customers even before they step into your building. In turn, for homeowners, a well-maintained parking lot can be a great asset to your property by increasing its curb appeal, reducing major property repairs, and overall boosting its value in the real estate market should you decide to sell it in the future. 

Apart from first impressions, a parking lot in good shape also carries the responsibility of ensuring safety and accessibility. With a worn-down parking area, you could endanger your customers by exposing wide open hazards on your property. Anytime, an accident can happen from exposed potholes, cracks, and uneven surfaces. By simply neglecting to do regular inspections, maintenance, and minor repairs, you might be pitting yourself for more trouble and possible financial liability. 

Therefore, if you want to play your cards right, it’s imperative that you immediately plan a maintenance program for your property after the installation. Talk to your professional paving company in Atlanta, GA to further discuss what type of maintenance service that they can offer. 

Clearly, we can’t stress enough how regular maintenance can keep your parking lot in good shape and of course, save you from multiple expensive repairs too. For instance, sealcoating should be done as prescribed by your contractor; crack filling on the other hand, should be dealt with as soon as you notice the cracks appearing on your pavement. 

With that, here are some services you can do for your property that can help protect it and extend its life expectancy. 

Clue: Proper upkeep is all you need to save yourself from common paving headaches. 

Crack Filling 

Any cracks that form on your surface can lead to a huge damage sooner or later. Whether it’s thin hairline cracks or major alligator ones, it’s best to get these cracks repaired and filled in. Small hairline cracks can still be a DIY as long as it’s 1/8 in to 1/2 in deep. 

You might think this is a bit over the top for maintenance but a small crack, when left unattended, is literally a gap where water and other harmful oil chemicals can penetrate. As a consequence, it will weaken the asphalt mixture thereby causing the aggregates to eventually disintegrate. 

So next time, if you notice cracks on your pavement, consider filling it in immediately to prevent it from getting worse. 

Pothole Repair 

One of the most noticeable damages on an asphalt  surface are the unsightly and menacing potholes. Especially on a parking lot where there is constant heavy traffic, any customer driving through will notice or even feel these bumps in the road. To save your business’ image and to get rid of these annoying holes, quickly schedule a repair consultation with your local paving contractor. 

Remember to act quickly to prevent these holes from expanding and forming larger crevices. Leaving these potholes alone can cause water to collect on the surface thus, breaking down the aggregates at a much faster rate. Take note that the larger the gap is, the more expensive it is to have it repaired so if you want to be smart to save more money on repairs, ask for professional help on commercial parking lot repairs as soon as you see fissures that can no longer be fixed through DIY. 

Regular Sealcoating 

Sealcoating is one of the first services that should be on your parking lot maintenance program. Not only does it give your property a smooth and stylish look, but it also protects your surface from several damaging elements like water, sunlight, and snow. 

New asphalt pavement should be sealcoated within 3-6 months after the pavement’s installation. It adds an extra layer of protection against water penetration and oxidation that can help your asphalt last for a long time. 

However, sealcoating is not a one time deal. It can only serve your parking lot a couple of years before signs of wear and tear will start to appear. Usually, if your pavement is beginning to look dry and gray, that’s a strong indication that a resealing is necessary. 

Cleaning Up Debris 

Most of the maintenance needed for parking lots is done by the professionals but there are also some maintenance work that you can do yourself. A simple tour around your property to clean up debris can save your asphalt from deteriorating quicker. 

First, trash scattered around your property is never a good sight to see for your customers and visitors. It can ruin your property’s  and your business’s image and even portray bad management. Second, scattered trash can wind up on your gutters and drainage systems which can lead to clogging during heavy rains. 

Consequently, the standing water that accumulates in the low areas of your pavement can seep into your asphalt through those tiny cracks on the surface, and then break down the material from inside. 

This might look like small trivial tasks to most people, but in truth, it can have a huge positive impact on your property so make sure that your area is always clean and your draining is free from debris and clutter. See to it that you also perform regular parking lot monthly inspections and follow your pavement maintenance program. Remember, re-installation of a parking lot isn’t cheap!

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