4 Top Tips To Help You Find The Perfect SEO Specialist To Improve Traffic To Your Multilingual Website

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The internet has facilitated our increasingly global market and your business is likely to deal with people from many different countries. So what about your multilingual website content? Good practice would mean that your website translation is carried out by a professional native-speaking linguist to ensure the text is correct and grammatically accurate. But is this good enough? Professionals at online translation agency Linguation.com would say not. You are best to find a website translator who is a specialist in search engine optimization (SEO). Read on for what you need to check for when getting your website translated. 

1. Check Your Website Translator Has Knowledge Of Search Engines Used In The Target Country 

The importance of search engine optimization to increase visibility is a pretty well-known fact these days. Most business start-ups are fully aware of the importance of an online presence and that improving website ranking through SEO increases traffic and hopefully increases sales. As an entrepreneur, you are probably aware also of the importance your content writer makes in not just writing high-quality, original texts, but in writing texts that contain relevant keywords that your potential customers and clients use for an internet search. It is all very well having great content but if it is not found by your target audience, it is not doing its job. For this reason, content writers should have current knowledge of SEO and search engine algorithms. But preferred search engines vary country to country, as do their algorithms. Any professional translating your website content should have up-to-date knowledge of the target audience’s preferred search engine. In China, for example, Baidu is a lead search engine and in Russia, Yandex is a lead search engine. Any professional involved in your website translation should have knowledge of other search engines. Moreover, some search engines filter words that you may consider neutral. Linguation.com will assign professionals to your website translation who are up-to-date with the filtering of various search engines for the purpose of search engine optimization. 

2. Check Your Website Translator Has Knowledge Of Keywords Used By Potential Customers Or Clients Of The Target Country 

Furthermore, you can’t just assume that a keyword in English will be a keyword when translated into another language. Again, any professional involved in the translation of your website content should be knowledgeable about keywords used in the target language and target country for the relevant internet search, otherwise your content may not be visible. Languages involve many synonyms and any website translator should ensure that the optimal word is used in your website content. Linguation.com will assign website translators with knowledge of keywords used by the relevant target audience. 

3. Check Your Website Translator Has Recent Knowledge Of The Target Language Culture 

Once potential customers find your website, you want them to continue reading and hopefully this will turn into a sale. One thing you don’t want to do is unintentionally insult your potential clients by translating something deemed offensive in the target culture. It is advisable that any website translator has current knowledge of the target country. This should help ensure that any website translation is appropriate for the potential audience in terms of what is acceptable, expected etc. And it should be remembered that cultural norms and expectations vary even between countries with the same language. For example, Mexico is very different from Spain, even though Spanish is the language of both countries. Linguation.com will appoint a translator with experience and knowledge of the relevant country to any website translation. 

4. Check Your Website Translator Has Up-To-Date Knowledge Of The Relevant Field 

Again, once your potential client has found your website, you want them to be hooked and keep reading. Your content needs to be professional and credible. To be credible, your translator should use the correct terminology for the required field. Even if the translation is “correct”, if the text does not use the appropriate subject-specific specialist words or expressions, your website content can lose credibility and your potential client make not continue reading. Linguation.com will always allocate a translator with the appropriate knowledge of subject terminology to your website translation. 

More information about how Linguation.com can provide effective website translation, may be found at: https://www.linguation.com/en/website-translation

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